Yeah Greg, take the Coke back for a Refund!

Thanks Gregory from" Succession", for reminding me of my coke fueled days in Austin, TX.

Raised in a proper home in Virginia, educated in a proper finishing school in North Carolina, and but sadly finding myself in the midst of midwestern lack of decorum!

I never fucked with drugs before I moved to Austin. I made a mistake coming here!

I can't go back in time and fix the fuck that went on here. But, Austin is not cool! You will figure that out son.

Austin is the new Silicon Valley. And why do you need a new Silicon Valley?

Be very careful when someone from Texas says they have a friend! This means, they have an acquaintance that will help them suck money out of you!

I remember my Texas friends wanting coke, and my guy only delivered on Thursday after his soap operas were over and he finished playing in the park with his Shar-Pei pups.

But, if you know how that itch works, my friends wanted it NOW. 

I had already fronted the money for the coke, and when it came in...my so-called friends said they already got some and I was stuck with the merch.

I said, "NO, I fronted money that was supposed to go to my mortgage.". You need to pay up.

They said, "Can't you get a refund? Take it back!" Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Coke is not a cashmere sweater you can return to Nordstrom , no questions asked!

Anyhoo, they fucked me in more ways than one.

Not only was a stuck with the coke, I could not make my mortgage payment, and the dominoes just kept tumbling on the penalties and interest.

And not one of those Mother Fuckers gave a shit. They actually distanced themselves from me.

Hard lesson to learn, but every time I see someone snort that shit on a television show, I want to puke. 

I also learned, any person who would fuck you over this bad for coke is not only not your friend, but the worst kind of piece of shit.

Which makes sense that they would be a long time friend of that dick in California who is a predator, and has been his executor on the will since the coke days.

Bravo you sick fucking freaks for sticking together!

P.S. Know what is funny? The digital contents, like your text messages, contact list and calendar data, are untouched and will still be accessible by any user working with your old cell phone. This is the primary reason many of today's smartphones are equipped with remote wipe capabilities, which allow you to remotely erase the device's data in case it is lost or stolen. 

Cell phones from 20 years ago, did not have this capability. The reason why I never let go of my old devices!

For fuck sakes, I still have all my floppy disks and 100 mb zip drives with a certain special cookbook you can't get any more. 

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