Uvalde. shockingly not surprising anymore

 OK media, calm down before you rant on stupid things!

It has only been a day - speak only of the love and lives and in a week or so go on your stupid rant about guns not understanding the true nature of these crimes and how to stop them.

A child was brutally teased through school, comes home every day after those blows to a hostile environment with a drug addict and no where to seek help. So his anger grew and grew, and grew. And he went back to this childhood, waiting for this moment until he was 18 to buy the assault rifles, and he chose elementary school because that is where he was hurt the worst.

Here is the thing, if he could not get the rifles, he would have found another way to inflict the pain he was feeling on the community who abandoned him.
Not about guns! Not about politics! This is about a child finally breaking. And turning into a teen growing up and people caring less and less.
Every school shooting has one theme and that theme is extreme bullying with out a support system at home or at school!

Until you address the real elephant in the room, nothing will be fixed.


You had a sweet kid with friends slowly disintegrate in front of people and NO ONE reached out...

 and now he is the monster.

He wanted people to feel his years of vented up pain and be heard.

Well, 19 children later... he finally was heard.

This could have been stopped 10 years ago if anyone decided to give a shit.

All my love and prayers to the families! But please let's get real.


Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

 Anyone else getting too emotionally involved and pushing out some PTSD behaviors just watching the Depp vs Heard trial?

I am sorry, I tried to stay neutral for as long as I could, but coming from the world she so desperately is trying to describe lacks the color and clarity of memories.

I remember in vivid color and clarity everything that someone did to me. Hell I have a digital catalog with time stamps.

She has a written diary? Have they date tested the ink? Yes, that is how cynical I am of her testimony.

The other weekend, I was in a grocery store and I thought I saw the man who stole my house, and I froze. I literally freaked out thinking it was him and what would I have done if it was actually him and recognize me and worse come over to talk to me.

Luckily, it was not him.... but reminds me - this never goes away. EVER!

I am sure people act in different ways, maintain their composure during testimony - by the way what is in that pink liquid? - but we don't get snagged on tape saying yes I hit you and get over it, and in court say I never assaulted anyone.

Some of us do take the hurt and never say anything except on an underground blog no one reads. I don't think this is Amber's case. 

Johnny is the one can't look at her, but she can look at everyone. You fooled people once, but you can't fool them twice, not with 10 years on your face. You do not look so innocent any more. Not that you did in your first deposition. How is that eye-rolling and snickering working for you now?

Enough of her. I would send you the link to have her cancelled from Aquaman 2, but I do not believe in cancelling anyone. Netflix learned that lesson as well as Bozoma Saint John who got her ass kicked to the curb for leading the charge to publish movies that lecture people. 

Don't be a false leader.

the Blonde