Black Beans

...does not offer a sexy aftermath. Its best to just get home and say thank you that it is a crisp fall night and open a window.

While I take rest from dating, I have to say some dates cause a sort of indigestion since they.begin with an easy  meeting for coffee or Mexican food and if the sparks didn't fly for the date, you can rest assured you won' be disappointed at the end of the evening when you arrive home and chew on a Beeno. And sparks can still fly

...just light a match under you bum and wait for the wind to rip.

Like gas, dating is  a pain in the ass but eventually you settle down with a few good men and get back to a less gassy diet.

All in all, the very right decision to ditch the DFeX has been reaffirmed over and over by the few good men I have had the pleasure of sharing a drink with.

Time will tell before their kinks begin to show but I am fairly certain I am more suited to someone who is a little more active than the deadpan in Dallas.

I have been to several music concerts, been wined and dined at the finest restaurant, I have a date to a mini drive-in theater and I am enjoying a picnic come this Sunday.

I like playing house but playing it all the time is for someone in their retirement age and I just don't ever plan on being that old.

The Blonde has hitting the gas again!!


Hold On to Your Curiosity

I have a crap load to tell...

not tonight!

but soon!

I am just shaking my head in dismay for now.

The Blonde is just down right fed up!!!


Back Away From the Spray

Vanity has hit the masses of men and tanning spray is their demise.

Its one thing to watch the fools on FOX TV sport the new orange made popular by Snookie but its a completely an unacceptable doctrine when its sported by a man I pluck off the internet to meet up with me at a sacred 5 star eatery of mine.


If you ae going to fake tan, learn these lessons.

Rub it in.

Really rub it in.


Wash your hands.

Really wash your hands.

And more importantly, Men; remember bronzer and sunless tanner follows the rule of white shoes. 

Never after Labor Day!!

The Blonde is standing firm!!! 


Guilt is a Silly Emotion

I felt bad because I was living my life and moving on with a great new profile on a dating site that has yielded 71 emails in less than a week.

I have already been on three dates and each one has been such a breath of fresh air that  I felt guilty about my ex.

I sent an email extending an olive branch and after being accused of drama...I am guilt free to live out a happy and love filled life.

Some people will always believe the world is at fault and see themselves as the victim and you can't save them from that.

Let them have their misery.

I choose steak and cake and fabulous dates!!

The world is back at my feet and the men are calling.

I am better for the choosing too!

No more curmudgeon for me!!

The Blonde is emoting happiness!! 

The Olive Branch

can only be extended so far before you find your grip slipping and as much as you want to hold on, you know you will end up drowning if you keep trying.

So you let go...and at first it hurts. You think you could have saved them if they were just willing to hold on as much as you were willing to hold on.

Now the branch is gone, the soul you wanted to save with your love has slipped away.

What are you going to do?

Die with it?

Hell NO!!

You are going to pick yourself up from the bank of water. You are going to towel yourself off.

You are going to blow dry your hair, curl it in a sexy swirl.

And get on with meeting a man that doesn't need an olive branch.

A man that can meet you half way.

A man who will love you like you love him.

I waited too long to settle for some fool that has no intention of putting any effort into a relationship.

If only money did it for me.

But unfortunately I think I deserve more!!

The Blonde doesn't settle for cheap allowances!!


Choosing a Law School

isn't half as important as choosing how I am going to use my law degree.

The most importnat thing to have is passion for who your are and what you want to achieve.

I read of all the injustices in the world and my degree can;t come quick enough.

I should have been a lwayer years ago but maybe fate didn't think I was ready.

Now, I am.

In the wake of seeing my student loans on hiatus at the junior college I attend, I have to get busy looking for a 4 year university. It doesn't really matter where I go because I don;t need an impressive school to become an impressive lawyer.

I have the drive, the ambition, the passion to make the world a better place and with a law degree I am the bad guys karmic retribution. Maybe when I was younger I would have been in it for the money and the prestige.

Now I am in this for the long haul in changing the world for better.

So watch out bad guys!!

The Blonde is going legal on you!


Can I live in My Car & Go to Berkeley?

I don;t know but I just asked them.

I think the best place to go to school and get a superior education without the funds to live is Berkeley!

I can't think of anywhere else I could live out of my car, afford school, and still hold my head up high!!

Cross your fingers for me!

I really need to be free!

The Blonde is not looking for saviors; only a parking pass to be saved!

Bad Benny

I don't know if its me or the benadryl but the pink tabs do not konk me out like the gel tabs do. I took a gel tab yesterday and I was a waste basket.

I am telling you it makes a great substitute for zanax.

I was as calm as a cucumber all day.

I wasn;t much of a talker or listener for that matter but it was a very relaxing and unproductive day.

The great thing about the gel benny is that it helps me sleep at night.  I still get up at 2 when the allergy part of the benadryl wares off but I pop another one and I am back to nappy in no time at all.

Today I feel great. I had a great night's rest and now I am on a cleaning roll.

Pop in my rock music, head to academy to buy a bunch of foot lockers to put summer clothes away, and get busy on my studies!

Its a good day!

The Blonde is on a happy high!