Google wanted better content

So Google put in a certain requirement of word count, treating us like #students in school.

And so what happened? Like kids in school, they cheated.

To get the almighty #google algorithm to boost one's shit, they just duplicated paragraph after paragraph.

Even Google makes stupid decisions. 

I do not need an essay with over 1200 words to prove my point. And I am not in school anymore, you #fuckhead #googledicks!



Still Counting


If you do not think foul play happened with this 2020 Presidential election, you would be wrong.

85% black female voters are Democrat. How many do you think work in the U.S. Post Office?

I did not vote because I am not poor enough, nor wealthy enough, nor dark skinned enough, to be on anyone's mind.

The Blonde can't get into private golf clubs either.


Living in a World of Doilies

Like many, I had to look up the spelling for these dust and crumb catchers.

These little, laced threads that intertwine in a delicate way, probably  not meant as a way to collect the most amount of dust mites possible, but they did.

And perhaps, their demise has lead to more sanitary conditions in current times.

They have no use in modern society. These crocheted bits of grossness were produced during a time when Netflix did not exist, and were considered quite beautiful.

They were the first artificial web. A simple tiny thread, networked into a beautiful thing that could go on forever!

I will come back in a bit.


Kevin Spacey is just duct tape

So a drunk famous guy diddled you in the parking lot and you did not say anything until the momentum built to get some money?

Bravo prick! This is why #metoo was short lived!