Kris Kringle again with a Murder Attempt

What has it been?
Five years and counting that my Mother tries to murder someone during the holidays.

This time, I was too wise for her attempts and foiled her plans to give my 'German' medicinal powder to help my with allergies.

But she is not one to give up so quickly.
If she can;t murder me, she will go after the unsuspecting victim.

My Father.

My Father is deadly allergic to nuts.

And what does Mother do?

Claim she did not have cinnamon available and so she grounded up cinnamon sticks in the same grinder that she grounded nuts in a few months prior.

She innocently baked the cookies and said, "Here dear. I made you cookies. The ones you love."

My Dad bit into one and his throat seized up.

I think my Mother is testing out her murder attempts on the family.

Not enough to kill us but enough to know she can get away with it in the event she really wants to off someone.

Who she is aiming for is any one's guess.

So during the holidays...watch the offerings from my Mother.

Happy and safe Holidays from the Blonde!!


What A Freaking Crazy Christmas Card

If I sent a letter with my Christmas cards it would be a first. Not only for the letter but for sending out cards.

The last time I sent out a Christmas card was when I hand painted Santa with his pants down mooning the recipient.

It was a great card and its a Hallmark to my Aunt. I have not sent out a card since she died. Its the only thing I can do to show her how special she was to our family.

And to let her know, that every year...we still think about her just as much as if she were alive.

I believe in science and I believe her atoms burst apart the moment she exhaled her last breath sending all those beautiful atoms across the universe to be received by new birth.

My Aunt's beautiful atoms grace the bodies of new life..whether that be a bug, a bird, a baby...she lives on!

Good and kindness live on because of her!

The Blonde bows at the ever greatness of life's circle!


Merry Bloody Christmas

Holy cow!!! The drama that is unfolding this season is beyond any soap opera writer's wet dream.

I have to give you it in tidbits or you will explode by the thought of it all.


Sister's best friend's husband tried to kill himself.

They thought the mixture of pain killers caused a suicidal tendency.


The freak was having an affair with a married woman.

He found out she was having an affair with another man.

He left a note in his girlfriend's husband's car tattle tailing that she was sleeping with him and another man

Seriously, what a douche!!!

are you still with me...


The suicidal douche did not bother to leave a note for his wife..my sister's best friend.

Not only is she a best friend, she is our family and you don;t fuck with our family.

When the douche gets out of the psych ward which will be delayed so our sister can get her shit moved out..

will come home to nothing more than a stocking full of coal.

The Blonde is cherry red with happy!!


Janis Joplin

Watch her over and over and over...

and over




Maybe you forgot?!

How Can I Explain?

I don't have to..I have Cat to do the explaining for me!

You Kant

Mill your self through this life!

Die or live but don't waste my air on your ignorance!

Holiday Suicide Song

The 90s version of Hamlet in song!

Perception and Reality

should not be on such a narrow line.

We all walk a tight rope...

The performer and the spectator

I can see it now

I am on the wire

I step out

onto the high wire

I balance

I bend my knees

I crouch

I swing my arms

I flip


I land

on the wire






And so many of you thought I would fall

and even more of you

were wishing I did...

Wish and think all you like about me

but in the end

you will still be wrong

The Blonde has had a hard and long life!!

American Military Rule!!!

Be Bad


not angry

Be mean

but not hurtful

Be proud

but not arrogant

Be brave

but be afraid

Be all you can be

but bring it all baok home...

The Blonde Kant but Mill!

Holidays Ake Me Want to Die

The Holidays!

The Blonde is bringing the best of suicidal jingles for your holiday pleasure!!!!