PENN National stock is bullshit

All the news saying it is a buy is for retailers to bail out the institutions LOSSES before the End of Year! because Dave Portnoy is a bad fuck! I like the guy, love his pizza reviews, but?! Mm mm.....

Let's pay homage to the real villain, not that Dave is a boy scout!

Of course these girls were going to throw themselves at this rich, cute, pigeon toed dude...he is cute and super likeable.... they were hoping for the golden ticket, but instead they got the, "you are not worth more than a fun mutual consented lay" treatment.

And the Mom is angry and upset?

Who the fuck do you think is the one who set her daughters up for this kind of fucking abuse?
Who taught her daughters that showing off their tits on insta and fuck the rich dude would get them more money than actually going to school and use their fucking brains to make something of themselves.

Not to be a hypocrite, I did it too.. hung out with older white rich dudes for travel and fun, but I always knew there was no future.
The dick in Cali? I always knew he looked down at me and he would never be my friend as much as I was his, but to this day... how fuck does a man do what the fuck he did to me and still call himself a man?

Will never, ever speak to him again, and he is second only to one that I can't wait to take a sledge hammer and smash the shit out of their grave stone!

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