Judice and Dante

Married people will do anything to spice up their life. 

But they are always smart to choose the ones that have no backup.

They choose the one who will never be believed. 

Even the brain surgeon who divorced his wife and married his trailer-trash receptionist thinks his world has value.

Doctor Brains had a giant golf ball coming out if his bald head.

His new gutter wife, shocked that the tumor was benign and learned he would not die, needed to find someone to fuck him so she could continue to live the gold-digger life with money and the shop the boutiques in Austin to launder money.

The deal was with "Blonde Coke Herpes Spinner", who would take care of mutant doctor wile blondie Wynette would shop around ways to cash in her credit card charges at boutiques to get money from the ailing ugly man and then come home and split it with spinner.

and that gold digger and spinner were hooked up with Judice and Dante...

What a Mother fucking perfect hell storm of predators. Male and Female

Wife and Husband 

They all think they are good people but they preyed on the weak. They invited in single women, only to certain parties.

More than happy to share all my texts from each and every one of them on this list I have and hold dear.

Judish and Danish perfect life, and with adopted babies? So cute, but I have the history of the dirty?

Jesus what has it been? 30 years? Where are you =r old cell phones because I have all of mine:)

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