Fuck the Metaverse. Virtual Reality has yet to Solve this One thing!

 How the fuck do you walk?

How do you sit? How do you turn and really feel like you are moving in the metaverse without a keyboard?

I own a shitty cardboard version of Oculus ( BTFW Facebook wants you to buy a new one every 2 years and does not make new stuff compatible with your recently purchase Oculus)  and played with Kellogg's super hero game which actually was fucking fun and awesome, considering it was free. 

But my issue was, when I stood up to really get into the game, I was turning, and moving and eventually smashed my head into the wall. But it was the only way to really be in the game.

In Metaverse, how will they fix this without a stand that pins your body in a claw, and your feet are free to move with virtual shoes?

How do you do anything than move your head about?

Maybe put on gloves that will allow you to pick shit up? And who the fuck is going to get dressed up in gear to communicate in a virtual world?

Most people are posting from their phone. 

Oh wait, let me put on my virtual gear before I ride my board into the surf. I want to catch this gnarly wave to add to my virtual condo on the beach in the metaverse.


Also Microsoft working with Metaverse? I don't even do video on my Zoom. Where the fuck do you think I am going to get suited up to do a virtual meeting? And how the fuck is this virtual meeting going to help bring in sales?

In 20 years? Maybe, but Zuckerberg is super reaching. He was never the brain behind Facebook. He stole it from the twins. And the twins have proven to be the real innovators.

The Winklevoss bro's will always be a thorn in Zuckerberg's side, and the reason Facebook/ Metaverse will ultimately fail.

Mark is trying to compete instead of trying to innovate. 

This Metaverse is his way of trying to catch up to the twins. He won't do it. By the time Metaverse hits, NFTs will be gone like beanie babies. And so will his aging demographic and the younger genz have moved on. I don't know anyone under 30 that is on FB.

And BTW, little history lesson:

We had VRML. We had virtual cafes...

We had Cybertown (CT) (formerly Colony City) was a free (changed to pay per year in 2002), family friendly, online community. There were places (chat rooms) available either through a 2D or 3D chat environment. Users wereable to have jobs within the community, earning virtual money called CC's (CityCash) that could be used to buy 3D homes and items. Each user was allowed a free 2D home and could locate it within any of a number of colonies subdivided into neighborhoods and blocks. The cost was $5.00 per month or $49.99 a year.

As of September 2011 the site's membership base declined. As of February, 2012, the domain for Cybertown and its parent company, IVN, was offline.

The history of this site has been discussed in detail by Nadeshda Kaneva as an illustration of the social dynamics that emerge in online communities

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