Truth for the sexually abused with the forever stamp!

 I would like to tell you it ends.

I would like to tell you all those horrible men that touched you, hurt you, left their cum on you and walked away as if you were nothing would go away.

I thought I beat it by not dating anyone. I thought closing the door to dating they would not find me, but they always fucking do.

I bought several sailing yachts thinking that would introduce me to better people but it did not.

At one of the marinas there is a harbor master that invited me out on his boat and I ended up sitting on a boat with naked men for 2 hours with no way of going back because I didn't bring my own tender and was stuck.

Now, I feel my boat is hostage at this one port because I am so disgusted that the stamp is still on my forehead and they saw it and I did nothing like a jerk.

I froze and played along hoping nothing would happen until I  could get back to my yacht.

If you say "why don't you say this or why don't you do that?"...you have never been sexually abused throughout your life and need to shut the fuck up.

Meanwhile my yacht is stuck in a port because I thought I was brave enough to say no and make these people go away but sadly, I am not.

I am moving my yacht because $5k to move it to another marina is less expensive to me than trying to be bold to people who creep me out.

Why can't they see I am not that person any more?!


Illuminating the LED Lie: How China and Amazon's Plastic Empire Overshadow Biden's 'Bright' Idea

 Look, let's get one thing straight here. This isn't some sugar-coated bedtime story about how we're all saving the world, one LED bulb at a time. 

Hell no!

We're standing at the precipice and the Earth is gasping for breath, climate change is kicking in the door, and we're busy patting ourselves on the back for swapping our cozy incandescent for LEDs? This is not just misguided, it's flat-out delusional.

Start holding the real culprits accountable. The Nestl├ęs, the Coca-Colas, the PepsiCos of the world, drowning us in an unending sea of plastic waste, while we're distracted by the shiny new LED bulb.

We're stuck in a ludicrous illusion of progress, told that such half-measures are making a dent. But let's swallow the bitter pill of truth: they're not. And the real villains? The plastic-spewing behemoths like China, coupled with the insatiable consumption by corporations such as Amazon.

It's time to face some cold, hard facts. The grand total of U.S. energy saved by switching all incandescent bulbs to LEDs amounts to about 1% of our annual usage. It's a drop in the ocean.

China is the undisputed heavyweight champion of plastic production. They churn out a mind-boggling amount of plastic, much of which ends up being sold via retail giants like Amazon to "eco-conscious" consumers in the West. A perfect cycle of hypocrisy and destruction.

We can’t simply LED our way out of this mess. It's high time we targeted the real culprits. Swapping bulbs might make us feel better, but it's nothing more than a dim distraction from the glaring crisis. We need to focus on the genuine threats facing our planet: the unchecked plastic production and consumption. Otherwise, we're simply choosing to remain in the dark.

Do you really want to live in cold ice blue lighting every inch of your life's existence?

Do you want warm glow?

or Stark White?