I never dump men, I just....

ask them when we are getting married 

if I want them gone:)

The Blonde!

Never Rent a Storage Unit if Management Lives on Prem! Uhaul!

 It has always been my opinion and historical fact, that any storage unit rented with on-prem management is a hustle.

What kind of people live at a storage facility? And what is their family and employees like?

First one, they stole all my television sets while  kept going up and down to unload. They kept me busy with their loser family trying to talk to me as they stole from me.

I was tired and did not figure it out until later, and guess what? When I asked for security camera footage...

duh, they did not work .

Now, I tried to move into a new one and they fuck with the billing. Supposedly, I got a free month, but had to pay the first month. 

Then they made up for the free month buy double billing me in February.

Uncle Bob for 20 years, which turned into Life Storage and other than they added $70 to bill within 1 year. Now the gate is broken and lets in the crackheads.

I will taser any fucker that comes close to me and probably until they need an ambulance because if my PTSD.

U-Haul is the sketchy one. 

They got me in at $225, only to yank up my rent in the first month by $30...really not an issue, but the fact I was quoted a free months rent and got doubled bill in February for it. leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I rented a van to move the little bit I have out and put it back in may garage.

At these rates, it is just easier to buy another house and store there.

There will be a follow up to this bullshit. Because you haven't heard how the sales girl had fun fucking me with the U-Haul van rental. Thanks Monique for being a dick. You are my next highlight!

Oh shit, update!!!!!

Wait to I tell you about the bullying and harassment by this girl when I called to say I would be a few days late!

Not a broke ass, just my bank and brokerage like to play holding games.

This is why crypto works better for me, but unfortunately - still needs to be converted and passed through these mother fuckers.

I find my bank is no more guilty that crypto.com - they love holding money 14 days, which is bullshit if they want to claim crypto is better than banks.