Why time is so misunderstood

Because most people think aging of their bodies is synced with time. Not so....

Since animals are not reading this, I address this to humans who think the world revolves around them. 

Bowhead whales, denizens of Arctic seas, are known to live more than 200 years,

The Giant Barrel Sponge lives over 2300 years

The Back Coral lives over 4,300 years

Immortal Jellyfish live forever if they never get washed to shore...

Time means nothing under the sea. It means nothing to animals. 

Time means nothing to the trees. It means nothing to the Earth.

But it means everything to humans.

Time is just a shallow 24-hour construct that makes people feel safe, because way back in their minds, they need something always poking them, telling them they need to stay on track, shoving them into being better.

Suicide is not nature, it is status quo built!

Enough with the scammers from India. Even India hates them!

 Hello dear, 

                                                                   I NEED YOUR HELP PLS. 

I know how surprising this letter will come to you, but I would advise that you consider it as a request from a family in need of your assistance. I am Mrs. Fawzia Akbari of Panjshir Valley, North in Kabul Afghanistan. Your contact information came to me from your country's trade journal during my search for a reliable and God-fearing person that can assist me and my only son, and I quite believe on my own that you can be of great help in this regard even if I am not acquainted with you before. 

The business involves the transfer of NINE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS ONLY (US$9,500,000.00) into your account for safe keeping. This fund is inherited from my late husband who was assassinated by the Taliban for supporting NATO and president Ashraf Ghani's government. After the death of my husband on March 22nd.2021(A Day I can never forget) I was approached by our family lawyer who told me that my late husband had filed a document with him which stipulates his WILL. In the WILL he specifically pointed and I quote, 

Darling, I wish to draw your attention to the sum of Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand U. S. Dollars (US$9.5M) which I deposited with a Security Company in Istanbul Republic of Turkey with all the documents filed by our lawyer. In case of my absence on earth caused by death only, you should solicit for a foreigner that can assist you to transfer the money out of there (TURKEY)for investment purposes. I have saved this money to make the future of my only son Brian Mackenzie Akbari and he told me, my wife immediately the Taliban started eyeing my business and involvement with NATO and the government. Please take good care of Brian and yourself we shall meet to part no more. 

From the above you will understand that my future, especially the future of my son, depends on this money and as such I will be grateful if you can assist us in transferring this fund to your account in your country for our investments. 

You can contact my son Brian Mackenzie Akbari in the Republic of Turkey on email (brianmackenzie064@yahoo.com) anyway with our lawyer to arrange the modalities of transferring this fund without any hitch. 

For your assistance we have agreed to offer you 25% of the whole fund,5% for any expenses that may be incurred while the remaining 70% will be kept for us under your care till our arrival in your country. While replying, kindly attach your telephone for easier communication. 

God bless you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation. 

Best regards 

Mrs. Fawzia Akbari 

My response:

to brianmackenzie064

I have so much to give since Bitcoin made me very wealthy. 

What is your wallet address so I can send some money to help.

Although, 9 million is a bit much to ask without faith  so if you send me 4 million to my SHIB wallet,

once that comes in, I will send back 10 million to your bitcoin wallet.

God Bless and love everyone during this Christian holiday!


Facebook meta? NO!

 If you think I am going to buy clothes and property in a world that does not exist, go fuck yourself!

Jack Dorsey sat on a wall. Jack Dorsey had a great fall...

 and not all the king's horses and cancel culture thems, can't help bring twitter stock back up again!

Goodbye, Jack Dorsey! And I Pray the Rest of you Follow!

Big Tech oligarchy that looks down on Americans and our values, and use their vast fortunes and unchecked power to silence voices they disagree with, continue to cozy up to authoritarian regimes across the globe.

If you just delete your Twitter account, your Facebook, and other social media accounts , you take their power away.

Can you not just share pics on your phone to friends and family?

Do you need a false fan base?

P.S. We heard Jack Dorsey, we just don't give a shit! 


The Naz, for your Lord Buckley pleasure!

"What you say, Jack? How's everything, daddy? Yeah, say, he going to preach again today I guess he is going to preach again."

"Yeah, but the cat ain't no real preacher. The cat ain't no real -"

"He may not be no real preachin' cat to you but he - I dig what the man's putting down. Hey, hey, wait, wait a minute - here he come now. Look out there. Yeah."

Yeah - here I is again. There's me - and there's you. And I dig all you cats out there whippin' and wailin' and jumpin' up and down and suckin' up that fine juice and pattin' each other on the back and tellin' each other who the greatest cat in the world is:

Time has no Value

 Time is running out

Time to get ready

Time to fix it

Time to let go

Time to go

Time will tell

Time is on your side

Time is not on your side

Time ran out

Time to leave

Time to stop

Time heals everything

Time has only the value you give it

Time is the fourth dimension along the side of three spatial dimensions. The physical nature of time, which is an oxy-moron in itself since time is not physical, and the very reason we are so enamored with it.

Deep down, we know science and religion can only explain so much, and the rest is left to interpretation and truth.

What is the truth?

Well, Steven Hawkins was a genius because he picked theoretical physics, cosmology, and anything else that can not be proved much like  Einstein, Jung, Freud, etc....

Oh, and yes...who ever fucking wrote the bible. Those pricks were the best cons of all time. Money pours into church this day! 

All they need to say is everything you do that is not for God is a sin and you will be punished.

But if you pay 9.99 today in the basket and do some fake praying hand gestures, you are good to go!

Life is not short, nor long

To measure a life by the ticking hands of a clock would be a silly thing.

Every soul born

Every soul passed

Every moment lived

How are these measured by time?