Halloween and the chances I blow!

This Halloween went well. I have learned to bag candy because I do not want any child to feel they were cheated, because that shit carries.

This Hallow's Eve went great except for one thing. The tiny beautiful, kind soul who came alone, only accompied by the shadowy, female figure lingerng in the driveway.

She came as Harleqin, and I remember her from a month ago. She was with a brutish girl who seemed to whisper snotty comment in her ear. But she dd not listen, kept smiling at me. This girl is me when I was young, so innocent, and sweet, and lingered in my doorway after our axchange.

I really feel like she is reaching out to me, and I missed the opportunity to say my door is always open to you.

This one little girl... I want to protect her. Because I see!

The Blonde wishes all a happy Hallow's Eve!


MY World

My domain is filled with dark, but beauty too. You can't survive with only knowing one, and you will die not knowing both.


Brilliant ! Fluid! BrAVO!

Ain't Texas, but should be!


Online Dating Apps I forgot I was on and my New profile message

It has been awhile since I have be on here ( it was 7 years ago because my Father had just died and he was my world and looking for him in a man ) no one looked my way, but now, smiling from ear to ear, because, I had know idea I was still on this site. Absolutely floored that after 7 years someone hit me up. I guess y'all ran out of young girls who need a sugar daddy?

I have figured out how to live on my own, and yes I get lonely, but I am not lonely enough to go back down this road. What is that test where the dog gets shocked each time and finally learns, don't touch the snack!

I still love all the below:

I love the water and enjoy boating or walking on a beach. I like tennis, a bike ride or walking as my exercise. I like to eat healthy and have a glass of red wine after work either at home or some where outside if it is a pretty day.

LOL, sorry this is too wild that I am still on here.

Guess a few new pics are needed.

But really, I am not dating one man who is using online dating apps. I learned my lesson long time ago!

But kudos to the dude who hit me up so I could discover this profile is still up.

Don't bother contacting me, I am not interested.


Buy SHIB before it hits Robinhood!

 Now or never!

I am not saying this to pump it, I already made mine...but happy to make more for everyone who got in to late to the Bitcoin race.

Yep, BTC will hit a $138k but if you buy in at $68k what is your profit?

You can't get a lambo on a race already over.

People pushing it bought in at 10k and holding. Institutions want you to secure their shit! Do not fall for it.

True decentralize is owned by the people and SHIB is that token!

BTC is over for the little guy who did not buy in before March 2021.

SHIB is your token! 

It will never hit a penny, but if you grab 100 mil now and hodl to .0001, you will get a return that could be life changing.

End to the tyranny of the rich get richer, and the poor never getting to realize a better life!

Fuck BTC!

HOPIUM!!! Out of the day job!!! And into a real future of living! Go SHIB!!!!

Zillow Ibuyer Program. Well deserved Crash!

Flipin' houses is expensive when buying at 104% above market and then trying to sell it $150k above that. Did Zillow, Redfin, and others really expect people to come up with over 20% to pay for your hike and market manipulation?

I called it, and I own, it... Come February, prices will come back down and I am holding bank waiting to scoop up your mistakes!

Until then, happy to see ibuyer home apps get sucked out of profits.

You fucked the little guy out of homes, so this flip and fucking cluster fuck is something I am going to binge watch and enjoy like Squid Games.

Deleted my Digital Footprint

Without Linkedin, Facebook - I can now google myself and find nothing about me. It is a great feeling to own my destiny and identity in the digital world! Fuck you social media. Guess where all these third turd companies are gathering and buying your information from? And it is about to get worse with the new name announcement from Facebook. Welcome to #Metaverse, where you have no power outside the game!

I did find my old twitter account, attached to this blog, live and well. But it has no defining info nor attached to my cell phone - I am safe.

And this blonde learned, if you want to say something controversial, use coded words algos can't pick up if you want to stay off the 'ban' radar..

Battle of the Blue Cat

The hate you spill out has deadly conequences.

Rebecca Gray was in the market. She’d dreamed of opening a “cat cafe” since hearing about two businesses—one in Montreal, one in Oakland—where patrons could sip cappuccinos and nosh on snacks in the company of resident felines. Gray, then 31, quit her job at an Austin start-up and got to work. She had a name—the Blue Cat Café, after her cat Max, a Russian blue—and $62,533 from a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Now she needed a space. With her business partner, Jacques Casimir, she looked all over Austin before settling on a former mechanic’s garage sitting toward the back of a seven-thousand-square-foot lot on East Cesar Chavez. Within 48 hours of visiting the property in July 2015, they had handed over the deposit and signed a five-year lease. The front of the lot, where Jumpolin once stood, would become cafe parking.

The cafe celebrated its grand opening on October 17, 2015. The first patrons to arrive, many of them Kickstarter donors, were greeted by a line of protesters carrying signs (“Hey hipster, don’t be a pussy!”) and chanting slogans (“Pet your cat, sip your tea, on the ruins of Jumpolin”). The community, it seemed, was making good on its promise to boycott, and they wanted everyone to know it. When, two months later, the Lejarazus reached an undisclosed settlement with F&F over the demolition of Jumpolin and began scouting new locations for their store, Gray breathed a sigh of relief. The protesters, she thought, would now leave her alone.

But neighborhood activists remained determined to carry on the boycott. Several of them, including veteran East Austin organizer Bertha Delgado, formed a group, Defend Our Hoodz—Defiende El Barrio. In February 2016, Defend Our Hoodz launched a Facebook page that would be moderated by Chris Ledesma, a young Chicano activist. The group used social media to organize increasingly vitriolic protests outside the cat cafe. More than once, employees called the police to keep demonstrators off the property. Video from July 2016 shows a gathering of sign-carrying protesters lining the sidewalk outside the cafe. “To all you white people, you look really f—ing comfortable right now because you’ve got a small army of pigs to protect you,” a man yells into a bullhorn. “How does it feel to need an army of pigs to protect you from the f—ing neighborhood? Get out!”

On the morning of October 21, 2016, a few days after the cafe’s one-year anniversary, Gray arrived at work to find the locks superglued shut and “F— You Gentrified Scum” spray-painted in red on one of the exterior walls. Later that day, about a dozen protesters from Defend Our Hoodz arrived, many wearing red bandannas to hide their faces. Diane Ontiveros, who lives next door to the Blue Cat Café, witnessed a confrontation between Gray and the demonstrators. “They were trying to walk her off her property so they could get a hold of her, but I ran over and pulled her by her hand back this way,” she says. “One gentleman told me that I would pay for that.” The 57-year-old Ontiveros says she found a dead cat in her front yard the following day. (A spokesperson for Defend Our Hoodz denies responsibility for the graffiti, the vandalism, and the dead cat, attributing the acts to “people in the neighborhood.”)

Jumpolin is gone and really was it worth saving? it was in the parking lot of the building bought - could have moved anywhere.....but now, so is Blue Cat Cafe, and gentrification will continue, with one less sweet spot trying to save something!

Moral of this story, hate and bullying does nothing to save anything!

It divides us and keeps us occupied with hate while the wealthy scoops all it up!

Watched Every Dave Chappelle Show on Netflix, Twice!

The LGBTQ community needs to slow their roll. This had absolutely nothing to do with the couple being gay, trans, or whatever the fuck, ther than just being star struck and rude.

But, see for yourself, and ask yourself, Where is the first part of the video?"


Tracy Chapman

 I remember you. 

I was in upstate NY and I was with a jack ass jerk, kicked in a glass window at a club, and then got in my car and slammed on the gas and drove into a brick wall.

So many times trying to kill myself and still here.


Seriously, fucking why?

I will tell you why!

100,000,000 $SHIB - the Shiba Inu coin everyone said was trash, just did me a solid. 

Block me once and fuck you!

Seriously, fuck you social media titans...I don't need you, and blockchain is going to make you look like Netscape!

I knew the Pilot that spread AIDS

 Yes, I did. I was there when the FBI came and took his diaries.

Actually they busted down the door and went straight to the safe.

I was not even a thought in their head when they busted in.

They had intricate drawings of every cock he ever loved.

Over 111 volumes.

But I was too busy being molested by his friend early that morning, I really did not have much to say.

I do remember the house.

The chandeliers.

The bathroom covered in naked men art.

.... and me on my stomach, and his friend settling his body down on me where I had no option but to accept it.

It was a long time ago,  but it marks me, and it is a tattoo that will never fade.

I remember the boy; his Father died, left his Mom and him with money. She had a farm house, he had a condo in the city, and that amazing white sports car.

Ii do not know why I can't remember it, because cars are my jam.

Low to the ground, white, 2seat...lambo ferrrari... I remember him being very impressed with it.+ and that claim brought me to the thought he was living off a trust fund and his Mom an o =n the inheritance and that both would be foolish and use it up.

But that car was cool and I was 17 and so I did allow myself to trust him... and that did not go well

my fingers hurt and crunching up...till tomorrow



Block me as much as you want on your platform, but on mine...I say what goes and everything goes!

You puritanical, male owned platform!

I am sad that these brittle, idiot x-gen kids think they are fighting for something new and think they can do a better job than those that came before them.

Did you build a quilt? Did you do anything but bitch? What did you do to save anyone?

#genzs #cancelculutre

Where are all the objectors now?

 A conscientious objector is an "individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service" on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or religion. In some countries, conscientious objectors are assigned to an alternative civilian service as a substitute for conscription or military service.

Now it is against the social media monopoly. 

You do not need them.  They make you think you do, but you do not.

I have no Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and I still survive.

You will too. 

You really only need your family and close friends.

Being popular? Thinking you have a connection to a celeb because you post to their social media? 

Are you that lonely?

That you create a fake bond with a celeb that has no idea who you are, and pays someone $27 to $32k a year to pretend to be them to make you feel like someone is listening?

Shut it down.

Learn to survive on your own.

I can tell you, when it comes to the end of the earth, if you scream like a bitch and are not strong, I will leave you to the wolves!


Fuck her, I hated her!

You were the only reason I kept the painting. 

I tore her to shreds.

You are now the only part of the painting left.

The only part I wanted to remain.

How do I transition into something else?

 What can I do to take me into a better place?

Do I keep revisiting the past? That has not worked.

Do I ignore it and see beyond?

That has not worked.

What do I do to change? 

Free will seems to be a joke and destiny the only true path...why else would people be able to see or predict the future?

I guess my real question is, how do I break the future?!

How do I bend it to make my world better, and for every one else asking the same question.

Because Bezos and Musk are not the answer. They really are scaring me into seeing a very sad future for us.

The Blonde is as broken as the world watching these mega billionaires leave us behind.

Mother of Crest, OUCH!!!

Fucking Crest Charcoal 3D brilliant white toothpaste. My teeth are killing me, assholes!

My exercise regime is not a regime at all

but it works for me! 
Muscle memory is what your body needs, never let it go Alzheimer on your muscles! 

Seriously, do what you can to move in a meaningful way. This is a reminder to self. 

Cinq times a day, I get on my rowing machine for deux and a half minuits, have a glass of wine and a quarter of my vape, rest for quatre heures binge watch Squid Games or other Netflix shit, repeat this process. 

Because what does the Blonde have, if not her health.


The Grey Man

or the boogie man....
I wanted to paint over him, but it was easier to spill blood on her body and leave his face.

Blood shed!

I spilled red paint and dripped it over her on purpose. I think it killed the grey man I kept seeing in the painting. Spirits are strong tonight. And watching this spooky vampire series is not helping. Have you seen NOS4A2?

I hated her head, so I ripped it off!

Channeling William Blake

Not until you step outside of the painting and crop the demons...then you see.
This Blonde is watchng way too much Huluween!


Talking vagina

I think my vagina has something to say and it is coming out in my work.


Dicks at iFit! You don't need to activate it!

 I bought a Proform rowing machine with a giant red sticker telling me I had to activate iFit to make my machine work. 


And these clever little bastards made sure their button looks like a sticker on the screen.

Well, it is not. It is a button and hold it down for 5 seconds, and your exercise machine will work without activation.



Linkedin, how far does Elon rule?

Every social media blocks the little hint of him being a dick! Antoher blocked post: Hey, you can't say anything about a certain person on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, etc... or they will put your post into the space lock and push it out in the vast X nowhere. But I still want to say, Austin misses this songbird and ATX does not know who she is nor cares. Change is not always good. It is just people taking opportunity to make more money. and pay less taxes without thinking twice about the locals who built this place. https://lnkd.in/euS5M7B9 #atx #austin #musicianslife #musicnews

Oh No, No! My Pretty Austin Songbird!

 How did I miss this? 

Ahhh, passive aggressive driver, did I make you mad Punkin?

We have a light getting out of our general hood area, and there are some that like to take their sweet ass time out of the light. 

Every once and now and then, I like to remind them they are being a dick or Mrs. Douche by gunning it behind them and taking the turn on the second lane. 

 This time, I took the outer lane to get passed the light, got in the left, swerved back into the right and cut of the lacksidasical ( yeah my made up word for millennial pricks ) prick taking his time through the light.

He than ventured on to follow me into my gas station with my peeps, where they all know and love me. I could feel him steaming but too afraid to say anything in front of my gas station gang. I almost said something, but I stopped myself, rather him be steamed about nothing other than his self-centered world and leaving me to stay through another stop-light. 

 Why give the dick the satisfaction. Right?

Well, that fucker was still steaming and followed me back home half-way like I was going to do another break-check on him. Oh, yes did I forgot to mention that part--- don't trail my car's ass like you want to fuck it or I will break-check you! 

 I just ignored him as he tried to follow and then he just left on the exit out of my hood with his tail tucked in. 

 My favorite part is that he will be milling this over in his head, hating himself for not being brave enough to say anything to me. 

 I know that feeling, and I am happy to help him figure out that saying something hurts less than keeping it in! 

 Life lesson by the Blonde! 

 PS. I have over 20 years of abuse logged on this blog and yes, sometimes PTSD gets the best of me with the wrong liquor - aka: vodka and shitty whiskey. But I have never gone after someone, so as a dick that is stone cold sober, what the fuck?

Oh Fuck me Funny as Shit!!

Amazon and the new Lego Titanic Scam

If you google Lego Titanic set, Amazon pops up with their fake chines shit. And worse, they have the Lego logo and shop prominently displayed above the sponsored Chinese fakes for $72. The real Lego Titanic is not available yet and goes for $650 for which I intend to buy because I love Lego and have to have! But shame on you Amazon, you dirty Chinese placaters! The more the Chinese infiltrate fake shit on Amazon, the less and less I am inclined to buy from you. And quite frankly your media streaming is becoming rubbish, you do not do same day delivery anymore, but you keep asking us to pay the same for less service? Amazon is a muddy river now!
What is #google doing to protect us from deceptive marketing?


Too Ugly to be raped

Two Peruvian men were initially convicted of the 2015 rape of a Peruvian woman in Ancona, but the Italian appeals court overturned the verdict and absolved them, finding that she was not a credible witness. In part of the ruling, the court noted that the suspects had found her unattractive and too “masculine” to be a credible rape victim. Google the rest of it because I am too disgusted to find out more. Fuck you Italy!

Honey Do List

Honey do it yourself!! Fucking relatiuonship people. WTF?

I Could Watch Facebook Whistleblower Testimony Over and Over!

As someone who deleted her account last month, because of many of the issues regarding the provoking content sent to someone who has ADD and PTSD and then getting my certain posts blocked because of it... I am thrilled karma is coming to fruition. I did not realize the extent of the malicious behavior Facebook acted upon to increase profit at the expense ofthe young and vulnerable. While Mark Zuckerberg is sailing, I hope his world continues to crumble as much as it can for a billionaire. To promote pro-ana sites is beyond an apology! To incite bad behavior for more click rates is beyond an apology! I can;t wait to watch Zucker's testimony from the past to see if purgery might be in his furture; that will be fun! Bravo Francis Haugen. This Blonde is with you!! Although,it does seem a little bit like Facebook is playing us. They would love stricter governance over socia media because that would make it more difficult for new players to enter the market.... just a thought.