The Weekend

...was super fun filled for partiers and boaters and everyone willing to spend the $4 gallon gas to head out to beaches and lakes.

I on the other hand did nothing but hibernate in my room worried about this next round of monthly bills and watch movies avec une boutielle de vino.

I have not been very social lately. I am happy just being alone in my little femme cave.

I have been hit on by men in their late twenties - one at the bank and one at the gas station- and while its a nice feeling to know I still have the looks, it would be nice to get a couple of business cards from men my own age. Looking young and not being young has two drawbacks..online dating where men tend to look for younger women and in public where men think I am much younger than I am.

I am not looking to be with anyone. I am not financially set up to be with anyone right now. I have bills and a future at law school to keep me man free.

I am just too baroque to be social and that is ok because I know I am not the only person struggling these days. Its nice to have company with my monet miserable'.

One day the money will be back and so will the men. Its not like they disappeared during the rapture!!

Chin up to everyone having a tough time with the green.

Look at it like this..

Being at the bottom means only a small bump if you fall!

The Blonde has no time or money for play!!


Memorial Day Weekend

There will be pools, boating, and hiking along Bull Creek and Barton Creek for me!!

Everyone be safe this weekend and remember

Don't Drink and Drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink, try to wipe it off your lap and then get pulled over for looking like a drunk sailor playing with your private parts while driving!!


Bad Professor, Bad, bad, bad...

So one of my professors got arrested in a sting operation for soliciting 14 year old girls off of social network sites and assaulting them in a park.

I knew the teacher was an odd ball, didn't seem to like bathing very much or wearing clean clothes but I just assumed he was homeless-if you knew what Texas teachers got paid-you would not think twice about some of them being homeless.

I never considered him to be a pedophile although i did notice he liked the petite form in the girls at the front of his class. i guess they =knew something I didn't.

Under these circumstances I feel i should get an A in the class because how do I know he didn't barter (spell check looks for Brett when barter is spelled wrong-what a co-inky-dink; that's the name of the prof) relations with the younger chicks and give them better grades wh8ich would mess up the curve...

Not that I am devastated but I am not above pulling a Dean's conference to get an A out of this news.

I actually pulled a 89 in the class but one little point to settle my mental anguish over the news would help me over come the trauma.

My mind is already turning attorney before I even have the degree. i am always thinking about myself and how I can do better in competition with myself.

If I keep this up- I will end up in a bidding war selling my soul to the red guy with little horns and a tail just like in Devil's advocate..of course I am not a relative so the perks might not extend to me like they did to Keanu.

I hope they throw the book at Professor Pedophile!!

The Blonde can't wait to beat bad in court one day!


Thank You for Nothing

Sometimes when we have someything to say and no one to listen, we have a song that sings every thing about the nothing we feel!

Rolling In The Deep

Dont read into it, just enjoy...

The Blonde will bring it to surface later!!


Almost an Officer, Always a Gentleman

Only one man deserves a 30 hour road trip from me and its the Boo!!

So its funny that a porker named Albert was shocked that I was not going to move to Columbus Georgia and set up shop with him.
Seriously dude..what did you think would happen?!


I didn't drive 15 hours to Georgia to pluck some unsuspecting guy out of the hotel bar to play house for a weekend.

I was there to see my son!

I have a plethora of hater texts from this guy simply because he failed to rock my world. I am sure his shtick of being semi-retired and offering cuban cigars to the crowd works on girls in a military town but for those of us who are a little more mature and have seen a lot more of the world...

its just a no go!!

If I end up in Columbus, Georgia...just shoot me now!!

Take out your AK-47 military issue rifle and blow the blonde off my shoulders.
The funny thing about a military town is the machismo that runs rampant and evry guy is trying to bag the new girl in town.

I loved every moment when the 30 something Captains would hit on me and the minute I said I was in town for my son's graduation, they less than politely just up and turned away.

It was great!

I felt like the twenty year old with a baby all over again. Back in the hay-days of my youth guys would hit on me and when I told them I was a single Mom with a baby, they turned a 180 back in the other direction...its nice to see some things don't change!!


The thirty hour drive was excruciating but looking back on it..I would do it over again in a heart beat because there will always be one man in my life worth the dump truck supply of coffee and twizzlers I endured on the road.

And its my Boo!!

The military isn't the only thing making great men.

The Blonde salutes single Moms everywhere!!!


Driving Like a Bat out of Hell

I drove 15 hours with only pit stops for gas to Columbus, GA...

And if you think I am done with pics, no way!!

30 hours on the road leaves a lot of creativity time behind the wheel and multiple chair positions just to make it through the unbearableness of all that road.

By the time I finished the drive I had 23 different seat positions working..the last was the lotus position with my seat back jetted forward and the seat portion pushed to the front of the floor board with my legs crossed in a lotus position driving with cruise control.

My body was a human pretzel twisted and turned to suffer through more hours.

On my way up I was captured by the Louisiana po-po!

My car was profiled by a state trooper in Louisiana-its black and has more than its share of dinks and dents, not to mention the fur coated trunk....it would set off even the laziest of cops at 3 AM in the morn.

I was asked if I was carrying drugs and or illegal aliens. The Texas plate is to blame for that question. My car license, registration, and inspection are all long since been expired but I got off anyway...love southern hospitality...

I think the cop was flirting in the end!!

On my way back to Austin, I was working with one contact, a pack of twizzlers, and beucoup cups of cafe!!

But I made it and I have a few tales to tell...but later..

I haven't been this exhausted since my drive back from San Antonio partying with Collective Soul and one crazy coked up ex-wench friend of mine.

The Blonde is glad to pull the throttle back a bit!!