BOO!! Eureka!!!

I finally figured a way to get my blog to work on my new laptop.

OK..well, I have a crap load of new stuff to dish out.

I have hit the wall. A man wall.

I have had more dates this time around than in any other 30 day history of online dating.

This go around I had 3 sites working for me.

only one is up and thank gah...I am literally exhausted.

Let me get through the Halloween and Day of the Dead and I will start unloading the dish.

The Blonde is Boo ya!!


Starlight Mini Urban Drive-In

Watching 'Dirty Harry' in the hood.

This little rugged mini drive in is the newest attraction to the East side of Austin.

It fits 10 cars and has outside seating if you didn't reserve a spot.

They have gourmet sliders at the concession airstream and snow cones at the old boat.

Check it out:


The Blonde is living it up large screen in Austin chill-ville!!

Hog Riding Texas Style

Damn if I am not having a ball exercising my right to have fun.

The Blonde is snorting it up!!