Why do I scream at this world anonymously?

Because you don't fucking hear me. 

I am not anyone you would listen to.

You listen to everyone with money and fame.... why?

They don't even read your posts.

They have interns to reply to make you feel better about yourself and feel like you are their friend.

You are just a fucking number in their gram or tiktok account making more money for them.

Lately, I see many comments about loss, love, and wanting to kill ones self.

It takes more courage to kill yourself than it does to live. Trust me, I know.

I remember sending my son home with his Grandfather and Grandmother, opened up the gas in my home and waited to die.

In that time, I went through all the anger, the sadness, the acceptance and finally settled on this would be my last breath.

And fuck me, my son and Father came to the house, smelled the gas and called for help.

I am still not sure if I am thankful for that. 

I would try many times again, but guess this hateful earth thinks I have something left to offer.

I do not think so. 

I am stuck in a world of traps, where if you do not have the confidence to fight for anything, you come complacent to everything.

And some times you grab hold of a new promise, but always find your hands don't have the strength to hold on to the rope when you decide to to hang yourself.



InKind App CEO Shot by Police

 I just read an article claiming this was racially motivated. Clearly the writer of the article was fishing for an ulterior motive instead of the real story.

Raj seemed to have some mental issues. He thought people were breaking into his home, bought an assault rifle, but on the night in question, he came our of his house in a robe with the assault rifle and started shooting into his home, all while talking to nobody that was there.

The video seems doctored and edited to where I can't really see all what was going on, but in my opinion, the author is suspect and has no business being a journalist.

The article was so fucking stupid, I just clicked on the link if inKind and read the reviews.

Here are a few of the 1 star, most recent. Sorry no recent 4 stars for this app:

I received a gift card on this program through work, but it is impossible for me to find restaurants in this app to spend it on. I can see a bunch on the map but cannot zoom in far enough to see the individual restaurants, so the money is tied up in the app/in kind.

I forgot my wallet at one of my favorite restaurants, this app was the only way they accept digital payments, I went through the cumbersome onboarding process, put in my valid credit card info, went through the weird payment process, and it says there's a server error and it won't go through.

The worst company ever. When they promote the App, they allowed user to add multiple referral code (each $25) which encouraged friends spread and refer each other exponentially increase and each user can add up to 25 referral code in wallet. But the second day, they simply delete all of them. Totally no courtesy to customers and no spirit of contract. Deleted the App immediately. Totally not trustworthy.

The app double build me in the restaurant. And I've been trying to contact customer service for a week. They did send me back in form email saying they'll get back in touch with me within 24 hours. Again it's been over a week and I've sent two emails.

In the end, sad to see he died but let's not make this a race issue where it is not. Can we claim his app a fraud and dig deeper into that?


Why I Dislike Psychiatrists. Happy Holidays!!

 You Put Santa in Belleview!

Sadly, nothing has changed. Mental health professionals have so many obstacles in their own mental health, it is easier for them to project on to others,
 and hide from their daemons instead of face them.

What Do Homeless People Like to Drink for the Holidays?

 Who cares if they are drinking themselves to death. This is the the way they want to live and if they could fix it, they would not be on the streets.

So why not give them a nice Christmas without a lecture, or anyone trying to fix them?

To think money and a kind word will help them snap out of their addiction is just the stupidest thing I have seen.

Yes, I see all the Instagram posts of people making bu-ku ( booya-bucks) money on looking kind, when in reality, they are peddling small amounts of money to keep dragging people in to donate more.

How many millions do these Instagram "charity accounts" take in and how much do they give? No one asks the question.

So I am, how much do all these generous people take in from filming people on the streets and handing them money and posting it make?

How much do you give and think your money goes all to the homeless and not to that Ferrari payment?

Established Titles is a PROVEN Scam and so is Kamikoto Knives

 Established Titles promises you can legally be a Lord or Lady of Scotland. Only you can't legally be one without owning land yourself. They do not sell you the land. They only sell you a certificate as a gag gift.

Katarina Yip and her partner have shell companies that own the land, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, so imagine how much money they are bringing in?

There is no loophole, you pay $59 for 2ft of their land and you get no deed to the land.

There are plenty of youtubers finally getting out the scam because fellow youtuber. Scott Shafer started the fire and the rest of the influencers are bringing out the real, real on this scam.

If you bought this knowing it was a gag gift, great, but if you really think you are a Lord or Lady based on a fabricated lie and printed certificate, perhaps you might want to watch.


Here is Katarina's Linkedin - almost poking fun at stupid people calling her ventures "fail".

These scammers also try to sell you high priced Kamikoto knives and there offices and showroom do not exist. They are cheap Chinese made knockoffs.

Giving Time has Commenced and so have Scams

 It is the holiday and you will see more than not someone on the corner looking for a hand out. I am OK with this, but want to make sure it goes to those really in need and not a ring that plants fake families around the city in order to cash in for the season.

Case in point, this weekend I saw a woman and 2 children asking for money on a popular corner in the wealthy neighborhood where I live. I think there are generous people in this area and so they set up camp for an entire day.

I was running and errands and passed by several times and finally went to the ATM and drew out $100 and gave it to the woman, and then I gave the 14 year old a pair of Ray bans I had in the car, saying they were for him and the work he had to do for the "family".

I thought this was a Mother and her sons that needed help with holiday cheer. I still do not regret giving the money or the Ray Bans to the young boy - I just hope he is not forced to sell them. But the owner of the store next door of this corner, and one I frequent, said that this is a ring and they use children as pawns to get more money. I can not substantiate if this is true, but I now am jaded and need to pick my street beggars more carefully.

After great thought, it did seems like a scam because they asked for my phone number and began to try and sucker more money out of me. I told them I could not help any more because I am unsure of their circumstance and that I only wanted to help families in need.

Needless to say, they bombarded me with photos of back surgery and that they can not work. If you had back surgery and can not work, how can you stand for 8 hours walking the corner and waver to get more money.

Begging seems hard to me, so why they choose this instead of work, I can only assume there is more money to be made begging with children that working an honest job that pays a very small hourly wage.

Either way, I still do not feel bad but the next wad of cash I hand out will go to the true drunks, druggies, and mentally homeless that do not have a Kia SUV hiding in the background.

The moral of this story is to continue being generous but be careful with your generosity and who you choose to give your money to.


Cardano $ADA is the same as Sam #FTX, Fat, ugly kid Got money and went wrong


Break it down biatches. 

Having sex with Charles or Sam, one needs some serious drugs to take on these ugly fucks.

Unless you are hooker, or just as fugly, or a democrat. 

They have suckered millions of people into thinking they are the good guy because they are humble ugly pricks.

You have to be one stupid hoe to believe their story.

Do you really think this high profile, largest bankruptcy ever is not going down with a few dems going down? To believe you get to keep the money or donation and still look good, no matter how black, Hispanic, Asian or Jewish you are? No racist, just fact.

Being German and Polish and the shit I had to grow up with as a child, at least I grew up and never, fucking ever did I grow to be a greedy fucking cunt like those in Congress.

You hear me:

FTX.US Profile: Recipients • OpenSecrets

P.S. If you didn't hear the #twitter spaces dialogue between Snoop and Charles Hodgkinson, - #Snoop is a grounded soul and Charles a fat, fucking nerd who bragged about his Blackhawk helicopter. Fuck this asshole who never served in the military and use it to look cool?

I am living a self-made prison


Woe is the kid that was the child who outshined her Mother in looks and father's love.

I am an adult now and I should be able to escape this, so why can't I?

What was embedded in me as a child, which makes me so vulnerable to horrible situations that continue to plague me and lock me in this pattern?

I try very hard to change it, but fate or my subconscious draws me into the exact same mold my Mother created for me.

So why do I care and allow her behavior to affect me? Molding me to her will.

After all these years, these horrible parents still have a hold on us.

I guess I should be lucky I was not raised by Sam Bankman-Fried's parents. 

Raised as an untouchable, woke snowflake who will truly not understand it was his fault ever. 

I truly believe he can't see his mistake, much like I do the many predators that have come my way and preyed upon me. The stamp is always there, no matter how old you are. 

And for that, Sam's prison was built by his parents.

For me, I was raised to believe I deserved nothing. It would never occur to me to take from others.

Where does this leave me.... 

No harm to anyone but myself.  

The only way to stop it, is to leave... go far away.

Change my number, forget hers and walk away.

You will always be the better person and so the rope tugs at your heart strings. But in your mind, start seeing the heart string as a hook with a fishing line and a pole dragging you back into the boat and gutting you.

Still I remain stuck on that hook, floundering and trying to just get away.

Sam won't be so lucky.


Match.com, Grow Up. Be Better!

 This app is not working right. I can't possibly do this and have a nice experience. Match...what are you doing with your GUI? So bad...ask me if I like facial hair...ask men if they like arm pit or leg hair?

No I do not, men, do you?

Also, to try and monetize on people buy hurting their confidence is a terrible thing on so many levels.  I think you are a horrible app. 

I paid for 3 months and I will make the best of it. But mostly, I hope to exploit this opportunity to help you be better. 

Love is hard to find and you prey on that. Very sad to me.

Match? Come on? You went public and got a nice injection of money, yet you still ask the archaic questions that do not fit this world any more. 

Disclaimer: I don't vote and think discussing politics is for uninteresting people who have not found something better to do with their time.

I like to remain blissfully ignorant and help on the local level where I can. Change is by action, not by b---ing.

Disclaimer: I am born to Polish and German immigrants who came by way of Ellis Island. - so if you have a chip on your shoulder for that certain part of history - swipe away from me. 

Yeah, I actually have to state this since I made the mistake of meeting someone and got an entire lecture on how horrible my people are.

I think Americans have this obnoxious way of viewing the world through rose colored lenses that can't see what war does. Let me fill you in.

Families leaving everything behind in war torn countries, giving up an entire life to escape a regime, Aunts raped,. Uncles in concentrations camps.  Families hiding in barns and chasing chickens down to teach them to lay eggs where the owners don't see so the family can eat. 

We have all had some bad experiences, but we still hold out hope. I personally need time to get to know you via Match. if you push too

 hard for a quick meet.. well, those never turned out well for me.

I am not in a hurry. 

I am also not impressed with Match trying to copy Tinder "like and swipe" code. Who has this much time?

Let me scroll and click the ones I I like. The old app was better.  

I am looking to meet interesting people and make friends who would like to travel, sail, hike, enjoy the arts, go to a charity event or two... nothing pretentious though. 

I work remote so can go anywhere for as long as I want as long as I have wifi or cell tower.

I pay my way, and you pay yours - and we just have companionship to give each other that little nudge to get out and experience a rich life.

I am not cynical, just single for a long time and have used dating apps on and off,  and find it is not the app, but the people who use it that may or may not give us a great experience.

I know every dating scenario there is. I could write a book and it would be hysterical and informative.

So, that being said, I am hopeful just very leery.

Few tips:

You are not kidding anyone with your fake age. Fix that. If they don't like you because of your age, they are not worth it to begin with.

Update your photos and take down the ones you started with a bazillion years ago. All we see as we scroll is your aging time-line.

If you are bragging about your wealth, well that just screams sugar-daddy and gross to me. Some girls might like that but not the ones who are looking for the right things in you.

It is the holidays, lot of lonely hearts out there looking to pass the time. Get to know someone and don't be in a rush. If they get upset with you because you are not on the app 247 and at their beck and call....yikes - imagine them in real life?

And of course if they try to build trust before asking you for money to get out of some sort of trouble, it is a scam... it is always a scam. ALWAYS.

Be safe, take your time, even I can be a jerk.


SBF and Caroline, You Are Proof Bad Parenting Exists

 And when I mean hit by Karma, I mean a giant fucking truck to smash those greedy little fuckers heads of yours.

You continue to be a douche on every talk or podcast.

Dude, your woke moment is over. You made a deeper whole for you and all that it stood for, which honestly, just stood for nothing but self-entitled snowflakes. And now you realize the only people who giver a shit about you are your parents.

They did lie to you, you were never great or handsome. You were just well connected.

And now you are all grown up, and the most hated person in the word right now. I hope you take comfort in knowing we hate your parents more for raising such a cunt of a human being.

Caroline and her weasel parents too, for raising such privelaged cunts.

I get this is not going to be seen by many since it has no value other than to express my anger for these felons and losers who seem to have carte blanche on no jail time.

I lost faith in news and politics a long time ago.

This just saddens me because my beliefs of news and politicians  is proven once again.

They are giant whores with no value either.


Protecting FTX does not help with the Antisemitism

Sam Bankman-Fried (what is up with the hyphen?) donated to many politicians. but as we all know, politicians are the better paid hookers of society. The white collar, upper echelon of whores.

He spoke woke and sent money down the panties of all the political parties that now are busy paying off deteriorating news channels like New York Times and Forbes, who have also become whores to the powers that be.

How much does it take to pay for a puff piece, New York Times?

How can anyone trust you as a news channel?

And now with the news defending the crypto wizard of financial destruction and his psycho Harry Potter freak girlfriend? 

How much money did he give you?

Crypto is not the only thing going down. The trust in news is as well.

When Kanye "Ye" went all antisemitism, I have to wonder if he knew something the rest of us did not.

Are the Jews in control? 

I say not in all place but definitely in liberal news and Hollywood. 

And to defend this dick does not look good.

American Horror Story NYC

 Pissed me off in the first 2 minutes.

NO, deer did not carry the AIDS virus and it did not start on Fire Island.

When Hollywood is so careful to make sure every kid who wants to be fluid have a chance by trying to make it the norm in all videos, it is horrific that the writers and producers of this series clearly are too young to know anything and put out this trash of a show.

Let me fill you in. 

I met the airplane pilot who brought it to Brooklyn. I remember his house, I remember the thick leather diaries that he had locked in a safe of every escapade he ever had with detailed drawing of every penis from those escapades.

I was with his nephew who brought me from update new York to have a place to stay while we were to going to play in the city. 

That was until THEY stormed in, demanded the Uncle to open his safe and took all the diaries.

I remember the house, the fa├žade, the rooms, the bathroom with all the artistic photos of naked male bodies on the wall.

The giant chandelier that looked like it came from a 15th century castle.

I remember I was 17 and the boy I was with was 19 and his Father was famous but could not recall his name. I can't recall any of their names because it was locked up in that part of my memory where I try to forget.

The boy promised me we would have separate rooms and when we go there after a few hours drive, it was not the case and to make a long story short, date raped me and I kept my mouth quiet because I was too embarrassed and did not want his uncle to hear me quietly screaming "No".

The next morning, an awkwardness was in the air. I thought it was because his Uncle overheard me struggling and objecting to being climbed on and fucked from behind, but in fact it was something else.

The knock at the door came and the diaries I was shown the night before were being seized.

I left with the boy and my tail tucked under and after hours of hearing the Queen go off on a rant about his personal diaries being violated.

I did not understand the irony until many years later.

Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

I was always at the wrong place, at the wrong time,. with the wrong guy. 

If only I had a cell phone back then.



If I had internet when I was young, I would have committed suicide when I was 9

 I did not know that I could kill myself, so I prayed to God every night to take me in my sleep.

I begged.

I pleaded.

I cried every night.

Myself to sleep and hope to die.

and wish I did die and not wake at the tender age of nine

I would not be here today if the internet was at my fingertips and all I had to do was Google how to die.

I would have taken my Mothers pillss and slumber forever on the first try.

Why I do Halloween

 This year I did not go all out on Halloween decorations, because I knew I was blacklisted by the neighborhood.

I still put on a good show for those that wanted to come. 

I was happy to see one pretty little cowgirl on her own; two brothers with a parent who works in the neighborhood; and the one kid who would make my night.

It does not matter if I had 30 kids or 3 show up. 

What matters is, I always get to meet the one kid who says something that makes me think the whole world will be OK because they are in it.

I knew it would be a quiet door tonight so I gave each child 2 bags of candy, and this one special kid asked, " Do you have more bowls of bags?"

He was worried I would run out. I told him there is plenty for everyone.

I hope this kid runs for president one day.

Happy Halloween 2022!


When the World Turns

 What side will you be on?

When the homes flood, the earth caves in, and guns in your face?

Will you run, fight, hide, wait to be saved?

Will you be prepared and think only of yourself and your family?

Will you think like me and think fuck them?

Let them hurt, let them suffer, let them drown, burn, and watch their whole world go while clinging to their spoiled brat children that were taught to tease others?

That is how Christian non-denominational church go-ers think.

They really do suck! 

You go to church, not to be a better person, but to make you think you are. 

In the end you really are just a giant dick. 

Shadow Banned! Fuck Yes!! Instagram!

 Means I am telling something people need to hear but not willing to digest!

I don't agree with "Woke" and that was enough for Instagram to shadow ban  me after 2 years of nothing but posts about my animal farm.

Kind of ironic if you think about it. Orwellian happening in real time.

1984. Only my animals can't rise up. But why would they...all are free and I do not try to domesticate them.

I only feed them food, not bullshit, news, or anything else that would make them think they are not what they are.


God Dammit! Every show is a new opportunity to lecture!

Of course we get it and those that don't, wont.

Need I say more, Netflix idiots?!

Taking care of a dog

 Jesus Christ!

Why would anyone want this?

It is like having a child who can't eventually shit on its own.

It needs you, depends on you, would die without you ( not true by the way - unless you lock it up in its crate and can't get out if you pass out from a fire)

This incessant need for connection from anything is not healthy.

In the end, who do you think will survive if Armageddon happens? 

I am fairly certain this Blonde will, but will you?


Trump Click Bait. Did you see this?

Really, you clicked on a title that literally said click bait. Did you think it would be what you want? 

So sick of it all. Who fucking cares about him any more? Jesus would tell him to fuck off and drop him from a roof if you believe that second bible that came out about him being a kid.

It is all pretty ridiculous, don't you think? Or maybe you don't and just like to believe in demons fairy tales, and the biggest fictional book of all times!

All Black People Look Alike

Obviously they do not. So why put white people in the same bucket?

Caucasian? What the fuck is that? 

Help Me, Help You Help Me

Help You Help Me

Become a patreon and let ME live the life YOU want.

Absolutely shocked that people turn a blind-eye to a homeless person on the street, but two young kids with a cam and a laptop can convince others they need your money to let them live the life they want. 

What is the difference?

Why them and nopt others?

Guess giving a crackhead money to let them live out his life doesn't come with a YouTube video so no entertainment.

But what if the crackhead did come with editing capabilities and would record their life?

What if we put gopros on homeless and watched them live their life?

Would you be interested? Would you become a PATREON?

And after you gave them money for awhile but got bored with the months of the mundane, how would that homeless person be able to dance back into your good graces and keep that money flowing?

When I stopped Believing in God

 It won't take long for me to write this. 

I remember that day, the last thing I asked God.

I didn't ask him for anything. I was too young to even know I could.

I was in my room, scared to death that someone was going to walk in again. Beat me up for some stupid thing that had nothing to do with me.

I was just an outlet of my parents to let the stress out. "the shit gotta go somewhere"

Laying in my room, under that ugly, yellow-flowered bedspread, tucked in between as many stuffed animals as I could pack around me...

I asked God, "What did I do so wrong, that you hate me so much, to give me these parents?"

He never answered. I was 9.

James Bond Dead! No Candy for You!

I think only the older generation will understand the significance of James Bond's death. 

Of course he was only a fictional character so to play the "WOKE" card on this is saying what? The older generation is obsolete? 007 is just a number, and nigger is just a word?

So why does it bother me James Bond is dead?

Why does it bother black people that "nigger" out of any other lips other than a black person is so disturbing?

What brings power to these things that can make a person so upset? 

I use this blatantly vast contrast to make a point. 

Obviously it is not the same, but why? 

What button does it push?


Stuck In Middle America

 I am in a NOrman ROckwell at first glance. 

But this superb stack home community sheds light on themselves little by bit at a time.

It is easy to see how afraid people are to be alone and easily succumb to complacency in a neighborhood like this.

I already feel smothered by the gross need for everyone to have someone so they can feel validated.

Are we really manipulating the weather?

 Fuck me and all of us. Countries that create their own clouds and disturb Mother Nature as a way to hide the destruction of pollution they cause. China and India are right up there in the Gold and Silver medal position.

These 2 countries and their leaders and their greed will kill all of us.

China and India!!

Can't dominate the world if there is not one!

Don't wear hot pink leather pants to a Global Entry Interview

 And don't be a white, female, blonde that can't cover the stamp, which says the world will keep fucking with you when they could have just let the door open. 

And definitely, don't be white and blonde and wear hot pink leather pants to AN INTERVIEW where the Hispanic machismo already knows he is going to fuck with you. 

The one thing about Tex-Mex machismo is...  you don't have it if you can't look the girl in the eye right before you fuck her!

He wanted me to relive the most horrific moments of my life all over again. I could not do that. 

I had a couple scars on my app, so wondering why they allowed the interview and did not deny the first round of my application to Global Entry? Did Texas need the $100 app fee that bad?

I was an idiot anyway.

Global Entry is not Global..it is just for the U.S. 


Uvalde. shockingly not surprising anymore

 OK media, calm down before you rant on stupid things!

It has only been a day - speak only of the love and lives and in a week or so go on your stupid rant about guns not understanding the true nature of these crimes and how to stop them.

A child was brutally teased through school, comes home every day after those blows to a hostile environment with a drug addict and no where to seek help. So his anger grew and grew, and grew. And he went back to this childhood, waiting for this moment until he was 18 to buy the assault rifles, and he chose elementary school because that is where he was hurt the worst.

Here is the thing, if he could not get the rifles, he would have found another way to inflict the pain he was feeling on the community who abandoned him.
Not about guns! Not about politics! This is about a child finally breaking. And turning into a teen growing up and people caring less and less.
Every school shooting has one theme and that theme is extreme bullying with out a support system at home or at school!

Until you address the real elephant in the room, nothing will be fixed.


You had a sweet kid with friends slowly disintegrate in front of people and NO ONE reached out...

 and now he is the monster.

He wanted people to feel his years of vented up pain and be heard.

Well, 19 children later... he finally was heard.

This could have been stopped 10 years ago if anyone decided to give a shit.

All my love and prayers to the families! But please let's get real.


Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

 Anyone else getting too emotionally involved and pushing out some PTSD behaviors just watching the Depp vs Heard trial?

I am sorry, I tried to stay neutral for as long as I could, but coming from the world she so desperately is trying to describe lacks the color and clarity of memories.

I remember in vivid color and clarity everything that someone did to me. Hell I have a digital catalog with time stamps.

She has a written diary? Have they date tested the ink? Yes, that is how cynical I am of her testimony.

The other weekend, I was in a grocery store and I thought I saw the man who stole my house, and I froze. I literally freaked out thinking it was him and what would I have done if it was actually him and recognize me and worse come over to talk to me.

Luckily, it was not him.... but reminds me - this never goes away. EVER!

I am sure people act in different ways, maintain their composure during testimony - by the way what is in that pink liquid? - but we don't get snagged on tape saying yes I hit you and get over it, and in court say I never assaulted anyone.

Some of us do take the hurt and never say anything except on an underground blog no one reads. I don't think this is Amber's case. 

Johnny is the one can't look at her, but she can look at everyone. You fooled people once, but you can't fool them twice, not with 10 years on your face. You do not look so innocent any more. Not that you did in your first deposition. How is that eye-rolling and snickering working for you now?

Enough of her. I would send you the link to have her cancelled from Aquaman 2, but I do not believe in cancelling anyone. Netflix learned that lesson as well as Bozoma Saint John who got her ass kicked to the curb for leading the charge to publish movies that lecture people. 

Don't be a false leader.

the Blonde


I never dump men, I just....

ask them when we are getting married 

if I want them gone:)

The Blonde!

Never Rent a Storage Unit if Management Lives on Prem! Uhaul!

 It has always been my opinion and historical fact, that any storage unit rented with on-prem management is a hustle.

What kind of people live at a storage facility? And what is their family and employees like?

First one, they stole all my television sets while  kept going up and down to unload. They kept me busy with their loser family trying to talk to me as they stole from me.

I was tired and did not figure it out until later, and guess what? When I asked for security camera footage...

duh, they did not work .

Now, I tried to move into a new one and they fuck with the billing. Supposedly, I got a free month, but had to pay the first month. 

Then they made up for the free month buy double billing me in February.

Uncle Bob for 20 years, which turned into Life Storage and other than they added $70 to bill within 1 year. Now the gate is broken and lets in the crackheads.

I will taser any fucker that comes close to me and probably until they need an ambulance because if my PTSD.

U-Haul is the sketchy one. 

They got me in at $225, only to yank up my rent in the first month by $30...really not an issue, but the fact I was quoted a free months rent and got doubled bill in February for it. leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I rented a van to move the little bit I have out and put it back in may garage.

At these rates, it is just easier to buy another house and store there.

There will be a follow up to this bullshit. Because you haven't heard how the sales girl had fun fucking me with the U-Haul van rental. Thanks Monique for being a dick. You are my next highlight!

Oh shit, update!!!!!

Wait to I tell you about the bullying and harassment by this girl when I called to say I would be a few days late!

Not a broke ass, just my bank and brokerage like to play holding games.

This is why crypto works better for me, but unfortunately - still needs to be converted and passed through these mother fuckers.

I find my bank is no more guilty that crypto.com - they love holding money 14 days, which is bullshit if they want to claim crypto is better than banks.


Why Cops Freak Me OUT!

I have not written about this  before.

Most traumatizing things, I tend to bury and ignore it happened until it goes away.

But you can not escape PTSD, and that cray will come out when something triggers your ass.

For me it was the Refuel bit and the fucking cop and kid.

Reminded me of the time I had a bad asthma attack and barely made it to the pharmacy to get the emergency inhaler. Unfortunately for me, the pharmacy was next door to the loon house and some freak from within called the police. 

I have no idea what they said, the hispanic, female cop with a chip on her shoulder would not reveal that information.

I explained to her I just had an asthma attack and stopped to pick up an emergency inhaler. I showed her the receipt , but this bitch did not care one bit. She was taking me down just because she fucking could.

She made me do the touch your nose, recite the alphabet backward, lift one leg and I passed with flying colors. She still put me in the fucking car and took me to jail.

I sat for an hour against a white brick wall... I think they were waiting for me to show some sign of drunkeness that would never come.

Than after that did not work, they tried to pressure me into a blood test. I refused because I had taken the albuterol and that could register as a false positive for a drug. 

When I refused, they claimed I was suicidal and they stripped me of my clothes, put me in a paper gown and through me into a cement block with the temperature set at 40% F.

The next day, I was pulled out of the cell and brought up to to a black woman who said she could keep me in through the entire Thanksgiving holiday. And she was right. She could have said and done anything and I would be powerless.

I kept my mouth shut, refused to say anything. She kept going on saying shit, trying to make me break. But you can't break someone who is already broken, bitch!

The cops were so fucking mean to me. Like they took pride and joy in fucking with a person who never really deserved to be there in the first place.

So defund police? HELL FUCKING YES!!!!


Refuel Market? What is wrong with your new people?

 I know there is a new world order, but let us not get carried away, OK cancel twats.

I have over 20 years with this gas station and Wag-a-Bag in my neighborhood.

I have never, ever had an issue with the wonderful people who worked there. Until now.

Apparently, white people are on notice at this gas station.

I get inclusion, diversity, but some times it is taken a bit too far with the younger generation.

Two nights ago, I got slammed for being a redskin fan and I should know better. I haven't watched football since the craziness of renaming the team. 

Tonight, I used the air pump thing and not only did it not work. it let the air out of my tire even more. 

The young man on duty behind the register told me to ask the young man outside on a personal call. 

I am sorry I interrupted him.. 

He walked over to the air station with me, and boy he had a bug up his ass. 

He was pissed he had to help me, and after being a dick, the last straw for me was telling me the bald tire was the reason the machine did not work.

Does the air machine have a tread sensor on it? NO!

Tire tread has nothing to do with  inflation unless punctured.  I assume he was having a really bad day but he turned the mood onto me, and I am always glad to return the favor.

Just cuz your black, does not mean you get a free pass for being a dick for no reason.

Also, there was a cop who lingered around, for what I have no idea. 

Anyhoo, this kid must have taddled on me - for giving rudeness back to him  - so this black cop pulled up behind my car's ass. You know the drill when you are in trouble with a cop....they get up really close to your car's ass.

So I see the headlights out of my rear view mirror while I was checking my dashboard to check the tire level. I get out of my car, look at the headlights and the kid standing next to the cop's driver side window. 

The kid looks at me and says, " He is speaking to you." in a very rude tone. How the fuck would I know the cop was speaking to me. I could not see him behind the headlights, nor hear him because he was in his fucking vehicle.

I think the kid was hoping I would instigate something. I did not. You know why? Because white people are not stupid and don't fuck with cops. We raise our hands, say yes sir, nor sir...etc....

I walked up to the cop in is car and he asked is there a problem. I said the machine is broken and I had to buy a $12 can of glue stuff to refill my tire ( and by the way- I want to be refunded for that ).

I told him it did not work but I am only a few miles up the road and I can hobble my car home. Am I going to have trouble with you?

He asked why?

I said because you are 2 feet up the ass of my car and wondering if you are going to pull me over once I get in to drive it home.

He said., "Why would I do that?"

I said, "Because I would be driving with an inflated wheel and dangerous conditions. You can make up what you want. Do you think black people are the only ones scared of a cop who is clearly trying to prove a point?"

He took off after that, and the kid sauntered away with a smug and still shitty attitude.

I am sad. Wag-a-Bag made convenient stores feel like family and now this Refuel comes in and hires a bunch of over-woke twentysomething with chips on their fucking shoulder.

Will be finding a new station.


Scared Mother Fucking Parents are getting pussy whipped!

 need I say more?

You are so scared to be a parent and fuck things up, you are fucking them up 10X to the trillionth whatever the fuck!

By the time this sad little parenting saga is over, we will be dealing with the aftermath of kids who never really wanted a sex change.

They were just pressured into it by peer pressure, principals, and teachers who wanted to pat themselves on the back for not being homophobes or racists and pushed the agenda too fucking FAR!!!!!!!!!!

New World Order. Let's Hope you Don't Take it too far!

 I just came back from the convenience store, and some counter chick was wearing an Astros hat. 

My bad, not sure what ball the Astros played with. it is Texas, who cares other than Texans!

Told her the last time I paid any attention to pro-sports was before the Redskins getting flagged for their name. 

Before the kneeling hit, which is cool. Who cares? Do your thing. If it helps someone, go for it.

The Indian Braves, which quite frankly I get. What Indian has a honker the size of a Jewish dude?

But than this bitch started talking shit about my Skins. Saying, they should have known it was coming. What was coming? 

The hashtag movements of me too and cancel culture?

OK, so the Redskins are now the Washington Football team. How did that fix the world? How did that stop racism?

How does that make anyone really feel better?

Woo Hoo cancel club, you changed a name like your fucking pronouns. Makes me laugh, you kids really do not have anything worth fighting about so you are making up shit that really does not fucking matter in the grand scheme of things!

The 5-time NFL champions Washington Redskins hold a rich history. You can't talk about the National Football League without naming the capital's team plenty of times.

Native American communities have been fighting for this name change for three decades now. Ironically, the team's logo was designed by Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, the chairman of Blackfeet Nation and president of the National Congress of American Indians. 

According to census records and to his birth certificate,[1] he was born William Henry Dietz, or "Willie," on August 17, 1884, in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, at 16 West Humbird Street. His father William Wallace Dietz, settled in the area in 1871 and was elected county sheriff in 1877. His father married Leanna Ginder in November 1879.

"Willie" attended Oklahoma's Chilocco Indian Agricultural School, where he may have feigned some kind of Indian identity for the first time according to researcher Linda Waggoner. She wrote, "Naturally, visitors to the St. Louis World's Fair exhibit, including Dietz's future wife, Winnebago artist Angel De Cora (1871–1919), thought Dietz was a Chilocco student."[2] Waggoner traced Dietz' heritage in several articles in Indian Country Today Media Network and at a 2013 symposium at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Dietz's heritage was first contested in 1916 after former neighbors who settled on the Pacific Coast heard he was posing as a Native American. In December 1918 the Federal Bureau of Investigation looked into his heritage after he registered for the draft as a "Non-Citizen Indian" with an allotment. The Bureau found he had taken on the identity of James One Star, an Oglala man of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation 12 years his senior who had disappeared in Cuba in 1894. Dietz also claimed he was the head of an American film company that produced propaganda films for the war.

Dietz was tried in Spokane, Washington in June 1919 for the first offense. One Star's sister, Sallie Eaglehorse, testified after seeing him for the first time at the trial that Dietz was definitely not her brother.[2] Still, the judge instructed the jury to determine whether Dietz "believed" he was a Native American, not whether it was true. Despite that others had witnessed his birth in the summer of 1884 or had seen him the following day, Dietz's mother Leanna claimed he was the Native American son of her husband who had been switched a week or more after she had a stillbirth. Dietz's acting ability along with his mother's fallacious testimony (to protect him from prison) resulted in a hung jury, but Dietz was immediately re-indicted. The second trial resulted in a sentence of 30 days in the Spokane County Jail after he pleaded "no contest".[2]

Dietz's true heritage remains controversial. Although he is recognized as an "Indian athlete" by Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Football Team (formerly known as the Washington Redskins), Indian Country Today Media Network ran a series of articles in 2004 exposing Dietz as a white man masquerading as a Native American.[3] In 1988, the National Congress of American Indians attempted to meet and discuss the issue with the team's former owner, Jack Kent Cooke, but Cooke refused a meeting.

The new free Indian nation...what should they be proud of? Gambling, not educating their people, drugs, alcohol, no hope? 

Bravo real Redskins! 

Only thing non-native people did was love a football team without thought to your heritage. Sorry, hopefully this debacle is behind us and you can figure out how not to destroy your own culture because you are running out of people to blame now!


It is 2022 and still we have the pronoun problem.

 I spent my new year popping a bottle of bubbly, spent more than it was worth, and drank it alone watching old Dick Clark Rockin Eve on YouTube, and watched the fireworks outside my window.

I remember only 5 new years. 

Taking a private plane ( owned by some football player who did not join)  to Dallas for an un-epic evening at a steak house that I would have only gone to for lunch and the men ordering the worst fucking wine on the menu.

 Y2K, spent that night at a hospital with a dickhead boyfriend ( CEO of said hospital ) and thought kitty litter would be a good idea in case the toilets stopped working because plumbing works off of computers??? 

The death of my Grandmother, the mean one but had to stand by her side on NYE until she finally gasped her last breath.

The other 2...

Clubbing with my sister and my purse and wallet were stolen.

And the last one, my favorite one.....the last night in my house. The pink house. Laid in my bed, listened to parties up and down the street, knew my son was OK at his grandparents, and turned on the gas. 

That was my best new year's eve, until I got jerked out of my bed with a fireman telling me I had a gas leak. No shit sherlock. Mind you own fucking business!

And life has been like that ever since. 

My message to Snowflakes, Wokes, and the LGBQT drama queens that think society is not doing enough to help you feel what you need to feel...join the fucking club!

Only, for me no one gives a shit but you queer fucks....Hollywood is bending over backwards to make sure every story line has your non-binary, need to be a pronoun bullshit.

You are making a mockery of all the people who stood before you who fought hard for gay rights. 

Hey parents and schools! 

Stop giving every kid a voice and a trophy. They are not using either well!

the Blonde