The Problem With Sophistication

...is that it costs so much more than not. Trying to be a stylish person on a budget is difficult to pull off unless you are able to dress in younger styles.

But if you want the conservative, sophisticated styles it takes to really show yourself well...


I am not in that income bracket yet.

I used to be but not for awhile now and anything that might have been suitable for the affair I need it for has long worn its welcome out in my closet.

I stopped subscribing to Vogue and Elle just before I went back to school. Why torture myself with the beautiful things I can not have at the moment.


discount shopping 101 tomorrow...ugh!!!

Just once I would like to put layers of designer bags, dresses, and shoes in a giant pile of fabulousness and roll around in it for a bit.

The Blonde needs a black dress!


Hummin' Along

While old black betty-aka. the jag-is in the shop, I had my BFs Hummer to commute back to Austin today. I knew it would be fun because driving a a new and cool vehicle would break up the monotony of driving, once again, to Austin.

What I did not know is how wonderful a feel I got from driving it. It felt like I was in a love lock hug with my boyfriend the whole ride through.

For the past several commutes, I was in fear of wiping out in my car because of the steering rack. It was so ingrained in me that every time I took the Hummer around a curve, I clinched my neck waiting for the steering to slip. It took me a few curves before I could relax my muscles and drive in utter bliss, and my mind farthest away from any fear.

Once I relaxed and realized this Hummer had my back, it occurred to me how much my boyfriend has given me. The most important being the luxury to be able to sigh relief of my
woes under his care.

I promised not to write about him so I am only going to plug him just a little...


but that is all I am going to say

out of respect for his privacy!!

The hummer got between 9 to 16 miles per gallon on this ride but the joy of it was worth the Franklin I have to put in her at the pump. It is as big and fabulous a personality as my BF ( a little more bragging won;t hurt).

For the first time in a long time, I feel safe and cared for and that is a huge thing to miss out on for so long.

And I don't mean the Hummer.

The Blonde is humming a fabulous new beau!!


Hoarse of Course

My sister's voice has gone hoarse screaming at our parents who are on holiday at her house.

I can only chuckle in glee that now my sister gets a bird's eye view of the cookoo's nest that fills my life on a monthly basis.

I am just so happy that my sisters are sharing in the suffering, I don't know what to say.

Accept maybe...


Hah hah Uh HAh

Uh Hah Uhaaa

The Blonde has no words for the joy she feels!!



... is bestowed to those that had friends and family that loved them, and will remember them, and will continue to tell their future generations about them.

Immortality is not physical but it is tangible and it is real.

As I read about the history that made Texas what it is, I am immersed in the reality of immortality. The lives I read about have long been dead but when I read about them and I see the photos; they haven't ceased to exist at all.

My Aunt died several years ago.

I watched her go. I even opened up the hospital window so her soul could leave.

I was afraid she would be trapped.

How silly a thought but I needed to believe that that when I opened that window, her soul flew out just as quickly as her body died.

And I believe that her soul has dispersed into the millions of pieces of energy that will submerse itself back into this world and spread the beauty and joy she was so filled with.

Again, to many this may seem silly, but I need to believe.

As so did Beethoven and everyone else in this world that a loved one leaves behind.

He wrote, "Immortal my beloved"

And no truer words remain.

When your loved...

immortal you shall be.

Fur Sie miene Tante Ullie.

und alle jene Unsterblicher

die Blondine!


70 MPH to Wall

I was driving from Austin to Dallas yesterday. It is a commute that I have not minded to drive because two great things are at each end- my family on one end and my boyfriend on the other.

But lately my car has been a bit scary to drive since the steering rack has been worn down to the point, that when you go around curves, missing grooves in the rack cause the car to free fly for a few seconds before finding the grooves that keeps the car from flying head on into something.

I know that when a curve comes I take it easy, I make sure no cars are around, and I glide on through with a little prayer to the almighty.

But this last time, that prayer was cashed in.

Coming to Dallas on 35E from Austin, a mammoth curve got me. I was helpless to do anything but pray that the car went into the wall instead of the big rig wheels along the other side of my death machine.

The teeth took the last second to catch but not before I scraped into the wall by an inch.

I was literally an inch from my life.

But by sheer grace the car scraped only that inch and the steering grabbed.

I was shaken.

My heart pounding I knew one more curve was coming and I would have to navigate it. It slipped again but caught again in time.

All I remember in my head was praying that it just hold until I get to my BF's house.

Seeing as that is all I prayed for and it was answered, I do not dare ask for much more regarding the steering.

Its in the shop.

God can only answer so many times before bringing his hand down on me and smacking me for being a tight wad and idiot for not getting it repaired. And he would be right to think that way.

I think that way.

Thank God for the man in charge-my BF has initiated the blue law and dealing with the car for me.

Car maintenance is a blue job. Leaving it to a Blonde will just end up in disaster.

I have made it this far on a wing and prayer and a grand man of a beau who is taking care of the car of me.

The Blonde is no longer on a crash course!!


From the Wisdom that is Aretha Franklin

My Lord
I have read this book so many times
But nowhere can i find the page
that change what I experience today

Now I Know that life is meant to be hard
thats how I learn to appreciate my God
Though my courage made me try
I can tell you i won't hide
Because the footprints show you are by my side.

You can lie to a child with a smilin' face
Tell me that color aint about race
You can cast the first stones you can break my bones
But your never gonna break Your never gonna break my Faith

Faith and Hope aint yours to give
Truth and Liberty are mine to Live
You can steal a crown from a king
Break an angels wings
But your never gonna break Your never gonna break my Faith

My Lord
Won't you help them to understand
that when someone takes the life of an innocent man
Well they never really Won because all they've really done
is set the Soul Free where it's supposed to be

For those we lose before their time
I pray their souls will find the light
I know that the day will surely come
When his will, His will, will be done

The Blonde hopes these crazy times don't kill your faith!!

No Good Flea Bag

I have been battling fleas at my parents house. They come from the deer my Mother has been feeding. They hop onto the grass and hit the cats. Even though the cats have been treated for fleas, some still hop on and ride into the house without an invitation.

Rude little fluckers they are!!

And like all uninvited guests, I want to get rid of them as fast as I can.

I went postal on flea kill for the yard, for the house, and for me.

My ankles have been hewed upon for the last time.

I hate to kill the slightest of bugs but when it comes to fleas, I take exception in a big way.

I can whole heartedly say I hate them with true fervor.

No good can come from these pests. Even a cockroach adds to the grand scheme of Mother nature by breaking down dying trees.

But fleas...they are as worthless and inhumane as terrorists!!

I say kill them all!

The Blonde shows no mercy toward petulance!!


If You have Only Nice Things

to blog about than don't bother blogging at all!!

I am stuck in a peculiar place. My love life is actually going completely and utterly sublimely.

I have no complaints.

Nothing to gripe about.

No disparaging thoughts on men.


Its a terrible predicament to be in as a writer.

Happy writers don't blog.

They write romance novels for chrissy's sake.

The Blonde needs a new gripe!!