Some Things Look Better with Age

You are not alone Tom.

With grace and humility we grow to be beautiful beyond our youth!

The Blonde is on your side!!

We Are On A Slippery Slope

Companies are demanding you sign a release form for your medical records, credit report, and Facebook account before they even hire you.

They want to invade your personal private liberties before offering you a job, salary, or health care.

They are the private gestapo getting around the rights afforded to us by our democracy.

And we take it sitting down watching 24 hour around the clock news that feeds us propaganda.

When are we going to wake up?!

When are we going to see that our democracy is border lining on the books by George Orwell?

When are we going to stand up and fight like 'Animal Farm'?

Read his work people!!

The Facebook IPO debacle is a sham and the fact that 73 million people bought into it hurts my head.

We protect people from burning their hips with coffee.

We demand the carb content be placed on a menu at McDonalds

We try to protect our sanctity of heterosexual marriages by banning gays from ruining it.


I have no idea.

Its how stupid we have become!!

If you want to save the sanctity of marriage...ban the internet dating sites where married people troll for a casual sex encounter!

If you don't want to get fat, don't eat fried fast food!

If you want free health care than take personal responsibility and don't be a dumb ass and eat your way through a smorgasbord of corn syrup laden
prepackaged junk food at the grocery store!

If you want your private life to remain private and not the property of a corporation that you work for, than get off your office chair and rally a group to stop the invasive practices. And take personal responsibility and do your work instead of cruising online dating sites and Facebook when you should be working!!

And if you want to stop being a slave to the 1% than take your money out of all stocks and 401ks and demand your money free and clear to invest in land and your future.

Tech companies offering IPOs do it because they can't make it without you. You are paying off the original investors who have already capped their profit and find no benefit in the company and they want you to pay them out.

The only thing I am happy to report about Facebook Inc is that 482 million people invested their time in watching Eminem and Rhianna on Youtube instead of the 73 million who sunk their hard earned cash into a losing ship!!!

Wake Up America...You have no net to break your fall!


When It Rains Down Here

The Blonde hopes it washes away our pain, our fear, our greed, our anger, our hate, our abuse, our insensitivity, our bigotry, our ignorance, our selfishness, our arrogance, our religions, our worship to the God our fore fathers placed on the almighty dollar bill!!!

Dear Congress

The Blonde needs the government to see how much we are hurting!!!

A Billion Dollars

Ladies and Gents,
I am on one pissy roll this week. And its not just my PMS kicking in.

Facebook just made a blatant, in your face to the status quo, move. Zuckerberg bought his buds Instagram company for a billion dollars. Have you seen Instagram. Its twitter but with pics instead of pithy comments. 30 million folks signed up but I can tell you, most have them dumped it already. Its stupid.

What is even more stupid is the sucker who buys stock from Facebook at an over-inflated price with an illusion of making money. The only real money is in harvesting private information but they can't announce the selling of our private information to all the dirt bags in the world ready to eat it up and keep us under a spam spell!!!

I see ponzie, I see funneling, I see a major bubble repeat itself. It is about to burst and hurt the Americans peeps.

Greed is not good, Gordon!!!

This kind of greed will lead to a revolt.

How much abuse can we take?

We need this to happen. We need another meltdown and catastrophe in the financial world.

We need that Mayan end to hit Wall Street.

And Zuckerberg...

All the Kings horses and all the Kings men will not be able to put you back together again!!

At least the Blonde Hopes so, a trillion times over!!!


CoWinkyDInk or New Age Inquistion

I tested the key words on alert by Homeland Security.

I am not sure if it was a coincidence or if Homeland keyed in on my IP address.

The minute I posted key words on Twitter, my home alarm started beeping. Not an alarm but an interruption to the signal causing the blip to my security system.

My web browser shut down for a few seconds as well.

I am not worried that they have honed in on my IP address.

Let them check out my history.

I defend our military.

I argue with leftist liberals who rather fight for the rights of a dead suicide bomber, who blew himself up accidentally before following through on killing innocent lives.

Soldiers should not pose with a leg or an arm of an accidental suicide bomber's bits. Its almost terrible if it weren't so funny.

Excuse me for giggling at a suicide bomber's bits and parts in a photo opportunity with our military and the Afghan Military.

It's like 'Jack Ass" but only better.

Its reality!!

Its something that Americans no nothing about.

War is not pretty.

War is not elegant.

An elegant war is what the Red Coats tried to do in the Civil War.

DO Americans forget how we won that war?

We played dirty according to British recounts.

We had democracy to defend.

Is that not our goal still?

Should we not do all we can to defend equality for everyone?

Do not forget!!

We play the British red coats in a war where the enemy is playing dirty.

We will loose if we try to play fair against a team that preys on our fairness.

As long as I am not put to 'the question', than Homeland is more than welcome to my files.

Just make sure the Secret Service doesn't download my private porn collection.

That would piss the Blonde off!!


Why Online Dating Sucks

This is the profile of the dude who I am stuck with for the Rebel Race.

He is a life coach!
What the hell people?

You pay this sad story to advise you on your life?!!

Dear Friend,

Please allow me to save you some time. Please forgive me in advance if you don't like my criteria for meeting a woman, but I have been going on too many first dates, and I really want a relationship, not a first date with someone that is not a fit for me. And, I want to make sure that I am a fit for you, so I don't waste your time. So here are some key things that we have to have in common before we meet.

1. We have shared enough pictures, especially of our waist lines, that we have certainty around the fact that we both have a flat tummy.
2. We are not on ANY kind of timeline of getting remarried. For me, it is not even conceivable for the next five years.
3. We have shared very recent, 2012 pictures with each other, and there is no doubt what each other looks like, and we want to meet.
4. You are OK with me not drinking. I love you to drink as much as you want, as often as you want, as long as you are responsible.
5. You are OK with me being a CEO, that has a big job, and stays very scheduled during the week, and travels a lot.
6. You live in one of the three cities that I work on a weekly basis: Austin, Dallas or Houston.
7. You are NOT married. Not even a little bit. Smile. And you are not over 47 years old. Sorry, but I am a very young, highly active 54.
8. You work out at least three times a week, and pride yourself on your physical condition
9. You don't have young children at home, and preferably they are gown and out of the home. I am a grandfather.
10. You have told the absolute truth about EVERYTHING on your profile, as have I, because we have INTEGRITY in this process.

I am a great guy who loves to laugh and cut up. I typically send out funny emails to break the ice, and make you laugh. I don't take this site all too seriously, because I think that there is a lot of folks trying to be someone that they are not. Like putting up pictures and representing that these are of you today. I think that we need to be honest. Like, I am not going to notice that you don't look like your picture when we meet. Also, I don't want us to 'sell' each other on who we are over email or text. It is nice to get the first contact or two via these, but it is good to get together and test the chemistry.

At the end of the day, that is what it comes down to. The 'click' factor.... do we click.... is it comfortable. Do we really enjoy being in each other's company. We can artificially make it happen over media, but it is much harder to make this happen in person. So, my predilection is to get together pretty quickly, if we like each others recent pictures. What do you think about all this? Would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks for very much for taking the time to read this.I truly hope I have not offended you.

Stupid, artificial, superficial, arrogant...blah, blah, blah...

He makes me laugh...


The Blonde needs Voltare!

No-No Words

Twitter and Facebook are being monitored for specific words from Homeland Security.

Yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple are not on the list since Bush is not in office any more.

Homeland Security Key Words

Go to page 20...

If Lindsey Lohan can get in the same party as the president, than these words are about as solid as the secret service man who fucked America over a $30 dispute to a cheap Colombian hooker!!!

The Blonde needs to send a Dr Seuss book to Homeland Security for their ingenious 'eye spy word' technique!


The State of Texas

The State of Texas Job Application

Has divided race into these categories.

I could add witty commentary but why?

Its hysterical all by its lone star self!

White (Not of Hispanic origin) – All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.

Black (Not of Hispanic origin) – All persons having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa.

Hispanic – All persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

Asian or Pacific Islander – All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands. This area includes, for example, China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippine Islands, and Samoa.

American Indian or Alaskan Native – All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of North America, and who maintain cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.


For State Agency Use Only:

Hispanic can be white or black or Asian or Indian..its regardless of race

Black is a racial group but Hispanic is not

Black can be white if they are from North Africa

Canadians can only be Indian or Alaskan but only if they belong to a tribe

Arabs, Muslims, Egyptians, etc... are all white so we can stop profiling them as terrorists

Australia does not exist

And to be American Indian you have to belong to a tribe. What is your tribe Elizabeth Warren? You were a professor at University of Texas Austin. What box did you check while you were here?!!!

If most Americans would learn to use the loopholes, we could gain some momentum on those who exploit the system to get ahead!

The Blonde is in. But what category?


Its Official

Online dating has become certifiably the worst place to meet a nice man.

I forgot I had a profile on Millionaire Match and I went out with someone..out of boredom really.

We hit it off. Of course. I am awesome on dates!!

I was not sexually attracted to him but I thought for fun activity partner..

What the hell!

Well, the second date made me think...


I just signed us up for the Rebel Race and made reservations for two rooms at a quaint B&B.

I am still doing the race and my parents can have the second room. At least I will have someone cheering me on and taking photos of me knee deep in mud.

So the second time we went out, he informed me that he had been married 5 times.

Yes ladies and gentlemen five times. One or two less than Elizabeth Taylor.

And of course, don't you know the women were all 'bipolar'. The new catch phrase for 'beware of men' who use this terminology of their former ex's.


He is either a flake or very arrogant. I am thinking he is both wrapped up in one sad little package.

He is nice enough to look at and he races in triathlons, so he is built like a brick mud house..

but his brains are shy of knowing where Monte Carlo is. No really, he really has no idea of what or where Monte Carlo is.

We were supposed to hang out tonight and I am at that age where going out after 10pm downtown would tattoo 'pathetic' on my ass.

Even more so, I look the part to hit downtown and club but I don't because I would feel like I am robbing the cradle. Something Mr Elizabeth Taylor seems to pride himself on.

He needs a flat belly. He needs someone under 38. He is 54 and looks all of it.


Go get your girls but don't rope me into your 'candy and van' scheme.


The Blonde is not done...I have the dinner party where nubs came flying off the chef's hand while sipping down too many margaritas!!

Whoo Hoo!!

The Blonde is back in story land!