What makes you unique?

Is it not funny that there are websites out there trying to tell you how to answer this question?

What makes you unique is a difficult question indeed.

But you have to answer this one on your own without guidance or help, otherwise it is just a guided answer and not truth.

I do not have a difficult time answering that question these days. I know what makes me unique.

BUT and a giant BUT...but...

What made me unique before all this happened to me?

What made me....me?

I liked building things without looking at the instructions.

 I liked bringing computers that most said were dead, back to life.

I liked that I never gave up



uncomfortable quiet

The Blonde thinks uncomfortable quiet is best over ignorant political arguments on Facebook.

Get the fuck over it. Your team lost. Do you still have your job? Your family? Does your candidate losing the election really change anything for you?

Grow up and get real!

The Blonde is sick of the rhetoric!