Sleepless In Seattle

has been running on television all weekend and I have been watching it all weekend. Its one of those movies that you can watch over and over and still reach for the hanky box.

My favorite part is how Sam talks about his wife and how great he had it at least for awhile. I think we all have had it great for awhile somewhere in our past. And its those memories that make us long for a partner to make us feel like that again.

Today its grey and cold and thoughts of having someone next to my side fills my head. The best I can do is with my bed hogging cats and the romantic movie marathon on the E channel.

In a few days I will be headed to New York to see yet another internet date - turned friend. I love New York and visiting makes me happy even if no one will be waiting for me at the top of the Empire States building on Valentine's Day.

That is the problem with internet date - turn friends. You spend a great time with them but when its over you have to ask yourself, "If we are so great together, why aren't we together?"

I go back and forth on this thought and for now....

I am beginning to feel like Kate from 'The Way We Were'. All my men have become Hubbell and I have to watch them ride off in the car with the betty brunette they chose over me.

Maybe its not the greatest idea to spend time with someone that passed you over but than I think, it is far better to spend time, with at least someone, than to be alone with a flatulent cat and a tub of sugar free cool whip in front of the tele tube thinking about being the simple and lovely girl my Hubbell is seeing.

The Blonde doesn't want to roll over!


Love Sucks

Just have Sex!!!

That's all anyone wants anymore anyway!

The Blonde!!!


Biting the Big Apple

Who am I kidding?

I can't look for love.

It is too hard freaking hard.

I give up!

I am utterly without game anymore. I need some serious ego stroking. I am going to New York to do just that. It helps that Raine is super sweet and knows exactly when I can use some friendly nuzzle time.

I guess I was all wrapped up in finding the man of my dreams that I forgot I have quality men of my reality ready to lend me a hug any time I need.

I don't care how long the fat lady sings!

I am over Love!

I just need to find a way to get over the idea of love than just moping around. I need to just fill my days with familiar faces, fun places and some serious shoe shopping!

The Blonde needs to feed her soul!


The Look of Love

Strap the apparatus on my head that bonks me on the back of my head as I reach for another heart!

It is not my nature to give up and as much as my heart breaks at each failing, I rise above and smile and look to a bright future!

And what do I see?

I see me happy without that cupid and his stupid arrow!!!

The Blonde isn't blinded by love!


The Nature Of Love

Love is an evolving thing.

It grows.

It dies.

It is as solitary as your own heart.

You can give your love, take it away, lose it, or fall for it but you can never force it to be something its not.

A relationship can only exist if two people feel the same for each other whether it be 3 dates, 3 years, or 3 decades.

I think the worst part of dating isn't the bad date but rather the date that moves onto the 3rd and 4th and then disappears before it is given the chance for more.

And our minds get stuck in where it went wrong?

And even if we can pin point the exact moment, it does not matter for the one who still has feelings. Those feelings are there and we just have to wait until they disappear.

One small tiny thing can change the course of someone's desire for you and no matter how much you might want to change that, you can't. It's not your fault nor theirs...

it's just

The Nature of Love!

and we will never understand it.

We just have to find a way to grow from it.

The Blonde will always be stumped!!


Is It Better...

to burn out

or just

fade away??

The Blonde


Falling Out of Love With Love

Not everyone was meant to be with someone and I can get just as much love, liking a hundred men as I can loving just one!

This year I am on a journey to stay out of love. I am going to pick one man a week to play with and then like a bored cat, walk away and leave him stunned.

Every Sunday read about why sometimes it's better to love and leave quicker than a heart beat can say ouCh!!!

Going back to my little black book but beware I don't bother with anyone who isn't a member!

The Blonde thinks bad is better!


Less Is More

Happy New year Y'all!!

This year I will be posting only Sunday but it will be jammed pack of the weekly low down.

How Fabulous was last night?!!!

The Blonde had a blast!!

but you will have to wait until Sunday to read about it!