Why time is so misunderstood

Because most people think aging of their bodies is synced with time. Not so....

Since animals are not reading this, I address this to humans who think the world revolves around them. 

Bowhead whales, denizens of Arctic seas, are known to live more than 200 years,

The Giant Barrel Sponge lives over 2300 years

The Back Coral lives over 4,300 years

Immortal Jellyfish live forever if they never get washed to shore...

Time means nothing under the sea. It means nothing to animals. 

Time means nothing to the trees. It means nothing to the Earth.

But it means everything to humans.

Time is just a shallow 24-hour construct that makes people feel safe, because way back in their minds, they need something always poking them, telling them they need to stay on track, shoving them into being better.

Suicide is not nature, it is status quo built!

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