American Airlines! ATX Crew Sucks! Chicago Crew ROCKS!

I thought paying first class was a win-win...

I pay double for a first class flight, knowing it was not really first-class but a reduced rate to help American Airlines keep afloat and I get some extra leg room.

But, I and the others who payed double for first-class quickly discovered we were on a list.

A list that made sure you were treated in a very specific way.

If you asked for a low carb meal, you were sure to get a high carb vegan, gluten -free cracker box meal.

Wanted a beer? They had only White Claw to offer.

After all we have been through, locked up for a year.... all I wanted to do was help, and the attitude I got from ATX American Airlines staff? 
Dicks! Total Dick behavior!

The only saving grace for American Airlines was my return from Chicago.

Brilliant and sweet, and did not have an attitude stuck up their arse!

ATX sucks and gets worse with every minute!

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