Jeff and Lauren Lowe

 Trailer trash and wildlife abusers!

Mirage and Caesar, born in December 2020, were the last in a long line of tigers to start life at Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park—and among the first to escape the Oklahoma petting zoo’s cycle of breeding and alleged mistreatment. The zoo has been closed to visitors since October 2020, and today, a court decision permanently bans the zoo’s owners, Jeff and Lauren Lowe, from exhibiting animals to the public in a facility or online.

Among the alleged violations prosecutors cited was a lion cub named Nala, found by government inspectors lying unresponsive in the mud in June 2020. They also documented two arthritic wolves caged on a concrete floor, a grizzly bear whose bones showed beneath her skin, a fisher cat with a lame leg, and the bodies of two tigers buried under burned rubble. The corpses were attracting biting flies that inflicted bloody wounds on the ears of nearby tigers, bears, and wolves.

In June 2020, a federal judge ordered the Lowes to relinquish the property to Big Cat Rescue sanctuary owner Carole Baskin to settle a longstanding legal dispute.

After Lowe’s license to exhibit animals was suspended in October 2020, he forfeited it permanently. But he continued to sell “shout-out” videos featuring his animals on Cameo, National Geographic reported. At the time, no laws existed pertaining to exhibiting animals online.  

Between January and August of this year, the justice department confiscated 146 animals from the Lowes—the agency’s largest confiscation of zoo animals to date. Various sanctuaries have taken them in.


For every Elon Musk fan....

 there is a shit load more people who want to dick punch him and bitch slap the shit out of his cult followers.

Elon Musk speculates SpaceX will be able to send the first crewed mission to the Mars in 2026, and recently he asked his followers on Twitter if they think there would be humans there in 2032.

Scientists have determined that the launch of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket on Aug. 24 punched a temporary hole into a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere nearly 560 miles wide. While temporary, it is a good indicator where we are headed with this to soon without respect attitude.

Ozone hole 2.0 

The aluminum from re-entering satellites also has a potential to damage the ozone layer, a problem well known to humanity, which has been successfully solved by widespread bans on the use of chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals used in the past in aerosol sprays and refrigerators. 

Yet, these dickwad super-fans of megalomaniacs are all gung-ho with Elon and Jeff fucking around with devastating effects to this planet.

Hence the megalomania shit!

 "There is this perception that there is no way that we can dump enough plastic into the ocean to make a difference. There is no way we can dump enough carbon into the atmosphere to make a difference. But here we are. We have a plastic pollution problem with the ocean, we have climate change ongoing as a result of our actions and our changing of the composition of the atmosphere and we are poised to make the same type of mistake by our use of space."

Woman claims she was virtually ‘groped’ in Meta’s VR metaverse

 This is under the entertainment section of the New York Times, and appropriately so.

If you do not see how ridiculous this is, you need to ride the short bus back home, crawl up in your Mother's vagina, and be aborted. 

A beta tester has claimed she was virtually “groped” in the metaverse VR platform Horizon Worlds from Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook.

Meta revealed the incident on Dec. 1, saying it occurred on Nov. 26. The woman had reported the assault on the Horizon Worlds beta testing Facebook group.

“Sexual harassment is no joke on the regular internet, but being in VR adds another layer that makes the event more intense,” she wrote, according to the Verge. “Not only was I groped last night, but there were other people there who supported this behavior, which made me feel isolated in the Plaza,” the virtual environment’s central gathering space.

In its statement about the incident, Meta pointed to its “Safe Zone” feature, which allows users to place a block against interaction with other users. However, the company admitted that it needs to work on making the feature “trivially easy and findable,” said Vivek Sharma, the vice president of Horizon, in a statement to the Verge.


And seriously, where is the META in Facebook other than the logo and rebranding.

If past poets and their words were fashionable....

they still would not reach celebrity status in this epoch riddled "eight second attention span human mass".

One minute we have a whistleblower on Facebook,  next minute we have Metaverse, and the world resets.

Virtual reality is something tech has tried to bring about for 40 fucking years. Do a web archive... search VRML

For fuck sakes... learn something outside the scope of your daily news feed - you stupid cattle.

The one things these brilliant fucks can't do... is figure out how a person can walk in virtual reality while staying stationary in the real world. 

Until then, all you have is some nice fucking 3D graphics you can play with when spinning in your desk chair.

I digress, back to the subject:

Emily and her stint on Apple+ under the imagination of Alena Smith.

Wiz Khalifa plays death...if we are #tagging BlackLivesMatter in an effort to fight stereotypes, this might be a good time for the cupcake cancel culture to review this fucked up situation.

Next we have the fact that all these fucking poems being read were not written by Emily! Her incoherent, make-no-sense scribble on paper and napkins was rewritten postmortem - by her sister and the professor who told Emily her work stunk.

In today's world, Emily could have been on an international stage rotation with Marshmello and Avicci.

They were all spin masters focused on a beat that would race the heart and make a person feel.


Do I have tattoos?

I am fucked up and use the blog to get my shit out, but am I fucked up enough to 
to see myself as a Bentley with bumper stickers?


After seeing Jonah Hill with sleeves, fuck me if that shit is not false and bullshit now.

I still cringe at tramp stamps.

Michael Saylor is a scary, fucking narcissist!

Do not play into his bitcoin play. He needs stupid people to keep buying in so he can dump and pump and dump and pump and dump and pump until forever...

Bitboy, Benjamin Cowen, PlanB...fuck them!

They don't hold any magic cards other than playing you like the Jack you are!

Ghislaine Maxwell, Guilty!

It is too easy to prey on young girls. 

My older sister asked her childhood friend to look over me when I first went off to finishing school. My mother was cray and caused some issues that I needed to cover.

And this fat, ugly, guinea mook was happy to take me down a very dark path.

Oh she watched over me, pushing me into meeting men to fuck for money. The first guy was a wealthy Doctor who had a long, crooked dick and had to situate me in a just the right way...but hey, I got $1500 for it and he was handsome and very nice.

The second guy was gross and smelled and I refused. He got really irate, and have to admit, Alicia did provide a protector who took care of the situation. Seriously glad he was there, because if he wasn't, I probably be beaten to death.

And that was my only interactions with Alicia. I told my older sister what she had done, but she swept it under the rug and so did I. And for so many years, I let the memory go...but she recently announced she is still in contact and planning a trip to Coachella with her and my baby sis. 

OK, fuck you and have a good rest of your life.

Family Sucks for those without a good one.

 And Holidays just add into the already shitty world we were born.

If you had a good life and great family, this post is not for you...so get the fuck off of it.

This is for the adult survivors of fucked up families.

How bad can a family be?

My childhood friend and I are reminiscing and going through "who had it worst moments", and this one popped up:

We were both sent to private school to swim with the sharks without any scuba gear. The Daddy girls circling around us with their BMVs, Mercs, VW Ragtops...

My older sister went to this school a few years before me and she did graduate, into the southern belief of being a proper wife for your husband.

After being sexually abused and beaten mentally for over 9 months, she had a little gusto left to get in her Mercury Cougar, without packing a fucking thing, and drive home to our parent's house.

Did my parents have open arms and hug her and tell her it was alright? 


They gave her shit, so much shit, she ran to an anarchist group who lived in an abandoned home. 

Under the radar of our fucked up parents, I came to see her...and all I could do was berate the hideousness of her living situation to her fellow anarchists.

I think my argument was well received, because I remember my sister coming home with me. 

And really? Anarchists'? This group was just a bunch of misfits who had no organized agenda living in an abandoned home with the word "Anarchy", spray-painted on the wall as their only medium to spread the word.

Reminds me of Island Boys - they are just the same anarchist idiots who have tiktok and paid a shit load for fake insta followers.


Why time is so misunderstood

Because most people think aging of their bodies is synced with time. Not so....

Since animals are not reading this, I address this to humans who think the world revolves around them. 

Bowhead whales, denizens of Arctic seas, are known to live more than 200 years,

The Giant Barrel Sponge lives over 2300 years

The Back Coral lives over 4,300 years

Immortal Jellyfish live forever if they never get washed to shore...

Time means nothing under the sea. It means nothing to animals. 

Time means nothing to the trees. It means nothing to the Earth.

But it means everything to humans.

Time is just a shallow 24-hour construct that makes people feel safe, because way back in their minds, they need something always poking them, telling them they need to stay on track, shoving them into being better.

Suicide is not nature, it is status quo built!


Dead Kitten

Yesterday, coming home from work...I drove past a dead kitten. I was not the only one...many commuters did the same thing.

Yet, no one did anything...just went about their daily commute.

Again, today, on my way home I drove by the kitten.

I could not stand another commute home seeing it.

So I went back to spot where it lay on the side of road, using a shoebox from 'Rag and Bone', and I scooped it up into the box.

Tears ran down my face..

Its blood left a perfect imprint of its body on the asphalt after I pushed him into the box.

I took the shoe box and placed it in the median where the wildflowers bloom ever year.

Have we no mercy for anything but ourselves?

Facebook meta? NO!

 If you think I am going to buy clothes and property in a world that does not exist, go fuck yourself!

Jack Dorsey sat on a wall. Jack Dorsey had a great fall...

 and not all the king's horses and cancel culture thems, can't help bring twitter stock back up again!

Goodbye, Jack Dorsey! And I Pray the Rest of you Follow!

Big Tech oligarchy that looks down on Americans and our values, and use their vast fortunes and unchecked power to silence voices they disagree with, continue to cozy up to authoritarian regimes across the globe.

If you just delete your Twitter account, your Facebook, and other social media accounts , you take their power away.

Can you not just share pics on your phone to friends and family?

Do you need a false fan base?

P.S. We heard Jack Dorsey, we just don't give a shit! 


The Naz, for your Lord Buckley pleasure!

"What you say, Jack? How's everything, daddy? Yeah, say, he going to preach again today I guess he is going to preach again."

"Yeah, but the cat ain't no real preacher. The cat ain't no real -"

"He may not be no real preachin' cat to you but he - I dig what the man's putting down. Hey, hey, wait, wait a minute - here he come now. Look out there. Yeah."

Yeah - here I is again. There's me - and there's you. And I dig all you cats out there whippin' and wailin' and jumpin' up and down and suckin' up that fine juice and pattin' each other on the back and tellin' each other who the greatest cat in the world is:

Time has no Value

 Time is running out

Time to get ready

Time to fix it

Time to let go

Time to go

Time will tell

Time is on your side

Time is not on your side

Time ran out

Time to leave

Time to stop

Time heals everything

Time has only the value you give it

Time is the fourth dimension along the side of three spatial dimensions. The physical nature of time, which is an oxy-moron in itself since time is not physical, and the very reason we are so enamored with it.

Deep down, we know science and religion can only explain so much, and the rest is left to interpretation and truth.

What is the truth?

Well, Steven Hawkins was a genius because he picked theoretical physics, cosmology, and anything else that can not be proved much like  Einstein, Jung, Freud, etc....

Oh, and yes...who ever fucking wrote the bible. Those pricks were the best cons of all time. Money pours into church this day! 

All they need to say is everything you do that is not for God is a sin and you will be punished.

But if you pay 9.99 today in the basket and do some fake praying hand gestures, you are good to go!

Life is not short, nor long

To measure a life by the ticking hands of a clock would be a silly thing.

Every soul born

Every soul passed

Every moment lived

How are these measured by time?

A Penny Saved, is just a Penny!

Suze Orman can suck it! 

Ridley Scott Blames Apathetic Millennials For ‘The Last Duel’ Bombing?

Oh Fuck Independent News:

Where is the signed Ridley Scott petition?

Here is their bullshit ad free!

Maybe we, as a culture, don’t deserve good things. For years, we have lamented the creative inertia of the modern blockbuster – the over-abundance of vapid spectacle, CGI superheroes and “known IP” that has all but squeezed high-budget adult filmmaking out of the market entirely. So when a film like The Last Duel comes around, it should have been an oasis in the desert.

A medieval triptych directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows the real-life story of Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) and Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), two noblemen who dueled to the death in 14th-century France after Carrouges’s wife Marguerite (Jodie Comer) accuses Le Gris of rape.

The same events are told three times, with each of the film’s segments being introduced as “The truth according to [Carrouges/Le Gris/Marguerite]”. The film’s three stars are all terrific, with each turning in a carefully distinct performance. The duel itself is brutal, and utterly gripping. The script is deft in how it re-contextualizes events, neatly omitting scenes which could have corroborated or contradicted parts of other characters’ accounts.

There’s no equivocating about the sexual violence at its centre, though: in its moral message, The Last Duel is loud and unambiguous. And yet this quite brilliant, unapologetically adult-oriented film has recouped less than a third of its $100m (£75m) budget since its release in October. It’s one of the biggest flops of Scott’s career.

Those who championed the film have scrutinized the failure on social media, with many suggesting that Disney’s marketing campaign was at fault. (The Last Duel was greenlit by Fox before the studio merged with Disney in 2019; some claimed that the film’s adult subject matter would have been at odds with the Disney brand.) Too few people were informed of what the film was about, people claimed – or that it even existed at all. Speaking to Marc Maron on the WTF podcast this week, Scott stridently backed the studio, averring that Disney “did a fantastic promotion job”, and that “the bosses loved the movie”, despite his concerns that it was “not for them”. Instead, Scott pinned the blame squarely on millennials. “I think what it boils down to,” he said, “what we’ve got today, [are] the audiences who were brought up on cellphones. The millennia kids do not ever want to be taught anything unless you’re told it on a cellphone.”

There are plenty of holes to pick in this slightly incoherent notion; not least that “millennial” is not the byword for young, tech-addled poseur it used to be. The youngest millennials are nearly in their late twenties. The oldest are already 40. Millennial s are no longer your hipster nephew; they’re your cheugy aunt. What’s more, millennials have also been some of the loudest champions of The Last Duel on social media – if anything, they are exactly who this #MeToo-inflected film resonated most strongly with.

The real reasons for The Last Duel’s box office death are, in all probability, much more banal. There’s the pandemic, for one thing, from which the film industry has yet to fully recover. And, while it’s true that many people doubtless eschewed the cinema release to wait for its prompt arrival on Disney Plus (next week), medieval dramas aren’t exactly a booming genre right now. Plus, the film’s sexually violent subject matter was clearly going to put some people off.

Added to that, The Last Duel was rated “18” by the BBFC (“R” in the US) – something that tends to put a ceiling on any movie’s commercial viability. It was also released the same week as the latest instalment in the slasher franchise Halloween Kills and the Venom sequel. Then there’s the inescapable fact that No Time to Die arrived in cinemas just two weeks earlier and was still monopolizing screens everywhere; Dune came out one week later. The idea that a $100m epic from Scott and Damon would be unable to compel more than a couple of showings per day in a multiplex seems inconceivable, but given the competition, that was, in many places, the case.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to completely dismiss Scott’s millennial remark as simply an “old man yells at cloud” moment; perhaps there is some truth to the fact that younger generations aren’t buying what he’s selling. Some critics and social media commenters criticized the film’s depiction of rape, and questioned Scott’s prerogative to tell such a story (it’s worth noting that the film was written by Damon, Ben Affleck and Nicole Holofcener). I would argue that this is a specific kind of bad-faith reading of a film that is particularly prevalent among online millennials. In this case, it’s one that fails to properly acknowledge Holofcener’s contribution, and one that diminishes the progressive sensibility of Scott’s own oeuvre, which includes Alien and Thelma & Louise.

Yesterday saw the release of another film by Scott: the maximalist fashion biopic House of Gucci. Whether he knows it or not, it’s a film that’s got “millennial” written all over it, from the casting of Lady Gaga to the true-crime premise to the way that its mere trailer was immediately broken down and regurgitated into Twitter memes. Perhaps Scott’s got his finger on the Gen Y pulse more than he lets on. But when you make a film as good, and substantial as The Last Duel, and barely anyone goes to see it, you have a right to be annoyed. That’s the truth according to Ridley Scott.

Is it truth Ridley?

American Airlines! ATX Crew Sucks! Chicago Crew Sucks!

I thought paying first class was a win-win...

I pay double for a first class flight, knowing it was not really first-class but a reduced rate to help American Airlines keep afloat and I get some extra leg room.

But, I and the others who payed double for first-class quickly discovered we were on a list.

A list that made sure you were treated in a very specific way.

If you asked for a low carb meal, you were sure to get a high carb vegan, gluten -free cracker box meal.

Wanted a beer? They had only White Claw to offer.

After all we have been through, locked up for a year.... all I wanted to do was help, and the attitude I got from ATX American Airlines staff? 
Dicks! Total Dick behavior!

The only saving grace for American Airlines was Chicago - just kidding they sucked too.

Brilliant and sweet, and did not have an attitude stuck up their arse? Haha Ha Haaaa lol...fuck you, they totally did.
American Airlines knack for hiring the failures from every hospitality college is unprecedented. 
Someone needs to hire these pricks and glad it is not an animal shelter.


I am sorry you think my sadness is about the holidays

I can never make up for being the shitty Mother to you. But I would like to try and do not know how, so I have money and I want you to have every bit of it.

I. don't need anything in this fucking world except for one thing.... Your happiness.

I love you more than my own life.

please, grant me one wish...I will take care of your Grandmother, and take on her sinking ship, as long as you promise me, you will never get too close to her current. She will only drag you under.

never, ever will I stop looking over you and cherish the amazing person that you are.

, Not a goodbye letter Boo. Just a Xmas letter to pack away in an old LL Bean Jacket for the next gen to find and see how much love there was:) XOXO Mom

No matter where I move...

There I am to follow.

I may not have the house, the closets, or the attic, but they still have me.
Buried under twenty years of dust and dirt are the memories that creep in, every time I open that storage door.

The flood of dread that fills my soul is almost unbearable.
The very worst and the very best all packed tightly together in a 10 x 20 in a sad and dark area of town.
This year is harder than most. It was the year my house would have been paid off.
And I realize, I have been trying to start over for two decades now.
And now that it is finally moving into the light, I can't shake of the chill of the past.

Not even a bonfire constructed of all of that house held will burn bright or warm enough to escape.

But, at least I will never have to open that storage door again and feel like I am drowning in a cruel past.


Woodstock '99! WHAA UP!!!

HEY YEAH!!! Fuck NO, go fuck yourself! MIC DROP

PENN National stock is bullshit

All the news saying it is a buy is for retailers to bail out the institutions LOSSES before the End of Year! because Dave Portnoy is a bad fuck! I like the guy, love his pizza reviews, but?! Mm mm.....

Let's pay homage to the real villain, not that Dave is a boy scout!

Of course these girls were going to throw themselves at this rich, cute, pigeon toed dude...he is cute and super likeable.... they were hoping for the golden ticket, but instead they got the, "you are not worth more than a fun mutual consented lay" treatment.

And the Mom is angry and upset?

Who the fuck do you think is the one who set her daughters up for this kind of fucking abuse?
Who taught her daughters that showing off their tits on insta and fuck the rich dude would get them more money than actually going to school and use their fucking brains to make something of themselves.

Not to be a hypocrite, I did it too.. hung out with older white rich dudes for travel and fun, but I always knew there was no future.
The dick in Cali? I always knew he looked down at me and he would never be my friend as much as I was his, but to this day... how fuck does a man do what the fuck he did to me and still call himself a man?

Will never, ever speak to him again, and he is second only to one that I can't wait to take a sledge hammer and smash the shit out of their grave stone!

I hate the fucking holidays!

I am so glad I have this little domain to pour out all my emotional crazy. It is my therapy and my piece of mind in a world of hell that I created for myself. But I am over it, anbd leaving this popsicle stand for a brighter future where my Mother is not part of it nor this crumbling piece of 8000 square ft shit hole of a house.

Ahh Adsense, fuck your content policy!

Content restrictions Sexual content Is content that:

contains nudity.

is sexually gratifying, sexually suggestive and/or intended to cause sexual arousal. Examples: Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches, sheer or see-through clothing, sexual body parts that are blurred, or censored images of men or women posing and/or undressing in a seductive manner

discusses sexual fetishes.

Examples: Voyeurism, role-playing, bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism

is about sexual entertainment.

Examples: Pornographic movie festivals, adult webcam services, strip clubs

promotes sexual merchandise.

Examples: Sex toys, personal lubricants, genital enhancement tools

facilitates affairs and/or sexual encounters.

Examples: Affair, swinger, hook up or fling dating

OK, blah the fucking blah, you sad fucking perverts looking for porn in the name of saving the internet! I don't use adsense. Go back to watching youporn and swiping right on bumble and tinder for catfishes that will never give you the time of day!

provides advice regarding sexual performance. Examples: Sex tips promotes sexual enhancement medications or supplements. Examples: Erectile dysfunction pills, libido boosting supplements Learn more about sexual content Shocking content Is content that: contains gruesome, graphic, or disgusting accounts or imagery. Examples: Blood, guts, gore, sexual fluids, human or animal waste, crime scene or accident photos depicts acts of violence. Examples: Accounts or images of shootings, explosions, or bombings; execution videos contains a significant amount of or prominently features obscene or profane language. Examples: Swear or curse words, variations and misspellings of profane language

The 1% Started Long Ago. And I lost Fighting Them!

I miss my Dad,

He was not full of panache but still charming; more subtle, so when he hugged you, or shook your hand, or gave you a compliment.... it was a big deal.

It meant something to everyone when my Dad gave them his approval. Everyone wanted it, including his daughters.

And he loved his family and was a big kid on holidays.

And then you had my Mother!

She loved her valium; got pregnant every time she thought my Dad was about to leave her; and so duh - hated she had to share her allowance for our school clothes, so yeah, while my sisters were OK with this, I decided I was not.

So it started with me packing a plush terry cloth robe from the Fox and Hound in Fredericksburg.

And that same fucking statement, " We can forgive you but we will never forget." 

Ok, seriously, I do not care, that was the best robe of my entire life and I had it for over 10 years!

So imagine how upset I am that my 'never had to work for anything in her life' mother is letting the estate my Father meticulously cared for, crumble to the fucking ground. 

The gardens are dying; the pool is empty;  the trees in the forest are falling; and the inside of the home is decaying.

I paid for new pool decking, the new washer and dryer, and give her $500 a month that she pisses away on gourmet German cold cuts she FedEx's from Wisconsin .

And I more than anyone will understand how much it will hurt her to hear she can't stay here any more. Because the only person who was willing to care for her and pay for the upkeep of this fucking Grey Gardens monstrosity, is ME, and I am not willing to lose me over her all consuming kingdom of hell.

It will be unbearable, and devastating. And it will feel like someone ripped the very heart out of her soul, but after that ..it will only take a decade or so to get over it.

But it might not feel that harsh to her since she never once touched a nail, saved any money, worked her ass off to pay for her own place.

She was scooped up as a Kim Novak look-alike model to a Captain with a 57 convertible in Germany.

Like most European girls during the war, they played nice to marry and get out, but once they were state side, that niceness changed.

My Dad was not a pretty man, but my Mom was fucking outstanding - so she had him under her little pinky nail for his entire life, and when he showed more affection to his daughters -  she twisted that pinky nail into his heart and soul until he caved and eventually lost his loving daughters coming out to his car the moment he got home and giving him hugs and kisses

After years, it became us hiding behind the bed because she was going to start something before he got a few feet out of his car, and grow into a full on fight before he could reach the front door and put down his breifcase.

So I stand here as problem child and who fucked up!

I am a hypocrite, because I failed. When I had a tough time growing my company and about to lose the house I bought at 20 to save my baby boy from the toxic home I grew up, I let my Dad convince me it would be better if my son went to live them for a while. I should have known I was never going to get my baby boy after that. .



I am sure if you scaffold down the years of this blog, you will find the one where my pink house, the one for me and my baby boy were lost to a man much like my Mother. 


A Dance We Should Have Had

I am sorry you loved her so much and she was so horrible to you.  I am so sorry she beat you up and made you gang up on me when ever you showed love toward me.

Forever more, I knew your love and I always felt it behind her wall.

My gift to you Daddy.

The dance we never had. 

Love always. XOXO 

Tried to Go Cold Turkey on JULL and I was an Emotional Wreck

 Think JULL is safer than smoking? I beg to differ.

I have been using JULL to quit smoking, and it worked. I have not a had a cigarette in 2 years. Unfortunately, it does not stop your nicotine addiction. And actually makes it WORSE!

The problem with JULL is that it can be done all the time, whereas smoking you would have to take a break or go outside and typically I only smoked during cocktail hour.

But with JULL, I was using it the minute I woke up in the morning until I went to bed. It leaves no odor, or so I thought but actually you can smell the lingering nicotine oily residue in the air, on your hair, skin, bedding, etc...

I was buying one pack a week and that quickly rose to 2, and I had 3 sticks charged up ready to go if one died on me. Also, when drinking the pure nicotine would jolt my buzz into a full blown out slurry drunk. NOT COOL!

Then I began to notice the damage, of consuming straight nicotine non-stop,  to my hair, my skin, my scent. It left an oily residue on my hair; I would sweat and feel hot after vaping;  my skin began to age.

Fuck with my looks, and that is the end of that! So I went cold turkey. 

I threw out all my JULL sticks and called it quits. Within hours, I could feel myself wanting to cry. A day later, and I was full on depressed, and by the third day I was an emotional wreck weeping in the arms of my friendly neighborhood grocery stop store attendant.

I couldn't figure out my breakdown.. I was two weeks away from my holiday meltdown... but I decided to pick up a pack of American Spirits with a bottle of wine and although the cigarette tasted incredibly disgusting, I did feel calmer.

So last week I went outside and smoked a few puffs every time I felt overwhelmed and feeling much better now.

I will not buy another pack of cigarettes, this was a one time get me off JULL emergency.

Let's just say, I would tell anyone thinking JULL is cool...it really isn't once you are seriously hooked. 

The Blonde is smoke and vape free, but the craving for nicotine will be a tough road for awhile. But I notice, when the craving hits - it is short lived and a quick bit with your vibrator will get you through.

BTW, the Gillette fusion has been a rocket in my pocket for 10 years and still the best!

If you crash and burn on an aero, your family would jus think you liked a close shave:)

Little Blonde advice!


Cancel Culture. All your Fucking Cancels are back! Weinstein, Spacey, and Oh Lord the South is a Rising on Netflix again!!!

Honestly, I just want to meet the cancel culture!

These fucking never fought in a war, pathetic snowflakes, self-entitled Americana vegan Nazis who think it is OK to bully someone out of their voice and in the same f'n breath , trash Germans under Hitler rule.

So it is OK to destroy reputations, bully citizens into silence, and if they still do not agree...

You will continue with smear tactics to hurt their entire family?

How is this OK but Hitler was a problem?

Seriously, I am asking a question.












Just when you think USAA can't piss someone off enough...

 they go ahead and find another way to do it!

Last time I dealt with them was a credit card charge made in Poland. I was never in Poland, but they refused to accept it as fraud. Needless to say, I did not pay and they cancelled the card and sent it to third- party creditors.

USAA is not the same when it was only for military. Ever since they opened it up, they placate to the low rent society and now they feel they can be an ass to even long standing members.

I am so glad my Father is dead and does not have to see how USAA has stripped honor and pride for being a member.



Austin Keeps Getting Worse! Now we are Dubai!

Upscale Austin Hospitality Group Buys Longtime Restaurant Ski Shores Cafe
McGuire Moorman Lambert is taking over the Lake Austin restaurant’s operations and will turn the Barton Springs location into its casual cafe Lou’s...which by the way totally sucks!

Say goodbye to our 'Keep Austin Weird' vibe and welcome in pretentious cunts!

Oh wait news update:

Lakeway, TX  Millionaires behind gated communities are worried and upset that they do not have enough housing for their workforce.

Yet, they do not want the workforce housing too close to their neighborhood, for fear the kids will end up going to the same school.

What the fuck to do? Lakeway?, this is an epic quandary of what to do to save white privilege!



'A gated city for millionaires is not sustainable' — Lakeway shoots down workforce housing

Judice and Dante

Married people will do anything to spice up their life. 

But they are always smart to choose the ones that have no backup.

They choose the one who will never be believed. 

Even the brain surgeon who divorced his wife and married his trailer-trash receptionist thinks his world has value.

Doctor Brains had a giant golf ball coming out if his bald head.

His new gutter wife, shocked that the tumor was benign and learned he would not die, needed to find someone to fuck him so she could continue to live the gold-digger life with money and the shop the boutiques in Austin to launder money.

The deal was with "Blonde Coke Herpes Spinner", who would take care of mutant doctor wile blondie Wynette would shop around ways to cash in her credit card charges at boutiques to get money from the ailing ugly man and then come home and split it with spinner.

and that gold digger and spinner were hooked up with Judice and Dante...

What a Mother fucking perfect hell storm of predators. Male and Female

Wife and Husband 

They all think they are good people but they preyed on the weak. They invited in single women, only to certain parties.

More than happy to share all my texts from each and every one of them on this list I have and hold dear.

Judish and Danish perfect life, and with adopted babies? So cute, but I have the history of the dirty?

Jesus what has it been? 30 years? Where are you =r old cell phones because I have all of mine:)

Yeah Greg, take the Coke back for a Refund!

Thanks Gregory from" Succession", for reminding me of my coke fueled days in Austin, TX.

Raised in a proper home in Virginia, educated in a proper finishing school in North Carolina, and but sadly finding myself in the midst of midwestern lack of decorum!

I never fucked with drugs before I moved to Austin. I made a mistake coming here!

I can't go back in time and fix the fuck that went on here. But, Austin is not cool! You will figure that out son.

Austin is the new Silicon Valley. And why do you need a new Silicon Valley?

Be very careful when someone from Texas says they have a friend! This means, they have an acquaintance that will help them suck money out of you!

I remember my Texas friends wanting coke, and my guy only delivered on Thursday after his soap operas were over and he finished playing in the park with his Shar-Pei pups.

But, if you know how that itch works, my friends wanted it NOW. 

I had already fronted the money for the coke, and when it came in...my so-called friends said they already got some and I was stuck with the merch.

I said, "NO, I fronted money that was supposed to go to my mortgage.". You need to pay up.

They said, "Can't you get a refund? Take it back!" Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Coke is not a cashmere sweater you can return to Nordstrom , no questions asked!

Anyhoo, they fucked me in more ways than one.

Not only was a stuck with the coke, I could not make my mortgage payment, and the dominoes just kept tumbling on the penalties and interest.

And not one of those Mother Fuckers gave a shit. They actually distanced themselves from me.

Hard lesson to learn, but every time I see someone snort that shit on a television show, I want to puke. 

I also learned, any person who would fuck you over this bad for coke is not only not your friend, but the worst kind of piece of shit.

Which makes sense that they would be a long time friend of that dick in California who is a predator, and has been his executor on the will since the coke days.

Bravo you sick fucking freaks for sticking together!

P.S. Know what is funny? The digital contents, like your text messages, contact list and calendar data, are untouched and will still be accessible by any user working with your old cell phone. This is the primary reason many of today's smartphones are equipped with remote wipe capabilities, which allow you to remotely erase the device's data in case it is lost or stolen. 

Cell phones from 20 years ago, did not have this capability. The reason why I never let go of my old devices!

For fuck sakes, I still have all my floppy disks and 100 mb zip drives with a certain special cookbook you can't get any more. 

Oh no, of course your dog can piss and shit all over the Zen Garden!

 Fucking neighbors and their god damn dogs. Let them shit and piss in their own yard.

I am fine as long as the owners pick up the dog shit, but I have yet to see one of our new money neighbors carry a doggie shit bag.

The Zen Garden on my Father's Estate cost quite a penny and it was his pride and joy.... so moth balls should make the dogs and dog owners think twice about fucking with it,. That will be my joy!

I watched two of my cats get chewed up in front of me by dogs without a leash. And the only thing the dog owners were concerned about was my litigious nature. There was no sorrow, nor true sadness, nor forgiveness for what their dogs did to my cats lounging on the estate.

I am not that much of an asshole, but ever since these new neighbors coming in from California; I am rethinking my good nature.

Do you ever wonder why cancer is so prevalent in dogs? Think about all the weed killer and bug spray that goes on lawns. And your dog is sniffing at it like nobody's business. 

This is not the part of society that gives two shits about organic fertilizer. They pay for monthly spraying with chemicals to keeps weeds gone and bugs gone.

Dog beware!


Best Buy and LG! Let us KNOW the Power Cord does not come with the Dryer!

Are you fucking kidding me? 

I just bought a $2k LG smart washer and dryer set and the dryer did not come with a power cord. 

You have to pay Best Buy $56 to get the fucking power cord installed on the dryer. Had the description told me that, I would have paid for it. But now I am pissed!

And when a blonde is pissed watch out for tumbling stars on their reviews!

Amazon sells the power cord for $16.

Out of principal, I am going to pay $100 to a review posting farm in India to flood LG and Best Buy with 1 star reviews. 

Look at Best Buy, they know all about these farms, because if you look at the redundant copy on all their reviews, they use them too. And the fact no one bothered to mention a power cord is extra in the reviews...seriously?

Hey Best Buy! Put in the description that the electrical cord is not included!

And the dickhead 3rd party delivery service that I tipped $40, pushed the dryer back and not the washer. The washer was heavier, so fuckers knew what they were doing. 

I am exchanging the dryer as defective because the 3rd screw for the electrical cord was so tight, it could not be loosened. 

God luck getting a tip on this delivery! I really hope it is the dick dudes from last time!

Character Assassination. Dave Portnoy. PENN Stock!

 Dave Portnoy may be aggressive and suck in bed,. I don't give a fuck. BUT I DO!!!

My PENN stock is tanking on this article and the shit being spread.

Business Insider needs a disclaimer for entertainment only and hang their hat next to the National Enquire.

And I would have believed that BI was the dick, but Dave opened up his mouth and played victim, and I heard the sincere words of a predator who is so mentally fucked, he really believes he was the victim.

Obviously, Dave is a predator and treats girls who throw themselves at him like trash, but maybe the Mothers' of these girls should have put some self worth into them.

Something this Blonde knows all too much about! 

I loved Dave and his pizza reviews, and thought I could keep supporting him, but honestly, I can not!

I do not look at him the same way.

I understand the girls more than Dave.

If you read my posts, you will understand...this is not a man to admire and I am willing to take the loss.

Money is easier to lose than self-respect!

Happy to Not have Ancestors who Fucked the Native American Day

 I fucking hate this holiday. Is it always on the same day or the 3rd Thursday of the month? 

I  can never remember, because it is stupid! AND, why the fuck does my family celebrate it?

We didn't show up until the 1920s, signatures on the Ellis Island book proves it. 

We didn't fuck the Native Americans, and if we did - not sure we would be celebrating that shit.

I think we should roast up some old legacy shit:

How about the cancel culture stop fucking with comedians and go after the real pricks like:

Daughters of the Mayflower

How about the National Society Children of the American Colonists?

I am cool with cancel culture going after these bitches: BTW way, inculcate means beat the shit out of your children until they accept the doctrine. I am paraphrasing, but still pretty damn close!

Their motto and creed...

The objects of this Society shall be patriotic and educational: to commemorate deeds of historic interest; to inculcate and foster the love of America and of its institutions by all its residents; to base eligibility to membership upon lineal descent from those men and women who were residents of America when it was under foreign government as colonies and who rendered civil or military service in any American colony prior to 4 July 1776 and to preserve our Colonial heritage.

Basically, you need to be white, British descent.

There are so many societies to go after you pathetic attention seeking 'cancel culture cunts'...just do your homework.

And leave Dave Chappelle the fuck alone!

Yeah, this is how stupid the Gov't was during AIDS! Think anything has changed with Covid?



Who Owns Webull? Fucking China!

I knew this exchange was shit. Their spread is ridiculous, their clearing time to release funds after a trade is ridiculous, their use of Apex to buy Crypto is even more fucking ridiculous!!! But Meet Kevin, Graham Stephan, Andre Jikh, and other YouTube fuckers get over $30k in stocks plugging this asshole exchange on every video, tweet, and whatever the fuck patreon is. 

These pricks also have a Millennial Money YouTube channel in which they talk smack about Robinhood.

They do it because it gets more views, but fuck them. Robinhood has never fucked me over, because I was never part of the AMC short-squeeze, pump and dump.

The fact that there is a safety cap that I have to proverbially twist off on every options trade now because of that dumb mother fucker who killed himself because he Yolo'd on margin without taking the time to learn the game...fuck him. 

Ameritrade sends me blood curdling alerts that I need to settle my margin before I am liquidated, but when I log in, I am far from liquidation. The first few times I panicked, but  since I was learning, I did not bet the farm and so I just called to say "Hey, WTF?" Am I OK?"

So, I hold this Robinhood suicide in the same esteem as the baby that drowned in a bucket with only 4 inches of water while Mum was only 4ft away. Bullshit...that bitch left her kid outside while she was watching TV. And now all of us have to deal with safety lids on our buckets.

It is a terrible thing. And I blame WSB and their constant lambo pots making people feel like shit showing faked photoshop earnings to make other s feel like they are losers.

Is it  not the exchange and trading app responsibility to make sure everyone knows what they are fucking doing before allowing them to piss off their money away in stupid trades?

If you want to be pissed at someone and who really holds the blame, it is the Wall Street Bets burden to bare.

Now you have Youtubers like Clay Trader with a decent following, publishing this day trades  for the week. He knows they will get a pump from his followers. Also he is selling his day trade strategy for 25k ( lump sum) and there are dumbasses actually buying it.

How about Graham Stephen, Meet Kevin, and Andre Jikh who were promoting SHIB and did a high five in the comments for pumping it to where they made millions, leaving their followers who FOMO'd in on their word it will keep gong up and left holding the bag.

Go to any of the aforementioned youtubers and find any mention to SHIB or FLOKI is gone.

But the shilling of Webull is still strong because these tubers make a mint on free stocks anytime someone uses their code.

Webull is a shit platform and all these guy know it! 

Webull is owned by Fumi Technology, a financial analysis firm that offers market trading tools for personal investors. Webull’s customer-facing unit and brokerage wings are located in New York City, however, their technology team is located in Hunan, China.

Webull does not earn commissions on trades but rather makes money via order flow payments, short selling fees, subscriptions, interest paid on margin, as well as investments of cash on balance. A 2018 profile of Webull described their Wall Street office as “a Chinese force in the ‘nerve center’ of the international financial community.” Webull had over eleven million users as of last year and is planning an initial public offering that could raise between $300-$400 million. From April to June of 2020, Webull’s trading volume exploded by 500% and trading accounts grew by 450,000.

As a broker-dealer, Webull collects sensitive, personal information from its clients. That includes Social Security numbers, home addresses, bank accounts, and more. While Webull claims to store user data locally, Webull is still required to adhere to the laws of China.

China's deliberately vague patchwork of intelligence, national security, and cybersecurity laws compel companies to support and cooperate with the government’s intelligence work. With no independent judiciary to review government demands to provide user data or take other actions on the government’s behalf, there is no legal alternative for Chinese companies if they don’t want to comply. There is no independent press to make the situation public. And penalties for non-compliance can include destruction of the firm and long prison sentences.

So I am still in SHIB, it did not need Robinhood or Kraken before and will do just fine with the SHIB ARMY and their strong belief. If you were looking to flip a coin and be an instant lambo owner...those stories are so full of shit and if you believe them, you deserve to lose you money.

SHIB and DOGE are 2 very different tokens. One being a joke, the other an ERC20 token with NFTs and swap. Both have whales, but the good thing about SHIB, not one of the whales is Elon. 

Fuck the Metaverse. Virtual Reality has yet to Solve this One thing!

 How the fuck do you walk?

How do you sit? How do you turn and really feel like you are moving in the metaverse without a keyboard?

I own a shitty cardboard version of Oculus ( BTFW Facebook wants you to buy a new one every 2 years and does not make new stuff compatible with your recently purchase Oculus)  and played with Kellogg's super hero game which actually was fucking fun and awesome, considering it was free. 

But my issue was, when I stood up to really get into the game, I was turning, and moving and eventually smashed my head into the wall. But it was the only way to really be in the game.

In Metaverse, how will they fix this without a stand that pins your body in a claw, and your feet are free to move with virtual shoes?

How do you do anything than move your head about?

Maybe put on gloves that will allow you to pick shit up? And who the fuck is going to get dressed up in gear to communicate in a virtual world?

Most people are posting from their phone. 

Oh wait, let me put on my virtual gear before I ride my board into the surf. I want to catch this gnarly wave to add to my virtual condo on the beach in the metaverse.


Also Microsoft working with Metaverse? I don't even do video on my Zoom. Where the fuck do you think I am going to get suited up to do a virtual meeting? And how the fuck is this virtual meeting going to help bring in sales?

In 20 years? Maybe, but Zuckerberg is super reaching. He was never the brain behind Facebook. He stole it from the twins. And the twins have proven to be the real innovators.

The Winklevoss bro's will always be a thorn in Zuckerberg's side, and the reason Facebook/ Metaverse will ultimately fail.

Mark is trying to compete instead of trying to innovate. 

This Metaverse is his way of trying to catch up to the twins. He won't do it. By the time Metaverse hits, NFTs will be gone like beanie babies. And so will his aging demographic and the younger genz have moved on. I don't know anyone under 30 that is on FB.

And BTW, little history lesson:

We had VRML. We had virtual cafes...

We had Cybertown (CT) (formerly Colony City) was a free (changed to pay per year in 2002), family friendly, online community. There were places (chat rooms) available either through a 2D or 3D chat environment. Users wereable to have jobs within the community, earning virtual money called CC's (CityCash) that could be used to buy 3D homes and items. Each user was allowed a free 2D home and could locate it within any of a number of colonies subdivided into neighborhoods and blocks. The cost was $5.00 per month or $49.99 a year.

As of September 2011 the site's membership base declined. As of February, 2012, the domain for Cybertown and its parent company, IVN, was offline.

The history of this site has been discussed in detail by Nadeshda Kaneva as an illustration of the social dynamics that emerge in online communities

First Korean Church of New York is holding Lynnewood Hall Hostage!

 Lynnewood Hall is a 110-room Neoclassical Revival mansion in Elkins Park, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Vacant today, it was designed by architect Horace Trumbauer for industrialist Peter A. B. Widener and built between 1897 and 1900. Considered the largest surviving Gilded Age mansion in the Philadelphia area, it housed one of the most important Gilded Age private art collections of European masterpieces and decorative arts, which had been assembled by Widener and his younger son, Joseph E. Widener.

Peter Widener died at Lynnewood Hall at the age of 80 on November 6, 1915, after prolonged poor health.[1] He was predeceased by his elder son George Dunton Widener and grandson Harry Elkins Widener, both of whom died when RMS Titanic sank in 1912.

The First Korean Church of New York is the owner and refuses to sell, even after offered well over asking price. They want to see this historical estate crumble. 

I am asking you to sign this petition because for no other reason than to say some things deserve to be preserved. 

I really do not know what to say to convince you that this mansion is worth saving, considering how many of us struggle day to day just to survive.

But if I may say.. as a little girl, my Father took me on tours to gilded mansions like this and I felt like a princess and dreamed of having just a bit of it, and it pushed me to dream and hope for better.

Sign the petition:


I never ask for anything, but this is important to me. Because I think of all the people who worked on this, and the pride they had in themselves, and money during the depression. If it crumbles , than how do we celebrate their work?

Fuck Rich People! Do you know the difference between holiday lights and runway lights?

When you have an army of trucks that say ABC Pest Control hanging up your lights, maybe not the best choice. And now I have to suffer through this shit show for the next 2 months.

I will be taking pictures of rich people's paid, shitty Xmas lights through the holidays.

And I will be comparing real lights and decorations done with the true spirit of Christmas against the homogenized version of lights by the wealthy dicks.

BTW: I am sick of saying "Happy Holidays". You don't like my world, why should I like yours?

P.S. Merry Christmas does not mean white privelage, just in case dumb-ass cancel culture gets wind.

What Part of U-Haul Signage Screams Professional Driver?

 I swear to God ( albeit, I don't believe in the dude...but for those that do) if you want to see the worst part of the evil character hiding out in people who think they are upstanding citizens, drive a fucking U-haul!

The shit I got from people driving a small U-haul van to take my summer closet to storage and pick up my fall closet. 

What the fuck?!

Reminds me of that bitch in Houston when I was trying to safely cross one lane , and she gunned it to try and cut me off. Chica, the truck was going in that lane whether you liked it or not... had I swerved back to accommodate her evil attitude, I would have hit people.

So this diva, chica bitch called the cops and said I swerved into her and hit her shitty little SUV, trying to claim the rust ed old dents in her car were caused by my driving.

So 8 minutes to the end of Houston, my U-Haul was surrounded by eight cop cars - this was before defunding.

But God damn, these Houston cops were gorgeous, sweet, but still scared the shit out of me and my friend.

I went into the back of the cop car, while my BF was being questioned. Obviously our account synced up and we were let go.

And they were pissed that this chica called in a bullshit rant and were contemplating filing charges against her for false shit. I hope they did, but I did not stick around to find out.

My only regret is not getting a photo with these gorgeous peace officers. 

But this Blonde was not about to push her luck, got the fuck out of there, never to return to that swamp land of a fucking place.

Houston sucks y'all!

Moral of the story...Don't be dick when you see a U-Haul. Give them some kindness and know moving your own shit sucks!

P.S. Cases in point!


Front Loading Washing Machines are DICKS

Seriously, why do we pay so much for a washing machine that needs the door to be left open so it won't fucking mildew?! 

That is all I have to say on this matter.

Cool As Shit! Flash Dance!


Too choregraphed to be a flash dance, but still super cool!
Except no fat chicks, OUCH!  Not quite sure I see any black chicks either! Double OUCH!
Fuck Snowflakes, this is a new cancel theme for you!
Get Beyonce!
Get her!

What I think about Facebook's Metaverse!


The Hobo can Drown!

 Crypto is the only way to give us a chance. Let us have it! Whales, #SHIB is not yours!! It is ours!

I Want to Say FUCK Too!

 But you can't say it on social media, because apparently we are in  this weird fucking  #woke, #cancelculture, entitled little snowflakes that feel they have the right to never be offended or hurt.

Wake up biatches, that won't happen until all Gen X is dead!!

Our parents were not our friends.

The minute Dad came home. you shut the TV off and hid behind the bed.

When you went to school, you got picked on for being fat, wearing K-mart sneakers, having greasy hair, pimples, braces...anything was up for grabs. And you know what?

Many of us went through that fight, bullying, that battle we had to overcome to be who we are; so spare me your fucking whining!

You are bullies and shits and what makes it worse? Is the fact that you think your nasty behavior is excused because you are unleashing your emotional shit storm on something that you feel is uncomfortable to you? You make me uncomfortable!

You are jeopardizing our freedom to speak, you are trying to coerce us into silence and that will never happen to me. This is why I have my own domain, you stupid cunts! 





Are you fucking kidding me?

What part of "Read the Profile Dpshttz" do they not understand!

My Dad died and I signed up for this stupid, ridiculous fucking platform looking for a man like my Dad. 

He was my world as a young girl. A pain in the ass and hurt me so many times, but he was me world. Loved him whole heartedly and still do. I miss him.

I have been dormant on this site for over 6 years. 

And why is my profile telling them what dicks they are sparking their interest?

It is not an invitation, nor challenge dickwads!

Had to update my profile to start with this, "Seriously, do not bother to like me or anything else. My profile is here  to say you online dating addicts are the worst!"


Uber Kittens. Yeah!! It was a thing!

 LOL fuck me LOL

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today only, Uber users can pay $30 to have a visit from an actual kitten, for up to 15 minutes of quality snuggle time. Just select the UberKITTENS option on the Uber app between 11am and 3pm in over 50 markets across the United States and Canada.

Fuck, I am so glad I do not have money in this shit stock struggling to find out where to make money!

Squid Game Token Investors



Halloween and the chances I blow!

This Halloween went well. I have learned to bag candy because I do not want any child to feel they were cheated, because that shit carries.

This Hallow's Eve went great except for one thing. The tiny beautiful, kind soul who came alone, only accompied by the shadowy, female figure lingerng in the driveway.

She came as Harleqin, and I remember her from a month ago. She was with a brutish girl who seemed to whisper snotty comment in her ear. But she dd not listen, kept smiling at me. This girl is me when I was young, so innocent, and sweet, and lingered in my doorway after our axchange.

I really feel like she is reaching out to me, and I missed the opportunity to say my door is always open to you.

This one little girl... I want to protect her. Because I see!

The Blonde wishes all a happy Hallow's Eve!


MY World

My domain is filled with dark, but beauty too. You can't survive with only knowing one, and you will die not knowing both.


Brilliant ! Fluid! BrAVO!

Ain't Texas, but should be!


Online Dating Apps I forgot I was on and my New profile message

It has been awhile since I have be on here ( it was 7 years ago because my Father had just died and he was my world and looking for him in a man ) no one looked my way, but now, smiling from ear to ear, because, I had know idea I was still on this site. Absolutely floored that after 7 years someone hit me up. I guess y'all ran out of young girls who need a sugar daddy?

I have figured out how to live on my own, and yes I get lonely, but I am not lonely enough to go back down this road. What is that test where the dog gets shocked each time and finally learns, don't touch the snack!

I still love all the below:

I love the water and enjoy boating or walking on a beach. I like tennis, a bike ride or walking as my exercise. I like to eat healthy and have a glass of red wine after work either at home or some where outside if it is a pretty day.

LOL, sorry this is too wild that I am still on here.

Guess a few new pics are needed.

But really, I am not dating one man who is using online dating apps. I learned my lesson long time ago!

But kudos to the dude who hit me up so I could discover this profile is still up.

Don't bother contacting me, I am not interested.


Buy SHIB before it hits Robinhood!

 Now or never!

I am not saying this to pump it, I already made mine...but happy to make more for everyone who got in to late to the Bitcoin race.

Yep, BTC will hit a $138k but if you buy in at $68k what is your profit?

You can't get a lambo on a race already over.

People pushing it bought in at 10k and holding. Institutions want you to secure their shit! Do not fall for it.

True decentralize is owned by the people and SHIB is that token!

BTC is over for the little guy who did not buy in before March 2021.

SHIB is your token! 

It will never hit a penny, but if you grab 100 mil now and hodl to .0001, you will get a return that could be life changing.

End to the tyranny of the rich get richer, and the poor never getting to realize a better life!

Fuck BTC!

HOPIUM!!! Out of the day job!!! And into a real future of living! Go SHIB!!!!

Zillow Ibuyer Program. Well deserved Crash!

Flipin' houses is expensive when buying at 104% above market and then trying to sell it $150k above that. Did Zillow, Redfin, and others really expect people to come up with over 20% to pay for your hike and market manipulation?

I called it, and I own, it... Come February, prices will come back down and I am holding bank waiting to scoop up your mistakes!

Until then, happy to see ibuyer home apps get sucked out of profits.

You fucked the little guy out of homes, so this flip and fucking cluster fuck is something I am going to binge watch and enjoy like Squid Games.

Deleted my Digital Footprint

Without Linkedin, Facebook - I can now google myself and find nothing about me. It is a great feeling to own my destiny and identity in the digital world! Fuck you social media. Guess where all these third turd companies are gathering and buying your information from? And it is about to get worse with the new name announcement from Facebook. Welcome to #Metaverse, where you have no power outside the game!

I did find my old twitter account, attached to this blog, live and well. But it has no defining info nor attached to my cell phone - I am safe.

And this blonde learned, if you want to say something controversial, use coded words algos can't pick up if you want to stay off the 'ban' radar..

Battle of the Blue Cat

The hate you spill out has deadly conequences.

Rebecca Gray was in the market. She’d dreamed of opening a “cat cafe” since hearing about two businesses—one in Montreal, one in Oakland—where patrons could sip cappuccinos and nosh on snacks in the company of resident felines. Gray, then 31, quit her job at an Austin start-up and got to work. She had a name—the Blue Cat Café, after her cat Max, a Russian blue—and $62,533 from a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Now she needed a space. With her business partner, Jacques Casimir, she looked all over Austin before settling on a former mechanic’s garage sitting toward the back of a seven-thousand-square-foot lot on East Cesar Chavez. Within 48 hours of visiting the property in July 2015, they had handed over the deposit and signed a five-year lease. The front of the lot, where Jumpolin once stood, would become cafe parking.

The cafe celebrated its grand opening on October 17, 2015. The first patrons to arrive, many of them Kickstarter donors, were greeted by a line of protesters carrying signs (“Hey hipster, don’t be a pussy!”) and chanting slogans (“Pet your cat, sip your tea, on the ruins of Jumpolin”). The community, it seemed, was making good on its promise to boycott, and they wanted everyone to know it. When, two months later, the Lejarazus reached an undisclosed settlement with F&F over the demolition of Jumpolin and began scouting new locations for their store, Gray breathed a sigh of relief. The protesters, she thought, would now leave her alone.

But neighborhood activists remained determined to carry on the boycott. Several of them, including veteran East Austin organizer Bertha Delgado, formed a group, Defend Our Hoodz—Defiende El Barrio. In February 2016, Defend Our Hoodz launched a Facebook page that would be moderated by Chris Ledesma, a young Chicano activist. The group used social media to organize increasingly vitriolic protests outside the cat cafe. More than once, employees called the police to keep demonstrators off the property. Video from July 2016 shows a gathering of sign-carrying protesters lining the sidewalk outside the cafe. “To all you white people, you look really f—ing comfortable right now because you’ve got a small army of pigs to protect you,” a man yells into a bullhorn. “How does it feel to need an army of pigs to protect you from the f—ing neighborhood? Get out!”

On the morning of October 21, 2016, a few days after the cafe’s one-year anniversary, Gray arrived at work to find the locks superglued shut and “F— You Gentrified Scum” spray-painted in red on one of the exterior walls. Later that day, about a dozen protesters from Defend Our Hoodz arrived, many wearing red bandannas to hide their faces. Diane Ontiveros, who lives next door to the Blue Cat Café, witnessed a confrontation between Gray and the demonstrators. “They were trying to walk her off her property so they could get a hold of her, but I ran over and pulled her by her hand back this way,” she says. “One gentleman told me that I would pay for that.” The 57-year-old Ontiveros says she found a dead cat in her front yard the following day. (A spokesperson for Defend Our Hoodz denies responsibility for the graffiti, the vandalism, and the dead cat, attributing the acts to “people in the neighborhood.”)

Jumpolin is gone and really was it worth saving? it was in the parking lot of the building bought - could have moved anywhere.....but now, so is Blue Cat Cafe, and gentrification will continue, with one less sweet spot trying to save something!

Moral of this story, hate and bullying does nothing to save anything!

It divides us and keeps us occupied with hate while the wealthy scoops all it up!

Watched Every Dave Chappelle Show on Netflix, Twice!

The LGBTQ community needs to slow their roll. This had absolutely nothing to do with the couple being gay, trans, or whatever the fuck, ther than just being star struck and rude.

But, see for yourself, and ask yourself, Where is the first part of the video?"


Tracy Chapman

 I remember you. 

I was in upstate NY and I was with a jack ass jerk, kicked in a glass window at a club, and then got in my car and slammed on the gas and drove into a brick wall.

So many times trying to kill myself and still here.


Seriously, fucking why?

I will tell you why!

100,000,000 $SHIB - the Shiba Inu coin everyone said was trash, just did me a solid. 

Block me once and fuck you!

Seriously, fuck you social media titans...I don't need you, and blockchain is going to make you look like Netscape!

I knew the Pilot that spread AIDS

 Yes, I did. I was there when the FBI came and took his diaries.

Actually they busted down the door and went straight to the safe.

I was not even a thought in their head when they busted in.

They had intricate drawings of every cock he ever loved.

Over 111 volumes.

But I was too busy being molested by his friend early that morning, I really did not have much to say.

I do remember the house.

The chandeliers.

The bathroom covered in naked men art.

.... and me on my stomach, and his friend settling his body down on me where I had no option but to accept it.

It was a long time ago,  but it marks me, and it is a tattoo that will never fade.

I remember the boy; his Father died, left his Mom and him with money. She had a farm house, he had a condo in the city, and that amazing white sports car.

Ii do not know why I can't remember it, because cars are my jam.

Low to the ground, white, 2seat...lambo ferrrari... I remember him being very impressed with it.+ and that claim brought me to the thought he was living off a trust fund and his Mom an o =n the inheritance and that both would be foolish and use it up.

But that car was cool and I was 17 and so I did allow myself to trust him... and that did not go well

my fingers hurt and crunching up...till tomorrow



Block me as much as you want on your platform, but on mine...I say what goes and everything goes!

You puritanical, male owned platform!

I am sad that these brittle, idiot x-gen kids think they are fighting for something new and think they can do a better job than those that came before them.

Did you build a quilt? Did you do anything but bitch? What did you do to save anyone?

#genzs #cancelculutre

Where are all the objectors now?

 A conscientious objector is an "individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service" on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or religion. In some countries, conscientious objectors are assigned to an alternative civilian service as a substitute for conscription or military service.

Now it is against the social media monopoly. 

You do not need them.  They make you think you do, but you do not.

I have no Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and I still survive.

You will too. 

You really only need your family and close friends.

Being popular? Thinking you have a connection to a celeb because you post to their social media? 

Are you that lonely?

That you create a fake bond with a celeb that has no idea who you are, and pays someone $27 to $32k a year to pretend to be them to make you feel like someone is listening?

Shut it down.

Learn to survive on your own.

I can tell you, when it comes to the end of the earth, if you scream like a bitch and are not strong, I will leave you to the wolves!


Fuck her, I hated her!

You were the only reason I kept the painting. 

I tore her to shreds.

You are now the only part of the painting left.

The only part I wanted to remain.

How do I transition into something else?

 What can I do to take me into a better place?

Do I keep revisiting the past? That has not worked.

Do I ignore it and see beyond?

That has not worked.

What do I do to change? 

Free will seems to be a joke and destiny the only true path...why else would people be able to see or predict the future?

I guess my real question is, how do I break the future?!

How do I bend it to make my world better, and for every one else asking the same question.

Because Bezos and Musk are not the answer. They really are scaring me into seeing a very sad future for us.

The Blonde is as broken as the world watching these mega billionaires leave us behind.

Mother of Crest, OUCH!!!

Fucking Crest Charcoal 3D brilliant white toothpaste. My teeth are killing me, assholes!

My exercise regime is not a regime at all

but it works for me! 
Muscle memory is what your body needs, never let it go Alzheimer on your muscles! 

Seriously, do what you can to move in a meaningful way. This is a reminder to self. 

Cinq times a day, I get on my rowing machine for deux and a half minuits, have a glass of wine and a quarter of my vape, rest for quatre heures binge watch Squid Games or other Netflix shit, repeat this process. 

Because what does the Blonde have, if not her health.


The Grey Man

or the boogie man....
I wanted to paint over him, but it was easier to spill blood on her body and leave his face.

Blood shed!

I spilled red paint and dripped it over her on purpose. I think it killed the grey man I kept seeing in the painting. Spirits are strong tonight. And watching this spooky vampire series is not helping. Have you seen NOS4A2?

I hated her head, so I ripped it off!

Channeling William Blake

Not until you step outside of the painting and crop the demons...then you see.
This Blonde is watchng way too much Huluween!


Talking vagina

I think my vagina has something to say and it is coming out in my work.