Netflix Stock Created Its own Beast

When the next gen babies, which come about from  #Netlfix because their parents got so bored watching old and regurgitated movies, they will revolt and go to a blockchain video site, which will not push a culture agenda, and gives the new babies what they want without political trending tactics to market their bullshit b-flick movies.

The best part is, Netflix created their own beast.. They wanted us to feed off binge watching like blood thirsty vampires, and when they have been drained from our views, they no longer sustain our hunger and we look elsewhere. We will keep feeding with our without them.

Am I wrong?

Facebook Censorship

Who are they to decide if my comment about the Black Lives Matter Movement, that instigated riots and destruction in my town, are considered hate speech? Did I say anything bad? Did I say anything derogatory? No, I did nothing but voice my opinion on the movement being a catalyst for bad actors. And I was cut off.

Now, my friend sends me a 1985 Playgirl Magazine for a birthday gift which was hysterical, and I posted the centerfold to friends only, who would find it funny as well - all adults - but kicked off for 24 hours. No worries, will send the link and image tomorrow and see what happens. I could care less about being on Facebook. I am laughing my ass off right now, considering the bullshit Facebook let's in and doesn't.

Are we the 7th graders in a universe where we should be dictated what is right or wrong among friends? Are we still passing notes behind the teachers back?

I really hate being told what I can and can not do by the man!

Do you not find it funny Facebook has not updated their platform. No plugins we can use for adult content. Nothing...these fuckers do nothing but data mine our shit. And we can never delete it, God forbid you get stuck in a conspiracy built by the U.S. needing someone to take the fall. I know I am at the top of their list. 

Are you?

This puritanical reign on nudity is a dichotomy if you think about it. Just stupid thinkers much like the 

little prick Zuckerberg. One can tell he stole it all.