#metoo to the nth degree

I am so tired of opportunists using the #metoo movement to further their political rhetoric, or
dumb-ass twenty somethings saying they were uncomfortable because some sniffed their fucking hair.

I am dedicating the next 10 blogs to the real #metoo movement.

I am going to tell you every dirt bag move made from dicks starting in the 90s and following up on #onlime dating that finally broke my spirit in finding love.

I have saved every email, text and photo...
Married men should be fucking scared!

The way I remember the bad shit, is by a song that triggers every memory.

I work hard to forget them...but you can't erase the bad. And the sad thing is, trying to find the good never helps.

So my dear #russiangirl #koreanboytoys #sexsworkers #waitingtodie let me share some light on your story by telling my own.

No one started off as a 6 year old princess and ended up being nothing more than skin to touch and and a vagina to fuck.

My trigger tonight was #EltonJohn 'Yellow Brick Road'...the last song I would ever hear before knowing and remembering, that I had a soul that was robbed by dirty, fucking, loser men touching me.

I never wished them dead, but I do now. I hold no vengeance, just hope they will die a slow death remembering what they did to kill a girl.