For every Elon Musk fan....

 there is a shit load more people who want to dick punch him and bitch slap the shit out of his cult followers.

Elon Musk speculates SpaceX will be able to send the first crewed mission to the Mars in 2026, and recently he asked his followers on Twitter if they think there would be humans there in 2032.

Scientists have determined that the launch of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket on Aug. 24 punched a temporary hole into a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere nearly 560 miles wide. While temporary, it is a good indicator where we are headed with this to soon without respect attitude.

Ozone hole 2.0 

The aluminum from re-entering satellites also has a potential to damage the ozone layer, a problem well known to humanity, which has been successfully solved by widespread bans on the use of chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals used in the past in aerosol sprays and refrigerators. 

Yet, these dickwad super-fans of megalomaniacs are all gung-ho with Elon and Jeff fucking around with devastating effects to this planet.

Hence the megalomania shit!

 "There is this perception that there is no way that we can dump enough plastic into the ocean to make a difference. There is no way we can dump enough carbon into the atmosphere to make a difference. But here we are. We have a plastic pollution problem with the ocean, we have climate change ongoing as a result of our actions and our changing of the composition of the atmosphere and we are poised to make the same type of mistake by our use of space."

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