How horrible was your Mom?

I am asking, because bad moms can kill the adult you should have been!

Who would you have been, and what would you have not gone through, if she was a good Mom?

BBB wants to know!

A personal note to my Mom

Where do we have a misunderstanding?

I cooked you Cornish hen with brisket gravy and Caesar salad, and then went out to water the gardens because you said they would penalize you for using the sprinkler system? I asked you how they would know . You had no answer.

 All of this is documented on the security cam system.
I installed it because that is how little faith I have
 in you as a Mother.
The security cams are for me, not for you. 

I am afraid of your lies. they prove quite powerful playing the victim all these years and making the neighbors think you are helping a crazy daughter and her son. They won't look at me and it is because of your gossip about me. Even D's mum looks down at me because of your lies. But, they figured you out and that is why they do not come here anymore.

I need armor if I am to take care of you.

You spent years making me think my Father hated me, and it was you who was the hateful and jealous one.
If you want to grow old and die in this house, you need to be nicer to me, or I am leaving.
Con and Lam already told you they will not take of you. And Bu is about to be gone. 
I am your only hope and you are pissing that chance away.
Sell your home, go to Japan, and be with your friend.

You have no one by your side to pick on me anymore! And I won't let you!!

You burnt all the good-will bridges you had with your daughters. 

Living in a World of Doilies

Like many, I had to look up the spelling for these dust and crumb catchers.

These little, laced threads that intertwine in a delicate way, probably  not meant as a way to collect the most amount of dust mites possible, but they did.

And perhaps, their demise has lead to more sanitary conditions in current times.

They have no use in modern society. These crocheted bits of grossness were produced during a time when Netflix did not exist, and were considered quite beautiful.

They were the first artificial web. A simple tiny thread, networked into a beautiful thing that could go on forever!

I will come back in a bit.


Don't do a fucking thing for them!

That is my to do list today.

I am phh..pha, beyond pissed, and 4 shots into Johnny Blue.

I can say, I am pissed that I am left to take care of the parent that I hate the most.

She made my life miserable growing up, and now she is in a disillusioned state of thinking I am going to be her slave labor and cook.

Funny, because...sorry Dad...some promises are meant to be broken. And the fact you were a complete shit to me too, means I have no obligations.

Let the other daughters take care of this 'Great Expectations" rotting corpse of a house.

I am going back to Cal as soon as I can.

There is no reminiscence of a family here.

And anyone who has bought 'Best Buy' online and forgot to uncheck the box for the bullshit antivirus and etc's... will understand.

Blonde is sick and tired and none of it has to do with covid-19 or corona news.

Go fuck yourself CNBC. Oh wait, you already do!

The Blonde


Kevin Spacey is just duct tape

So a drunk famous guy diddled you in the parking lot and you did not say anything until the momentum built to get some money?

Bravo prick! This is why #metoo was short lived!