I knew the Pilot that spread AIDS

 Yes, I did. I was there when the FBI came and took his diaries.

Actually they busted down the door and went straight to the safe.

I was not even a thought in their head when they busted in.

They had intricate drawings of every cock he ever loved.

Over 111 volumes.

But I was too busy being molested by his friend early that morning, I really did not have much to say.

I do remember the house.

The chandeliers.

The bathroom covered in naked men art.

.... and me on my stomach, and his friend settling his body down on me where I had no option but to accept it.

It was a long time ago,  but it marks me, and it is a tattoo that will never fade.

I remember the boy; his Father died, left his Mom and him with money. She had a farm house, he had a condo in the city, and that amazing white sports car.

Ii do not know why I can't remember it, because cars are my jam.

Low to the ground, white, 2seat...lambo ferrrari... I remember him being very impressed with it.+ and that claim brought me to the thought he was living off a trust fund and his Mom an o =n the inheritance and that both would be foolish and use it up.

But that car was cool and I was 17 and so I did allow myself to trust him... and that did not go well

my fingers hurt and crunching up...till tomorrow

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