Pandora's Box

One evil deed leads to another.

Do you want to be good?

Because I am tired of the bad and I know you may look at me like I am evil but I am not.

I am going through an adjustment period.

Yes, I kill people just because I can.

But I only kill the ones that you would not like any way.

It is hard being undead and knowing I don't worry about the law any more. The law was always an asshole anyway.

You think they are bad? The whole psych genre is on my 'to die list'.


back to fat ass cops....

Seriously, how can you eat donuts, be 300 lbs and chase someone down?

You can't.

So the obese stupid fucks wait for an easy target.

You can pull someone over for an expired sticker to get your quota.

Well guess what?!

I like killing the fat ones...they are my easy target!!!!

Like I said, I am going through an adjustment period but I promise only to kill the ones that are most  irritating to the living!!!


Fee Fi Fo Fum

OK? Seriously? 

A fairy tale beginning for my blog? 


I am concerned for a few people who may have a problem with my certain condition.

I do not want to hurt anyone who does not deserve it.


I can't have 'curious cathies' who are a little too intent on saving me or saving others from getting in my fanny pack.



Would I ever carry a fanny pack?

Although, I doubt it would be stolen as quickly as customs stole my decked out coffin!!!


You are damn right I am still pissed about it!

I am going to the beach and hitting some surf and board and will not kill anyone for now.


Check back...

I might want to hit the murderabilia guy...

Help this clueless victim's crime advocate out before I do.

Who can't figure out how to stop murderabilia from being sold and collected?

Here is a clue...


The undead is off to the coast before the storm hits the fan....

He comes in Thursday.


Have you ever heard of such a term?

Quite gross if you think about someone collecting finger and toenails as a souvenir from a serial killer.

But who I am to question what is art to some and a meaningful reminder to others?

I should have kept something from the Doctor but I prefer pop art.


Thursday, a dark cloud is rolling into my city.

The last time he shared space near me; many things died and a flood occurred in a hundred year flood zone.

Literally, not figuratively, little animals fell out of trees and died and I was useless to save them.

But that was in another life.

I do not know how I feel about it now since I am undead and the world is a cruel beast I am no longer apt to save.

I am free from those things now.

Things like empathy, care, and sadness.

What rips through my heart now is an uncontrollable urge to ignore all that once touched me.

This dark cloud is coming my way and I do not want to see the storm.....

Even the undead can not out run the past.....

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy bitsy spider got washed out by the rain

but out came the sun

 and dried up all the drain

 and itsy bitsy spider cralled out in time to kill again


From Cymera