Online Dating Apps I forgot I was on and my New profile message

It has been awhile since I have be on here ( it was 7 years ago because my Father had just died and he was my world and looking for him in a man ) no one looked my way, but now, smiling from ear to ear, because, I had know idea I was still on this site. Absolutely floored that after 7 years someone hit me up. I guess y'all ran out of young girls who need a sugar daddy?

I have figured out how to live on my own, and yes I get lonely, but I am not lonely enough to go back down this road. What is that test where the dog gets shocked each time and finally learns, don't touch the snack!

I still love all the below:

I love the water and enjoy boating or walking on a beach. I like tennis, a bike ride or walking as my exercise. I like to eat healthy and have a glass of red wine after work either at home or some where outside if it is a pretty day.

LOL, sorry this is too wild that I am still on here.

Guess a few new pics are needed.

But really, I am not dating one man who is using online dating apps. I learned my lesson long time ago!

But kudos to the dude who hit me up so I could discover this profile is still up.

Don't bother contacting me, I am not interested.

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