Character Assassination. Dave Portnoy. PENN Stock!

 Dave Portnoy may be aggressive and suck in bed,. I don't give a fuck. BUT I DO!!!

My PENN stock is tanking on this article and the shit being spread.

Business Insider needs a disclaimer for entertainment only and hang their hat next to the National Enquire.

And I would have believed that BI was the dick, but Dave opened up his mouth and played victim, and I heard the sincere words of a predator who is so mentally fucked, he really believes he was the victim.

Obviously, Dave is a predator and treats girls who throw themselves at him like trash, but maybe the Mothers' of these girls should have put some self worth into them.

Something this Blonde knows all too much about! 

I loved Dave and his pizza reviews, and thought I could keep supporting him, but honestly, I can not!

I do not look at him the same way.

I understand the girls more than Dave.

If you read my posts, you will understand...this is not a man to admire and I am willing to take the loss.

Money is easier to lose than self-respect!

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