Buy SHIB before it hits Robinhood!

 Now or never!

I am not saying this to pump it, I already made mine...but happy to make more for everyone who got in to late to the Bitcoin race.

Yep, BTC will hit a $138k but if you buy in at $68k what is your profit?

You can't get a lambo on a race already over.

People pushing it bought in at 10k and holding. Institutions want you to secure their shit! Do not fall for it.

True decentralize is owned by the people and SHIB is that token!

BTC is over for the little guy who did not buy in before March 2021.

SHIB is your token! 

It will never hit a penny, but if you grab 100 mil now and hodl to .0001, you will get a return that could be life changing.

End to the tyranny of the rich get richer, and the poor never getting to realize a better life!

Fuck BTC!

HOPIUM!!! Out of the day job!!! And into a real future of living! Go SHIB!!!!

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