Tried to Go Cold Turkey on JULL and I was an Emotional Wreck

 Think JULL is safer than smoking? I beg to differ.

I have been using JULL to quit smoking, and it worked. I have not a had a cigarette in 2 years. Unfortunately, it does not stop your nicotine addiction. And actually makes it WORSE!

The problem with JULL is that it can be done all the time, whereas smoking you would have to take a break or go outside and typically I only smoked during cocktail hour.

But with JULL, I was using it the minute I woke up in the morning until I went to bed. It leaves no odor, or so I thought but actually you can smell the lingering nicotine oily residue in the air, on your hair, skin, bedding, etc...

I was buying one pack a week and that quickly rose to 2, and I had 3 sticks charged up ready to go if one died on me. Also, when drinking the pure nicotine would jolt my buzz into a full blown out slurry drunk. NOT COOL!

Then I began to notice the damage, of consuming straight nicotine non-stop,  to my hair, my skin, my scent. It left an oily residue on my hair; I would sweat and feel hot after vaping;  my skin began to age.

Fuck with my looks, and that is the end of that! So I went cold turkey. 

I threw out all my JULL sticks and called it quits. Within hours, I could feel myself wanting to cry. A day later, and I was full on depressed, and by the third day I was an emotional wreck weeping in the arms of my friendly neighborhood grocery stop store attendant.

I couldn't figure out my breakdown.. I was two weeks away from my holiday meltdown... but I decided to pick up a pack of American Spirits with a bottle of wine and although the cigarette tasted incredibly disgusting, I did feel calmer.

So last week I went outside and smoked a few puffs every time I felt overwhelmed and feeling much better now.

I will not buy another pack of cigarettes, this was a one time get me off JULL emergency.

Let's just say, I would tell anyone thinking JULL is cool...it really isn't once you are seriously hooked. 

The Blonde is smoke and vape free, but the craving for nicotine will be a tough road for awhile. But I notice, when the craving hits - it is short lived and a quick bit with your vibrator will get you through.

BTW, the Gillette fusion has been a rocket in my pocket for 10 years and still the best!

If you crash and burn on an aero, your family would jus think you liked a close shave:)

Little Blonde advice!

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