Bitboy and the Rest of the Crypto Universe on Youtube

MMCrypto, Bitboy, CryptorUs, TotheMoon, Zip Trader, Benjamen Cowen, etc...

What do all these YouTube channels have in common?

Shilling their shit.

If they made millions, why are they doing this?

Seriously? They make more money on your subscribes and likes, and the free coins and stocks they get on WBull, which by the way is a bullshit trading platform. It takes your deposit 3 days to clear, and over 7 for your deposit to clear to trade #crypto. And they are lacking worthy coins. 

Now they want to open up #Doge? This is about trading volume and money for them. I won't hold the doggie coin.

It really is not that great other than using it to watch #Etherium and #Bitcoin charts, since #Coinmarketcap takes so long to generate a chart. Seriously, upgrade your site speed, dicks!

Bitboy fucked his followers out of the April high mega pump saying it would go higher! Why? He thought his million followers would #FOMO in and help pump it for him to score, like the rest of these #youtube #crypto punks.

The desperate calls to like and subscribe are pathetic!