Family Sucks for those without a good one.

 And Holidays just add into the already shitty world we were born.

If you had a good life and great family, this post is not for you...so get the fuck off of it.

This is for the adult survivors of fucked up families.

How bad can a family be?

My childhood friend and I are reminiscing and going through "who had it worst moments", and this one popped up:

We were both sent to private school to swim with the sharks without any scuba gear. The Daddy girls circling around us with their BMVs, Mercs, VW Ragtops...

My older sister went to this school a few years before me and she did graduate, into the southern belief of being a proper wife for your husband.

After being sexually abused and beaten mentally for over 9 months, she had a little gusto left to get in her Mercury Cougar, without packing a fucking thing, and drive home to our parent's house.

Did my parents have open arms and hug her and tell her it was alright? 


They gave her shit, so much shit, she ran to an anarchist group who lived in an abandoned home. 

Under the radar of our fucked up parents, I came to see her...and all I could do was berate the hideousness of her living situation to her fellow anarchists.

I think my argument was well received, because I remember my sister coming home with me. 

And really? Anarchists'? This group was just a bunch of misfits who had no organized agenda living in an abandoned home with the word "Anarchy", spray-painted on the wall as their only medium to spread the word.

Reminds me of Island Boys - they are just the same anarchist idiots who have tiktok and paid a shit load for fake insta followers.

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