Mad you can't defeat Trump?

Is this karma?

What the fuck did you liberals do to deserve this bit of karmic retribution?

Clinton almost got impeached for lying about a blow job.

And Trump...NADA!!!


Where is Linda Tripp when you need her?

That ugly, bitter, menopausal refugee that loved sticking it to a young, pretty, but naive, fat chick.

Had Tripp try to pull this shit show now...  #metoo would be there for #lewinsky even if it was only for a hot second.

Now #metoo is just a sad waste orf #twitter space and excuse to fuck with the next political opponent.

Who was the #black senator chick upset #Biden sniffed her hair because she didn't wash it?

That tells me, black people consider #metoo a white people joke and one they can spin for news.

Not to blame black people on this shit. Straight white boys who probably where in their 'Q' stage got their Mommies to bitch about their #kevinspacey encounter.

A straight kid, would have never told their Mom. You know it and I know it, so go fuck yourself #politcallycorrect morons.

I am beyond tired of the little snowflakes and loser #political #dilettantes   which make a mockery out of real victims.

What douche #snowflake is upset and feels violated because someone complimented them on their outfit or hair?

Need I remind you assholes...this kind of bullshit ends up with a #anitahill in court over a #pubichaironacokecan to smear #clarencethomas and guess what bitches?!

Clarence serves as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He is currently the most senior associate justice on the Court following the retirement of Anthony Kennedy.

FIND A NEW WAY TO FIGHT Y'ALLS BATTLE.. without making women look weak and powerless! 

And if Biden is a super creeper. why hold you tongue 2 years after the #metoo trend?!!!


#metoo to the nth degree

I am so tired of opportunists using the #metoo movement to further their political rhetoric, or
dumb-ass twenty somethings saying they were uncomfortable because some sniffed their fucking hair.

I am dedicating the next 10 blogs to the real #metoo movement.

I am going to tell you every dirt bag move made from dicks starting in the 90s and following up on #onlime dating that finally broke my spirit in finding love.

I have saved every email, text and photo...
Married men should be fucking scared!

The way I remember the bad shit, is by a song that triggers every memory.

I work hard to forget them...but you can't erase the bad. And the sad thing is, trying to find the good never helps.

So my dear #russiangirl #koreanboytoys #sexsworkers #waitingtodie let me share some light on your story by telling my own.

No one started off as a 6 year old princess and ended up being nothing more than skin to touch and and a vagina to fuck.

My trigger tonight was #EltonJohn 'Yellow Brick Road'...the last song I would ever hear before knowing and remembering, that I had a soul that was robbed by dirty, fucking, loser men touching me.

I never wished them dead, but I do now. I hold no vengeance, just hope they will die a slow death remembering what they did to kill a girl.



Almighty God

Thank you for my music!

Fuck religion that tells women they need to cover up because men can't control themselves.

Fuck you little cockroaches of Shariah law!


What Up with the Fucking White?

Sorry y'all, something is amiss with my template..will correct this weekend. The #white is pissing me off!


The Morbid Sense of my Blog

Is there wisdom here? If there is, it is diluted and strange and only makes sense to me.

I played a dead hooker that placated to the European riche that would abuse a dead body because it was the only thing they have not done yet.

I put myself out there in so many odd ways, and yet I do not care. This is my blog, my diary, my fantasy and my way to throw out all the junk I hate about me, the world, and other stuff.

Right or wrong, it is mine, and no one in my 8 degrees of separation know about it. If they did, they would ruin ti for me.

So I keep this blog under the bed, locked away and open when I need to write on it. There is no rhyme or reason to my stories. One minute they are about a dead person, the next about a very live and struggling human being looking for a way to be better and escape the trap I am in,

A trap I created for myself built on years of programming and environment gone wrong.
I am getting better at seeing people for who they really are. I get caught up sometimes and forget. SO I tug on what ever bracelet I have added to my wrist to cover the scar and remind myself, that you need to watch out girl. No matter how old you are, you don;t think like the assholes and they are much more brilliant than I am at manipulation.

UI will one day, know just how to poker face this world.

One day the blonde will have it all figured out.

At least in time to come up with a brilliant quote for the epitath.


Let's be Frank

Because you certainly do not want to be Kevin Spacey at this moment. But as many people call him an appalling rapist, there are certainly more willing to forgive.

My only thought and opinion to the Let Me Be Frank video and why Kevin made it-besides the evidence of heavily drinking red wine, as his teeth and lips expose- is probably that he did not get the satisfaction of a farewell speech before getting kicked to the curb by producers. He was killed off  'House of Cards', if you remember or live under a rock.

Many claim it is his way of distracting from his arraignment. Could be, but somehow waiting in a hide-away sems an easier way to keep his name out of the news. Afterall, we are six second society and kinda over the all #metoo movement.

Personally, I am not one to think he is guilty until the evidence comes clearly about. Just because someone said they did something, doesn't mean they did.

The problem with the #meto movement is that too many came out with stories that it just sounds like crying wolves,

So until proven guilty, I am pro Kevin.

Hate the Blonde if you will, but I need truth before slamming someone to the nth degree.

The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck

While I like the Mark Manson book, I was also irked by it.

He is not adding anything new and I was a little dismayed that he pressed on having a relationship to make him centered. Narrowing his world is comfortable to him, but he does not need to preach that to others. Especially when he saw the world.

I think people need to find what is best for them and not count on real advice from some guy who did not just magically make his blog popular so he could travel the world. I think there was some family money thrown his way.

I think one of the best persons to listen to for real life lessons is Dolly. She was telling it just like Mark Manson, minus the assholery.

I am fond of assholery, as long as it comes from the Blonde.


Which White People?

Which white people, black people?

I just watched a show that black people are still being used by white people. Funny those black voices  are rich and famous and still blame the white guy for using them. 

The Shop by Lebron features opinions I can see on any cable news channel. There is nothing new here folks. Just more rhetoric from more rich people talking about what they see in America behind their gated community, private jets and limos.

The black 1% speaking out against the white 1% does not involve me, so please stop saying white people and start saying the white 1% or the white 10%, because the rest of us fools,  of all different color and cultures are not part of this conversation.

I get there is racism still, but racism is no longer just about black and white. 

Fuck, I ;just got called by a recruiter for a job as a marketing director for a guy that came from the middle east, making a killing shafting the American elderly on solar panels.

Do you not think he is racist toward Americans and finds it OK to saddle them with $16,000 in debt for sub-par solar panels from China?

Racism is no longer just about color. Perhaps, I am looking for a different word here. Bigotry, is that better?

What does it matter the semantics we use to say it is OK to abuse, use and oppress anyone of any race, culture, color, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.... yes, I get I am redundant on a few of these.

Fuck you.

When you speak of white people, please leave out the Blonde. 

I do not have any power or money to use anyone of any sort.

So fuck you rich, famous black people calling out ALL white people.

The Blonde is calling you out for being just as ignorant as the rich white guy now.