Halloween and the chances I blow!

This Halloween went well. I have learned to bag candy because I do not want any child to feel they were cheated, because that shit carries.

This Hallow's Eve went great except for one thing. The tiny beautiful, kind soul who came alone, only accompied by the shadowy, female figure lingerng in the driveway.

She came as Harleqin, and I remember her from a month ago. She was with a brutish girl who seemed to whisper snotty comment in her ear. But she dd not listen, kept smiling at me. This girl is me when I was young, so innocent, and sweet, and lingered in my doorway after our axchange.

I really feel like she is reaching out to me, and I missed the opportunity to say my door is always open to you.

This one little girl... I want to protect her. Because I see!

The Blonde wishes all a happy Hallow's Eve!

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