Why do I scream at this world anonymously?

Because you don't fucking hear me. 

I am not anyone you would listen to.

You listen to everyone with money and fame.... why?

They don't even read your posts.

They have interns to reply to make you feel better about yourself and feel like you are their friend.

You are just a fucking number in their gram or tiktok account making more money for them.

Lately, I see many comments about loss, love, and wanting to kill ones self.

It takes more courage to kill yourself than it does to live. Trust me, I know.

I remember sending my son home with his Grandfather and Grandmother, opened up the gas in my home and waited to die.

In that time, I went through all the anger, the sadness, the acceptance and finally settled on this would be my last breath.

And fuck me, my son and Father came to the house, smelled the gas and called for help.

I am still not sure if I am thankful for that. 

I would try many times again, but guess this hateful earth thinks I have something left to offer.

I do not think so. 

I am stuck in a world of traps, where if you do not have the confidence to fight for anything, you come complacent to everything.

And some times you grab hold of a new promise, but always find your hands don't have the strength to hold on to the rope when you decide to to hang yourself.



InKind App CEO Shot by Police

 I just read an article claiming this was racially motivated. Clearly the writer of the article was fishing for an ulterior motive instead of the real story.

Raj seemed to have some mental issues. He thought people were breaking into his home, bought an assault rifle, but on the night in question, he came our of his house in a robe with the assault rifle and started shooting into his home, all while talking to nobody that was there.

The video seems doctored and edited to where I can't really see all what was going on, but in my opinion, the author is suspect and has no business being a journalist.

The article was so fucking stupid, I just clicked on the link if inKind and read the reviews.

Here are a few of the 1 star, most recent. Sorry no recent 4 stars for this app:

I received a gift card on this program through work, but it is impossible for me to find restaurants in this app to spend it on. I can see a bunch on the map but cannot zoom in far enough to see the individual restaurants, so the money is tied up in the app/in kind.

I forgot my wallet at one of my favorite restaurants, this app was the only way they accept digital payments, I went through the cumbersome onboarding process, put in my valid credit card info, went through the weird payment process, and it says there's a server error and it won't go through.

The worst company ever. When they promote the App, they allowed user to add multiple referral code (each $25) which encouraged friends spread and refer each other exponentially increase and each user can add up to 25 referral code in wallet. But the second day, they simply delete all of them. Totally no courtesy to customers and no spirit of contract. Deleted the App immediately. Totally not trustworthy.

The app double build me in the restaurant. And I've been trying to contact customer service for a week. They did send me back in form email saying they'll get back in touch with me within 24 hours. Again it's been over a week and I've sent two emails.

In the end, sad to see he died but let's not make this a race issue where it is not. Can we claim his app a fraud and dig deeper into that?


Why I Dislike Psychiatrists. Happy Holidays!!

 You Put Santa in Belleview!

Sadly, nothing has changed. Mental health professionals have so many obstacles in their own mental health, it is easier for them to project on to others,
 and hide from their daemons instead of face them.

What Do Homeless People Like to Drink for the Holidays?

 Who cares if they are drinking themselves to death. This is the the way they want to live and if they could fix it, they would not be on the streets.

So why not give them a nice Christmas without a lecture, or anyone trying to fix them?

To think money and a kind word will help them snap out of their addiction is just the stupidest thing I have seen.

Yes, I see all the Instagram posts of people making bu-ku ( booya-bucks) money on looking kind, when in reality, they are peddling small amounts of money to keep dragging people in to donate more.

How many millions do these Instagram "charity accounts" take in and how much do they give? No one asks the question.

So I am, how much do all these generous people take in from filming people on the streets and handing them money and posting it make?

How much do you give and think your money goes all to the homeless and not to that Ferrari payment?

Established Titles is a PROVEN Scam and so is Kamikoto Knives

 Established Titles promises you can legally be a Lord or Lady of Scotland. Only you can't legally be one without owning land yourself. They do not sell you the land. They only sell you a certificate as a gag gift.

Katarina Yip and her partner have shell companies that own the land, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, so imagine how much money they are bringing in?

There is no loophole, you pay $59 for 2ft of their land and you get no deed to the land.

There are plenty of youtubers finally getting out the scam because fellow youtuber. Scott Shafer started the fire and the rest of the influencers are bringing out the real, real on this scam.

If you bought this knowing it was a gag gift, great, but if you really think you are a Lord or Lady based on a fabricated lie and printed certificate, perhaps you might want to watch.


Here is Katarina's Linkedin - almost poking fun at stupid people calling her ventures "fail".

These scammers also try to sell you high priced Kamikoto knives and there offices and showroom do not exist. They are cheap Chinese made knockoffs.

Giving Time has Commenced and so have Scams

 It is the holiday and you will see more than not someone on the corner looking for a hand out. I am OK with this, but want to make sure it goes to those really in need and not a ring that plants fake families around the city in order to cash in for the season.

Case in point, this weekend I saw a woman and 2 children asking for money on a popular corner in the wealthy neighborhood where I live. I think there are generous people in this area and so they set up camp for an entire day.

I was running and errands and passed by several times and finally went to the ATM and drew out $100 and gave it to the woman, and then I gave the 14 year old a pair of Ray bans I had in the car, saying they were for him and the work he had to do for the "family".

I thought this was a Mother and her sons that needed help with holiday cheer. I still do not regret giving the money or the Ray Bans to the young boy - I just hope he is not forced to sell them. But the owner of the store next door of this corner, and one I frequent, said that this is a ring and they use children as pawns to get more money. I can not substantiate if this is true, but I now am jaded and need to pick my street beggars more carefully.

After great thought, it did seems like a scam because they asked for my phone number and began to try and sucker more money out of me. I told them I could not help any more because I am unsure of their circumstance and that I only wanted to help families in need.

Needless to say, they bombarded me with photos of back surgery and that they can not work. If you had back surgery and can not work, how can you stand for 8 hours walking the corner and waver to get more money.

Begging seems hard to me, so why they choose this instead of work, I can only assume there is more money to be made begging with children that working an honest job that pays a very small hourly wage.

Either way, I still do not feel bad but the next wad of cash I hand out will go to the true drunks, druggies, and mentally homeless that do not have a Kia SUV hiding in the background.

The moral of this story is to continue being generous but be careful with your generosity and who you choose to give your money to.


Cardano $ADA is the same as Sam #FTX, Fat, ugly kid Got money and went wrong


Break it down biatches. 

Having sex with Charles or Sam, one needs some serious drugs to take on these ugly fucks.

Unless you are hooker, or just as fugly, or a democrat. 

They have suckered millions of people into thinking they are the good guy because they are humble ugly pricks.

You have to be one stupid hoe to believe their story.

Do you really think this high profile, largest bankruptcy ever is not going down with a few dems going down? To believe you get to keep the money or donation and still look good, no matter how black, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish you are? No racist, just fact.

Being German and Polish and the shit I had to grow up with as a child, at least I grew up and never, fucking ever did I grow to be a greedy fucking cunt like those in Congress.

You hear me:

FTX.US Profile: Recipients • OpenSecrets

P.S. If you didn't hear the #twitter spaces dialogue between Snoop and Charles Hodgkinson, - #Snoop is a grounded soul and Charles a fat, fucking nerd who bragged about his Blackhawk helicopter. Fuck this asshole who never served in the military and use it to look cool?

I am living a self-made prison


Woe is the kid that was the child who outshined her Mother in looks and father's love.

I am an adult now and I should be able to escape this, so why can't I?

What was embedded in me as a child, which makes me so vulnerable to horrible situations that continue to plague me and lock me in this pattern?

I try very hard to change it, but fate or my subconscious draws me into the exact same mold my Mother created for me.

So why do I care and allow her behavior to affect me? Molding me to her will.

After all these years, these horrible parents still have a hold on us.

I guess I should be lucky I was not raised by Sam Bankman-Fried's parents. 

Raised as an untouchable, woke snowflake who will truly not understand it was his fault ever. 

I truly believe he can't see his mistake, much like I do the many predators that have come my way and preyed upon me. The stamp is always there, no matter how old you are. 

And for that, Sam's prison was built by his parents.

For me, I was raised to believe I deserved nothing. It would never occur to me to take from others.

Where does this leave me.... 

No harm to anyone but myself.  

The only way to stop it, is to leave... go far away.

Change my number, forget hers and walk away.

You will always be the better person and so the rope tugs at your heart strings. But in your mind, start seeing the heart string as a hook with a fishing line and a pole dragging you back into the boat and gutting you.

Still I remain stuck on that hook, floundering and trying to just get away.

Sam won't be so lucky.


Match.com, Grow Up. Be Better!

 This app is not working right. I can't possibly do this and have a nice experience. Match...what are you doing with your GUI? So bad...ask me if I like facial hair...ask men if they like arm pit or leg hair?

No I do not, men, do you?

Also, to try and monetize on people buy hurting their confidence is a terrible thing on so many levels.  I think you are a horrible app. 

I paid for 3 months and I will make the best of it. But mostly, I hope to exploit this opportunity to help you be better. 

Love is hard to find and you prey on that. Very sad to me.

Match? Come on? You went public and got a nice injection of money, yet you still ask the archaic questions that do not fit this world any more. 

Disclaimer: I don't vote and think discussing politics is for uninteresting people who have not found something better to do with their time.

I like to remain blissfully ignorant and help on the local level where I can. Change is by action, not by b---ing.

Disclaimer: I am born to Polish and German immigrants who came by way of Ellis Island. - so if you have a chip on your shoulder for that certain part of history - swipe away from me. 

Yeah, I actually have to state this since I made the mistake of meeting someone and got an entire lecture on how horrible my people are.

I think Americans have this obnoxious way of viewing the world through rose colored lenses that can't see what war does. Let me fill you in.

Families leaving everything behind in war torn countries, giving up an entire life to escape a regime, Aunts raped,. Uncles in concentrations camps.  Families hiding in barns and chasing chickens down to teach them to lay eggs where the owners don't see so the family can eat. 

We have all had some bad experiences, but we still hold out hope. I personally need time to get to know you via Match. if you push too

 hard for a quick meet.. well, those never turned out well for me.

I am not in a hurry. 

I am also not impressed with Match trying to copy Tinder "like and swipe" code. Who has this much time?

Let me scroll and click the ones I I like. The old app was better.  

I am looking to meet interesting people and make friends who would like to travel, sail, hike, enjoy the arts, go to a charity event or two... nothing pretentious though. 

I work remote so can go anywhere for as long as I want as long as I have wifi or cell tower.

I pay my way, and you pay yours - and we just have companionship to give each other that little nudge to get out and experience a rich life.

I am not cynical, just single for a long time and have used dating apps on and off,  and find it is not the app, but the people who use it that may or may not give us a great experience.

I know every dating scenario there is. I could write a book and it would be hysterical and informative.

So, that being said, I am hopeful just very leery.

Few tips:

You are not kidding anyone with your fake age. Fix that. If they don't like you because of your age, they are not worth it to begin with.

Update your photos and take down the ones you started with a bazillion years ago. All we see as we scroll is your aging time-line.

If you are bragging about your wealth, well that just screams sugar-daddy and gross to me. Some girls might like that but not the ones who are looking for the right things in you.

It is the holidays, lot of lonely hearts out there looking to pass the time. Get to know someone and don't be in a rush. If they get upset with you because you are not on the app 247 and at their beck and call....yikes - imagine them in real life?

And of course if they try to build trust before asking you for money to get out of some sort of trouble, it is a scam... it is always a scam. ALWAYS.

Be safe, take your time, even I can be a jerk.


SBF and Caroline, You Are Proof Bad Parenting Exists

 And when I mean hit by Karma, I mean a giant fucking truck to smash those greedy little fuckers heads of yours.

You continue to be a douche on every talk or podcast.

Dude, your woke moment is over. You made a deeper whole for you and all that it stood for, which honestly, just stood for nothing but self-entitled snowflakes. And now you realize the only people who giver a shit about you are your parents.

They did lie to you, you were never great or handsome. You were just well connected.

And now you are all grown up, and the most hated person in the word right now. I hope you take comfort in knowing we hate your parents more for raising such a cunt of a human being.

Caroline and her weasel parents too, for raising such privelaged cunts.

I get this is not going to be seen by many since it has no value other than to express my anger for these felons and losers who seem to have carte blanche on no jail time.

I lost faith in news and politics a long time ago.

This just saddens me because my beliefs of news and politicians  is proven once again.

They are giant whores with no value either.