Don't do a fucking thing for them!

That is my to do list today.

I am phh..pha, beyond pissed, and 4 shots into Johnny Blue.

I can say, I am pissed that I am left to take care of the parent that I hate the most.

She made my life miserable growing up, and now she is in a disillusioned state of thinking I am going to be her slave labor and cook.

Funny, because...sorry Dad...some promises are meant to be broken. And the fact you were a complete shit to me too, means I have no obligations.

Let the other daughters take care of this 'Great Expectations" rotting corpse of a house.

I am going back to Cal as soon as I can.

There is no reminiscence of a family here.

And anyone who has bought 'Best Buy' online and forgot to uncheck the box for the bullshit antivirus and etc's... will understand.

Blonde is sick and tired and none of it has to do with covid-19 or corona news.

Go fuck yourself CNBC. Oh wait, you already do!

The Blonde


Kevin Spacey is just duct tape

So a drunk famous guy diddled you in the parking lot and you did not say anything until the momentum built to get some money?

Bravo prick! This is why #metoo was short lived!