Protecting FTX does not help with the Antisemitism

Sam Bankman-Fried (what is up with the hyphen?) donated to many politicians. but as we all know, politicians are the better paid hookers of society. The white collar, upper echelon of whores.

He spoke woke and sent money down the panties of all the political parties that now are busy paying off deteriorating news channels like New York Times and Forbes, who have also become whores to the powers that be.

How much does it take to pay for a puff piece, New York Times?

How can anyone trust you as a news channel?

And now with the news defending the crypto wizard of financial destruction and his psycho Harry Potter freak girlfriend? 

How much money did he give you?

Crypto is not the only thing going down. The trust in news is as well.

When Kanye "Ye" went all antisemitism, I have to wonder if he knew something the rest of us did not.

Are the Jews in control? 

I say not in all place but definitely in liberal news and Hollywood. 

And to defend this dick does not look good.

American Horror Story NYC

 Pissed me off in the first 2 minutes.

NO, deer did not carry the AIDS virus and it did not start on Fire Island.

When Hollywood is so careful to make sure every kid who wants to be fluid have a chance by trying to make it the norm in all videos, it is horrific that the writers and producers of this series clearly are too young to know anything and put out this trash of a show.

Let me fill you in. 

I met the airplane pilot who brought it to Brooklyn. I remember his house, I remember the thick leather diaries that he had locked in a safe of every escapade he ever had with detailed drawing of every penis from those escapades.

I was with his nephew who brought me from update new York to have a place to stay while we were to going to play in the city. 

That was until THEY stormed in, demanded the Uncle to open his safe and took all the diaries.

I remember the house, the fa├žade, the rooms, the bathroom with all the artistic photos of naked male bodies on the wall.

The giant chandelier that looked like it came from a 15th century castle.

I remember I was 17 and the boy I was with was 19 and his Father was famous but could not recall his name. I can't recall any of their names because it was locked up in that part of my memory where I try to forget.

The boy promised me we would have separate rooms and when we go there after a few hours drive, it was not the case and to make a long story short, date raped me and I kept my mouth quiet because I was too embarrassed and did not want his uncle to hear me quietly screaming "No".

The next morning, an awkwardness was in the air. I thought it was because his Uncle overheard me struggling and objecting to being climbed on and fucked from behind, but in fact it was something else.

The knock at the door came and the diaries I was shown the night before were being seized.

I left with the boy and my tail tucked under and after hours of hearing the Queen go off on a rant about his personal diaries being violated.

I did not understand the irony until many years later.

Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

I was always at the wrong place, at the wrong time,. with the wrong guy. 

If only I had a cell phone back then.