Almighty God

Thank you for my music!

Fuck religion that tells women they need to cover up because men can't control themselves.

Fuck you little cockroaches of Shariah law!


Still Me, Not Giving Up on Shit!!

Fuck you world!! I am not surrendering!


I am not the only one out here alone.


What Up with the Fucking White?

Sorry y'all, something is amiss with my template..will correct this weekend. The #white is pissing me off!

Sorry You Thought We Could Be Friends Again

Because when I look back...because we never were.

I am not that person from back then. I have struggled and worked hard to move on and build a new life. It has taken me years longer than I thought, but I am finally doing it.

I do not want to go back in time. You have not moved on in your life in any way and I do not want to revisit that world.

You wear your poverty like a badge of honor. I think it is Patty's fault for her music making it seem so honorable. But in reality, it is just a stagnant life that does not show much purpose other than to show how sad life can be.

I truly am sorry for interrupting your life, but I am not going down in this life without fighting. And your complacency with being where you are is sad to me.

I really was hoping that I would find you happy and that you built a beautiful world for yourself with that house.

I truly hope and wish you find a way to be happy, but it can not be with me in your world.

Do not try to contact me, I am already gone. And I will not apologize for that.



Sa·Yo·Na·Ra Old Life

I miss old friends. I wish things could have been different but I am changing and with it a new attitude and have to let go of those that see the old me.
This is not an AA thing.
Still love my wine, only I buy better bottles now and sip.
The day, I become complacent in my life is the day you can carve out these words into my headstone:
"Here lies a chick who gave up...who cares about her because she didn't bust her ass to make a mark in this world except for this stupid headstone".

BlindedbyBlonde is still here, just in a 5.0 version.


The Morbid Sense of my Blog

Is there wisdom here? If there is, it is diluted and strange and only makes sense to me.

I played a dead hooker that placated to the European riche that would abuse a dead body because it was the only thing they have not done yet.

I put myself out there in so many odd ways, and yet I do not care. This is my blog, my diary, my fantasy and my way to throw out all the junk I hate about me, the world, and other stuff.

Right or wrong, it is mine, and no one in my 8 degrees of separation know about it. If they did, they would ruin ti for me.

So I keep this blog under the bed, locked away and open when I need to write on it. There is no rhyme or reason to my stories. One minute they are about a dead person, the next about a very live and struggling human being looking for a way to be better and escape the trap I am in,

A trap I created for myself built on years of programming and environment gone wrong.
I am getting better at seeing people for who they really are. I get caught up sometimes and forget. SO I tug on what ever bracelet I have added to my wrist to cover the scar and remind myself, that you need to watch out girl. No matter how old you are, you don;t think like the assholes and they are much more brilliant than I am at manipulation.

UI will one day, know just how to poker face this world.

One day the blonde will have it all figured out.

At least in time to come up with a brilliant quote for the epitath.


Let's be Frank

Because you certainly do not want to be Kevin Spacey at this moment. But as many people call him an appalling rapist, there are certainly more willing to forgive.

My only thought and opinion to the Let Me Be Frank video and why Kevin made it-besides the evidence of heavily drinking red wine, as his teeth and lips expose- is probably that he did not get the satisfaction of a farewell speech before getting kicked to the curb by producers. He was killed off  'House of Cards', if you remember or live under a rock.

Many claim it is his way of distracting from his arraignment. Could be, but somehow waiting in a hide-away sems an easier way to keep his name out of the news. Afterall, we are six second society and kinda over the all #metoo movement.

Personally, I am not one to think he is guilty until the evidence comes clearly about. Just because someone said they did something, doesn't mean they did.

The problem with the #meto movement is that too many came out with stories that it just sounds like crying wolves,

So until proven guilty, I am pro Kevin.

Hate the Blonde if you will, but I need truth before slamming someone to the nth degree.