Jeff and Lauren Lowe

 Trailer trash and wildlife abusers!

Mirage and Caesar, born in December 2020, were the last in a long line of tigers to start life at Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park—and among the first to escape the Oklahoma petting zoo’s cycle of breeding and alleged mistreatment. The zoo has been closed to visitors since October 2020, and today, a court decision permanently bans the zoo’s owners, Jeff and Lauren Lowe, from exhibiting animals to the public in a facility or online.

Among the alleged violations prosecutors cited was a lion cub named Nala, found by government inspectors lying unresponsive in the mud in June 2020. They also documented two arthritic wolves caged on a concrete floor, a grizzly bear whose bones showed beneath her skin, a fisher cat with a lame leg, and the bodies of two tigers buried under burned rubble. The corpses were attracting biting flies that inflicted bloody wounds on the ears of nearby tigers, bears, and wolves.

In June 2020, a federal judge ordered the Lowes to relinquish the property to Big Cat Rescue sanctuary owner Carole Baskin to settle a longstanding legal dispute.

After Lowe’s license to exhibit animals was suspended in October 2020, he forfeited it permanently. But he continued to sell “shout-out” videos featuring his animals on Cameo, National Geographic reported. At the time, no laws existed pertaining to exhibiting animals online.  

Between January and August of this year, the justice department confiscated 146 animals from the Lowes—the agency’s largest confiscation of zoo animals to date. Various sanctuaries have taken them in.


For every Elon Musk fan....

 there is a shit load more people who want to dick punch him and bitch slap the shit out of his cult followers.

Elon Musk speculates SpaceX will be able to send the first crewed mission to the Mars in 2026, and recently he asked his followers on Twitter if they think there would be humans there in 2032.

Scientists have determined that the launch of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket on Aug. 24 punched a temporary hole into a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere nearly 560 miles wide. While temporary, it is a good indicator where we are headed with this to soon without respect attitude.

Ozone hole 2.0 

The aluminum from re-entering satellites also has a potential to damage the ozone layer, a problem well known to humanity, which has been successfully solved by widespread bans on the use of chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals used in the past in aerosol sprays and refrigerators. 

Yet, these dickwad super-fans of megalomaniacs are all gung-ho with Elon and Jeff fucking around with devastating effects to this planet.

Hence the megalomania shit!

 "There is this perception that there is no way that we can dump enough plastic into the ocean to make a difference. There is no way we can dump enough carbon into the atmosphere to make a difference. But here we are. We have a plastic pollution problem with the ocean, we have climate change ongoing as a result of our actions and our changing of the composition of the atmosphere and we are poised to make the same type of mistake by our use of space."

Woman claims she was virtually ‘groped’ in Meta’s VR metaverse

 This is under the entertainment section of the New York Times, and appropriately so.

If you do not see how ridiculous this is, you need to ride the short bus back home, crawl up in your Mother's vagina, and be aborted. 

A beta tester has claimed she was virtually “groped” in the metaverse VR platform Horizon Worlds from Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook.

Meta revealed the incident on Dec. 1, saying it occurred on Nov. 26. The woman had reported the assault on the Horizon Worlds beta testing Facebook group.

“Sexual harassment is no joke on the regular internet, but being in VR adds another layer that makes the event more intense,” she wrote, according to the Verge. “Not only was I groped last night, but there were other people there who supported this behavior, which made me feel isolated in the Plaza,” the virtual environment’s central gathering space.

In its statement about the incident, Meta pointed to its “Safe Zone” feature, which allows users to place a block against interaction with other users. However, the company admitted that it needs to work on making the feature “trivially easy and findable,” said Vivek Sharma, the vice president of Horizon, in a statement to the Verge.


And seriously, where is the META in Facebook other than the logo and rebranding.

If past poets and their words were fashionable....

they still would not reach celebrity status in this epoch riddled "eight second attention span human mass".

One minute we have a whistleblower on Facebook,  next minute we have Metaverse, and the world resets.

Virtual reality is something tech has tried to bring about for 40 fucking years. Do a web archive... search VRML

For fuck sakes... learn something outside the scope of your daily news feed - you stupid cattle.

The one things these brilliant fucks can't do... is figure out how a person can walk in virtual reality while staying stationary in the real world. 

Until then, all you have is some nice fucking 3D graphics you can play with when spinning in your desk chair.

I digress, back to the subject:

Emily and her stint on Apple+ under the imagination of Alena Smith.

Wiz Khalifa plays death...if we are #tagging BlackLivesMatter in an effort to fight stereotypes, this might be a good time for the cupcake cancel culture to review this fucked up situation.

Next we have the fact that all these fucking poems being read were not written by Emily! Her incoherent, make-no-sense scribble on paper and napkins was rewritten postmortem - by her sister and the professor who told Emily her work stunk.

In today's world, Emily could have been on an international stage rotation with Marshmello and Avicci.

They were all spin masters focused on a beat that would race the heart and make a person feel.


Do I have tattoos?

I am fucked up and use the blog to get my shit out, but am I fucked up enough to 
to see myself as a Bentley with bumper stickers?


After seeing Jonah Hill with sleeves, fuck me if that shit is not false and bullshit now.

I still cringe at tramp stamps.

Michael Saylor is a scary, fucking narcissist!

Do not play into his bitcoin play. He needs stupid people to keep buying in so he can dump and pump and dump and pump and dump and pump until forever...

Bitboy, Benjamin Cowen, PlanB...fuck them!

They don't hold any magic cards other than playing you like the Jack you are!

Ghislaine Maxwell, Guilty!

It is too easy to prey on young girls. 

My older sister asked her childhood friend to look over me when I first went off to finishing school. My mother was cray and caused some issues that I needed to cover.

And this fat, ugly, guinea mook was happy to take me down a very dark path.

Oh she watched over me, pushing me into meeting men to fuck for money. The first guy was a wealthy Doctor who had a long, crooked dick and had to situate me in a just the right way...but hey, I got $1500 for it and he was handsome and very nice.

The second guy was gross and smelled and I refused. He got really irate, and have to admit, Alicia did provide a protector who took care of the situation. Seriously glad he was there, because if he wasn't, I probably be beaten to death.

And that was my only interactions with Alicia. I told my older sister what she had done, but she swept it under the rug and so did I. And for so many years, I let the memory go...but she recently announced she is still in contact and planning a trip to Coachella with her and my baby sis. 

OK, fuck you and have a good rest of your life.

Family Sucks for those without a good one.

 And Holidays just add into the already shitty world we were born.

If you had a good life and great family, this post is not for you...so get the fuck off of it.

This is for the adult survivors of fucked up families.

How bad can a family be?

My childhood friend and I are reminiscing and going through "who had it worst moments", and this one popped up:

We were both sent to private school to swim with the sharks without any scuba gear. The Daddy girls circling around us with their BMVs, Mercs, VW Ragtops...

My older sister went to this school a few years before me and she did graduate, into the southern belief of being a proper wife for your husband.

After being sexually abused and beaten mentally for over 9 months, she had a little gusto left to get in her Mercury Cougar, without packing a fucking thing, and drive home to our parent's house.

Did my parents have open arms and hug her and tell her it was alright? 


They gave her shit, so much shit, she ran to an anarchist group who lived in an abandoned home. 

Under the radar of our fucked up parents, I came to see her...and all I could do was berate the hideousness of her living situation to her fellow anarchists.

I think my argument was well received, because I remember my sister coming home with me. 

And really? Anarchists'? This group was just a bunch of misfits who had no organized agenda living in an abandoned home with the word "Anarchy", spray-painted on the wall as their only medium to spread the word.

Reminds me of Island Boys - they are just the same anarchist idiots who have tiktok and paid a shit load for fake insta followers.


Why time is so misunderstood

Because most people think aging of their bodies is synced with time. Not so....

Since animals are not reading this, I address this to humans who think the world revolves around them. 

Bowhead whales, denizens of Arctic seas, are known to live more than 200 years,

The Giant Barrel Sponge lives over 2300 years

The Back Coral lives over 4,300 years

Immortal Jellyfish live forever if they never get washed to shore...

Time means nothing under the sea. It means nothing to animals. 

Time means nothing to the trees. It means nothing to the Earth.

But it means everything to humans.

Time is just a shallow 24-hour construct that makes people feel safe, because way back in their minds, they need something always poking them, telling them they need to stay on track, shoving them into being better.

Suicide is not nature, it is status quo built!


Dead Kitten

Yesterday, coming home from work...I drove past a dead kitten. I was not the only one...many commuters did the same thing.

Yet, no one did anything...just went about their daily commute.

Again, today, on my way home I drove by the kitten.

I could not stand another commute home seeing it.

So I went back to spot where it lay on the side of road, using a shoebox from 'Rag and Bone', and I scooped it up into the box.

Tears ran down my face..

Its blood left a perfect imprint of its body on the asphalt after I pushed him into the box.

I took the shoe box and placed it in the median where the wildflowers bloom ever year.

Have we no mercy for anything but ourselves?

Facebook meta? NO!

 If you think I am going to buy clothes and property in a world that does not exist, go fuck yourself!

Jack Dorsey sat on a wall. Jack Dorsey had a great fall...

 and not all the king's horses and cancel culture thems, can't help bring twitter stock back up again!

Goodbye, Jack Dorsey! And I Pray the Rest of you Follow!

Big Tech oligarchy that looks down on Americans and our values, and use their vast fortunes and unchecked power to silence voices they disagree with, continue to cozy up to authoritarian regimes across the globe.

If you just delete your Twitter account, your Facebook, and other social media accounts , you take their power away.

Can you not just share pics on your phone to friends and family?

Do you need a false fan base?

P.S. We heard Jack Dorsey, we just don't give a shit!