Time has no Value

 Time is running out

Time to get ready

Time to fix it

Time to let go

Time to go

Time will tell

Time is on your side

Time is not on your side

Time ran out

Time to leave

Time to stop

Time heals everything

Time has only the value you give it

Time is the fourth dimension along the side of three spatial dimensions. The physical nature of time, which is an oxy-moron in itself since time is not physical, and the very reason we are so enamored with it.

Deep down, we know science and religion can only explain so much, and the rest is left to interpretation and truth.

What is the truth?

Well, Steven Hawkins was a genius because he picked theoretical physics, cosmology, and anything else that can not be proved much like  Einstein, Jung, Freud, etc....

Oh, and yes...who ever fucking wrote the bible. Those pricks were the best cons of all time. Money pours into church this day! 

All they need to say is everything you do that is not for God is a sin and you will be punished.

But if you pay 9.99 today in the basket and do some fake praying hand gestures, you are good to go!

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