There Are No Second Chances

Not true...

There are plenty of second chances. They may not be in the same direction as you once took but there are if you keep going.

Change up your navigation until the right road is taken and then the world will open new roads to steer you in the direction that you were supposed to take all along.

So, if you think about it...screwing up a first chance might be becaause you were suppose to.

I just finished my ethics exams and did very well. I aced my literature essays, and I have a complete application in to UT.

My law degree is a little closer to happening.

Something that should have happened long ago..or should it have?

Maybe I need to go through all the things I have in order to get to this patch of road...

The road untried...

The road with risk and hope and all the good things tied up in not giving up.

its very evident to me that a housewife is not my destiny.

Something is and I am excited to find out.

In the meanwhile, I have no desire to settle with anyone nor let them settle upon me and steer me off the wrong path.

That being said....

The Blonde is alright with being single forever!!!


Whose Rockin the Written Life?

At the moment I am.

I have given up on trying to follow a life that obviously is not mine.

Through all my adjustments and failures, I have finally figured out that my life was written long ago...and all I need to do is go with the flow and not sweat the small stuff.

Life has something in store for me...and I am just going to ride the ride...and hopefully in the end...

I will be at peace.

Happiness I have

Love I have

Family I have

Friends I have

Joy I have

What more do I need?

If I wish for wealth than I am wishing for something I already have.

My Utopia is loving the world as it is given to me.

And I think I am finally getting that in baby steps!!

The Blonde is in no rush to discover the rest of life!!!


Kiss me Kiss ME Good

Kiss Me Good!!'

Forget the Money...I want the pretty candy face and body every time!!!

God I love you and Lord knows I can't quit you...

You have ruined me for everyone else!!!


Some Love Affairs

Just were never meant to be more than a discovery of one's self!


Holy Cowhide Y'all

Its was a duffel bag full of drama last week.

I had a jealous wife hunt me down on Facebook.

I had one of my best friends leave his husband.

My baby boy is going off to train in bullet wound trauma.

I think the jealous wife thing has been squashed..let's hope so!!

My friend is going back and reconciling with his partner.

And my baby boy has his new gaming computer to look forward to when he gets home.

And I...had no drama!!

I had a nice weekend in the country with someone.

I got an extra surprise in my bank account thanks to the refund department at school.

And I have just been inducted into Sigma Alpha Pi. The national leadership honor society.


What a whirl wind of activity surrounding me.

But I am kicking ass in the life department!!!

I love me job. More importantly I love how I get to bitch about my job when secretly..its pretty awesome!!

I love school and happy knowing I am one year closer to my law school degree!!

I love the fact that I have reconciled to the fact that I love being single.

I am not going to settle down.

I like weekend boyfriends to keep me company but my goal is to end up like Auntie Mame.

If you have not seen the movie...you should watch it!! I prefer the remake as opposed to the Lucille Ball version.

An older woman surrounded by drama from other people, meanwhile happy as a lark just being her fabulous self.

That is who I am...

A Blonde happy in her skin!!!


I Am Going Back to the Start

and so will you gaby boy..I love you and you will find your way!!

The Blonde promises!!

Where do I live?

Umm..a bit of sarcasm here...

Let me google map it for you!!

Honestly, its none of your business.

I was done with Kito awhile ago. You are just getting to me now?!

Let me tell you something..

When a man gets sloppy in his dating around his wife, he is ready to leave her.

If your trying to make me a pawn in the separation of a marriage, think again.

I am in a 'no fault state' and I am protected by the law.

My moral obligation is to no one since I am not married, nor would I ever cheat on anyone I marry...and if they cheat on me...

than I am not doing something right as a wife and I will fix it.

That is what communication and love is all about.

AshlyMadison.com promotes cheating and I for one think its horrible. I would never cheat but I am single and I am free to see whomever I choose.

Maybe women will stop thinking about the 'Gloria Steinem' effect and find out, they can't have it all.

Take care of your man and your man will be faithful.

As far as Kito, he was a friend...that is all.

I moved on long ago.

I do have to say, God has away of pushing me in one direction and keeping me adjusted to a true life.

I found a wonderful man and although he is a little to quick to love, he came out of no where as a great surprise.

I am staying true to my path. I really do believe our lives have been already written before we were born and the movie "Adjustment Bureau" kind of solidified that fact for me.

I keep getting harsh adjustments and now that I am following in the path I should have taken years ago...

Life is really falling into place for the Blonde!!!


Fall Out Boy

Damn right...good rock in my misery!!!

The Way You Hurt me

Feed my Fish!!!



Bring Back Collective Soul!!

Chet Baker

The Blonde is beyond stunned by his music!!


An Almost Ditch

I almost ditched a date tonight. I had it in my mind that blind dating is going to serve up nothing more than a dead end soup with annoyance for crackers.

But...I was wrong!!

Recently I have found it smart to expect the worst and never be disappointed. But I expect the worse so much that I almost ditched this date.

And to my surprise he was sweet, funny, cute in a Tom Arnold sort of way...and I actually had a great time.

And to think I almost missed out on this one because of all the ones before that turned out to be wet sprockets.

I think this might actually be fun for a change.

I think this is a positive step in walking away from the last of the unavailable men.



I can't kick the Augusto habit unless I have someone new to focus my attention on.

This one might just be the one to finally pull me toward a real relationship.

Its time.

I have been kicking it back with the wrong men for so long. I am tired, bored, and ready for something real..

Who knows?

Not me, but won't it be fun to see what unfolds?

For the first time, I am really excited about someone.

In the mean time, I will still expect the worst...

(he does have really small feet)

but from now on...

The Blonde will hold out for the best!!



...wakes up every morning to her geriatric cat and his crap on the outside of his litter box.

I clean and scrub the floor, brush the litter from his fur, and feed him knowing his time to lay down for good is less than a while away.

I then go outside and feed the ghetto cats that came from the street and a builder mart parking lot. They are much more hardier than the glamorous puss known as Goose and will last years longer.

I than make my coffee in the morning and get to the phone and begin work.

In between phone calls and emails I study philosophy, ethics, and literature.

Its a good semester. I like my classes.

I am in the midst of writing a new essay for UT Austin.

Although I got in to all the schools I applied to, I could not-in the end-afford any of them.

And they were a little farther away than I want to be from my son, who is being deployed to Afghanistan in November.

All the while, I was holding out hope of meeting someone to be a shoulder I could lean on but the bullshit has me so depressed, I am beyond tears.

Liars and cynics is all I seem to run into these days and with what is on my plate, I have little patience for any of them.

Its OK, I am stubborn and it will take some time for me to kill this hope of love and commitment. I can't turn it off in a day and I know that.

The hope of love is hard to kill and the fear of my son going off to war is beyond any sadness i could have imagined.

I beg and pray to God that he will come home. He has to come back home. There is no other option.

God has to bring him home safe to me.

I am no Cinderella story and I don't feel I am even a Paul Harvey story, waiting to happen, any more. But I don;t deserve this much heartache.

I never did anything to deserve this life.

This is called depression, and it hits me every once in awhile but it will go away and even when I am sad I know I need to take care of those less fortunate than me; so I take my Jimmy Choo shoe money and feed the Bambis, the possums, the raccoons, and the stray animals that do not need to suffer as long as I am around.

And I get the great pleasure of giving my son anything of the small things I can do for him. I just wish I could have done more and then he might not have had to go off to war.

Its all I have to hold on to...

That is enough to get the Blonde up every day!!

I Am Doomed

Baha Bahaaaa

The Lone Star Suck

Some things do not change...even if you are undead. It is true today as it was fucking in 2011 when I first wrote this.

And before I undied.

I am doomed to be alone unless I find another way to find a date.

Where am I supposed to drum up viable dating options?

The online dating site is nothing but a plethora of liars, losers, and deadbeats who have nothing better to do during their bored time at work.

I have no choice but to join gym.

I have to find the right gym.

Last one I joined was in Houston and it was in the gay zone of town.

Lesbians had some fun in the steam room while I got completely grossed out.

Texas men suck..no doubt about it...this southern girl can not do the south western bullshit.

I am going to die...

Please, please someone from a real world come save me.

The Blonde needs you!!

I love finding my diary from when I was alive. Makes me feel fucking awesome for being undead!

Men suck but now I can kill them.

The blonde chants Hoorah dead dicks!!!

F#^*&ing Blonde Moments

I totally missed my flight. I thought I was leaving Friday and the flight was Thursday. I did not find out until my friend called from the SLC airport to ask where the hell was I.

"I am packing my bags and getting ready." I replied

"Uh, Your flight was for today Blondie."

"Hole Shiat!! No way!!!"


Hold on,

Let me call you back

I will try and get another flight...

hang up

"hello Airline, what do I do to catch a later flight?"

"oh no problem, just pay $450 in difference charge."

"Uh yeah..not happening...what else can I do?"

Rebook for later flight times..

Way later...




Dude, I am trying to book cheap flights.

OK..hideously annoyed now.

Hang up

Go on Frontier to find cheap flights

Call back Expedia

Get english first language dude


RE-Book the flight for $50 extra



next week I am going to SLC..


As much as I hated Frontier for the Aspen trip...

I am actually grateful they made it up this time!!

Your alright, Frontier.

Just don't bump my ass for an over booked flight!!

The Blonde believes in second chances!!!


If I could Re-Spence

I would have gone home with you.

The Blonde has you as a regret!!


Credit Clean Up

So I found this killer site that helps you clean up credit faux pas on your own. Its free and fabulous.


This site makes me feel so much better about my life crisis. I am now in control of trying to repair credit from my divorce. I read important information about what to do and what not to do.

They even provide legal letters to send to collection agencies that bought old debt and inflated the debt or have no right to the debt since the government paid off the original debt to the original creditor.

Its scarey to think that you are helpless to do anything in regards to bad debt but I now know, thanks to this site, that I am not helpless and I can renew my life and my credit.

You have a right to get a credit report from any of the three major agencies for free.

You have a lot of rights the creditors don't want you to know about.

This site will help you with everything.

I really don't want a co-signor for my new flat. It is important I do this on my own, and now I know I can.

It may take a few months but while i wait to clean up credit I have the financial ability to pay for a new paint job for my car.

I will feel so much better about myself driving a jaguar that does not look like it went through a war zone. I do feel people look down on me because of my car and my live-in situation. I try not to car but i do get down a bit about it.

By fixing my car, cleaning my credit and eventually finding my own place will just be a bonus to my new start in life. I waited so long to get over the fear of trying again, that these are great little steps to build back my confidence.

I feel really great having a job and going to school. I don't need a man. i know this. I can do this on my own.

And that makes me feel super great about me.

The Blonde is almost like new!!



So my first attempt at renting an apartment ended up in a flat out rejection.

I have the income but my credit is still wiggy from medical bills and when I had that little trouble called divorce way back when.

I have two more years to wait out the bed credit left behind from divorce and the predatory lending practices when I desperately tried to refinance the house afterward.

I am not paying these fees especially when they should have been paid when the house rolled over to a new owner and the bank paid the old bank off.

If I paid these fees now, the bad credit remains for another 7 years. If I leave the charge offs alone, by federal law they have to be taken off after 7 years.

I have two years before the slate is wiped clean and until then, I will have to snuggy up with a co-signor if I want a flat.

This is just another small bump in the road, although with the accumulated bumps..its starting not to feel like a fun ride in life.

I will look for another place and in the meantime, I have another month of savings.

The Blonde is used to Nos!