Oh no, of course your dog can piss and shit all over the Zen Garden!

 Fucking neighbors and their god damn dogs. Let them shit and piss in their own yard.

I am fine as long as the owners pick up the dog shit, but I have yet to see one of our new money neighbors carry a doggie shit bag.

The Zen Garden on my Father's Estate cost quite a penny and it was his pride and joy.... so moth balls should make the dogs and dog owners think twice about fucking with it,. That will be my joy!

I watched two of my cats get chewed up in front of me by dogs without a leash. And the only thing the dog owners were concerned about was my litigious nature. There was no sorrow, nor true sadness, nor forgiveness for what their dogs did to my cats lounging on the estate.

I am not that much of an asshole, but ever since these new neighbors coming in from California; I am rethinking my good nature.

Do you ever wonder why cancer is so prevalent in dogs? Think about all the weed killer and bug spray that goes on lawns. And your dog is sniffing at it like nobody's business. 

This is not the part of society that gives two shits about organic fertilizer. They pay for monthly spraying with chemicals to keeps weeds gone and bugs gone.

Dog beware!

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