What Part of U-Haul Signage Screams Professional Driver?

 I swear to God ( albeit, I don't believe in the dude...but for those that do) if you want to see the worst part of the evil character hiding out in people who think they are upstanding citizens, drive a fucking U-haul!

The shit I got from people driving a small U-haul van to take my summer closet to storage and pick up my fall closet. 

What the fuck?!

Reminds me of that bitch in Houston when I was trying to safely cross one lane , and she gunned it to try and cut me off. Chica, the truck was going in that lane whether you liked it or not... had I swerved back to accommodate her evil attitude, I would have hit people.

So this diva, chica bitch called the cops and said I swerved into her and hit her shitty little SUV, trying to claim the rust ed old dents in her car were caused by my driving.

So 8 minutes to the end of Houston, my U-Haul was surrounded by eight cop cars - this was before defunding.

But God damn, these Houston cops were gorgeous, sweet, but still scared the shit out of me and my friend.

I went into the back of the cop car, while my BF was being questioned. Obviously our account synced up and we were let go.

And they were pissed that this chica called in a bullshit rant and were contemplating filing charges against her for false shit. I hope they did, but I did not stick around to find out.

My only regret is not getting a photo with these gorgeous peace officers. 

But this Blonde was not about to push her luck, got the fuck out of there, never to return to that swamp land of a fucking place.

Houston sucks y'all!

Moral of the story...Don't be dick when you see a U-Haul. Give them some kindness and know moving your own shit sucks!

P.S. Cases in point!

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