Its not a Boxter but it will do...I guess....sigh...

Ignorance is Bliss

after 8 hours of researching everything from Canaan to the Zionist movement, and reading personal blogs of people caught in the middle of war...

I have come to one conclusion:

How very sad...how very, very sad......

Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of
all poems,
You shall possess the good of the earth and sun, (there are millions
of suns left,)
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look through
the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self.

Walt Whitman

Blondes still have a lot to learn, as well we all do!!! Peace Y'all!!!

Happy Leap Year!!

In the English speaking a world, it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only on leap years. While it has been argued that the tradition was initiated by Saint Patrick or Brigid of Kildare in 5th century Ireland, it is dubious as the tradition has not been attested before the 19th century [7]. Supposedly, a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland (then age five and living in Norway), required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man; compensation ranged from a kiss to £1 to a silk gown, in order to soften the blow.

I am proposing marriage to all of you!!

Refuse me!!

Now!! Go buy me a present!!

Blondes don't mind rejection!!


Don't hate me because I will pay to be beautiful

Hate me because I can get a man to pay to make me beautiful.
You would think as a woman I would have the common sense to be appalled that someone I am dating wants to augment me.

Hmmm...Nope..Augment away!!

My eyes just go wide and I get all giddy inside thinking about it

I just don't have a problem with someone wanting to help me be a better version of myself.

After all, isn't that what we all should aspire to anyway. Being a better
version of ourselves whether its from the inside out to the outside in.

Blondes know they are fabulous any way!!

Superman's Super Sperm

Unless your planning an army of minions to battle the evils of bad fashion sense. I say plug it up for the next girl!!

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the Blonde!!

Sicko II

I just watched Michael Moore's movie Sicko and I find myself running a parallel story.

It has been several weeks and I am trying to procure a new ride for myself. Since I have always paid cash for my cars and I need to re-establish some credit after a falling down, I thought I would try credit. I filled out the online application and boom I was sent a blank check.

Now due to some incompetency on the loan sharks side of the pool, I was not getting the amount I needed to buy the car I wanted. I would have to settle for a SAAB convertible and while I would look absolutely cute in it...I want my Boxter with the fancy rims..probably not a smart move but than again when was the blonde ever smart about choices when it came to styling herself.


My rate was a little high, ok truth be told it was drastically high and so I inquired as to why.


Medical collections?!@!

Apparently the bills to my hospital visits for two bike wrecks are being disputed by the insurance company and while in dispute resolution, the medical malfeasance have the right to put it on my credit report!!

I have the right to dispute all the negative impact of foulness by hate mongers with the big 3 credit agencies which I will pursue with a vengeance..bastards!!!

On a better note I have since learned you can negotiate your interest rate with th bank..so far I have had them drop it 3 points...so with a little persistent I might be driving my baby in no time.

If not ...there is always the SAAB!!

Blondes look good in anything!!


It's a woman's Perogative

to change her mind....isn't it?

Isn't it everyone's privilege to change their mind? This is more an issue of maturity rather than morality. It's like getting caught embezzling funds from your company. It may have seemed like it was alright, you weren't harming anyone, and you actually improved your quality of living but after thinking about it in club fed...you might decide you rather not embezzle again based on the experience....

or are you now just being a hypocrite?

: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Hhmmmmm...we will explore this and many more subjects in the following weeks!!

Peeps..your going to have to bare with me for in light of a recent trip to New York, the elections, a guy I kind of like and freaking Mensa....I am putting on my brunette wig and glasses and going smart

SSHHHHH....don't tell anyone, this is totally not permanent....

Blondes don't like being wiggy!!!



Still not funny!!

I am in severe writers block at the moment

I had something funny last night but forgot to write it down and..


Out of my head!!

Blondes brains aren't meant for memory!!


Word of the Day from Craigslist Creep of the Week

Loving Couple Seeks Third For Triad - mw4w - 27

We are committed to each other, and have been in a long term relationship for 6 years. We are interested in starting a polyfidelitous triad with the right person.

We have never tried this before, so we would like to take it easy and find someone who is looking for a long term commitment, and is willing to move slow and help us with communication issues.

We don't really expect to find anyone here, but posting for the heck of it. Let us know if you are interested, and we'll send you some pics of ourselves.

I can make up stuff too!!!

My threesome has a new name...its...poly blah blah blah
My threesome has another name its t-r-i-a-d-blah

Oh I wish I had it every day
cuz if you ask me
why I will say

your an idiot!!!!

Blondes think three is one too many!!

Don't Waste Food

"Via, What are you doing?"

"What..I don't like the bottom part of it"

"Stop wasting food"

"I am not!"

"Only take what you can eat"

"Mother, I am..I just don't like the bottom part on that and that was too sicky sweet to finish"

"Stop wasting food when there are people who are starving in this world"

"Mother, me not finishing an inch worth of cake is not going to effect the starving unless..."


"I know!! Lets take the two bites of food out of the disposal and mail it to the starving. Do you have an address?!"

"Not funny"

"not as funny as your statement but I try"

Starving people are never funny but thinking somehow not finishing the food on your plate will help is ridiculous!!!

Blondes would get fat if they ate on behalf of the whole world!!


Love is in the Hair

conversations from my mate in D-town:

how was your date to the theatre?

The theatre was not half as fun as being with you or probably anything you did

Did you get anything for your trouble?

if i told you you wouldn't believe it lol. did you?

tell me, tell me...I will believe you

ok she lays her head on my shoulder on the couch for like ever, then she rolls me off of her, ok sits me up and starts the blow job special. but i notice she has gum, oh well she knows what she is doing. She does a pretty good job then after I cum and she gets up gum is ( i know this sounds impossible) but stuck to my balls like under neath and also stuck to her hair. She cant get up, pulls and pulls OUCH and finally gets lose and then has to cut gum out of her hair!

are you going to call her again?

Well to be honest, I think it deserves a sympathy call don't you? I mean she has to just be mortified and I would like to give her a chance to make a cum back.

Was she a blonde?


Blondes love happy endings!!!

Roses are Red

and how many of you thought to send me any?


Which brings me to the finer points of dating and the lack of effort men are putting into it these days and I blame the feminists.

If you didn't even bother to send me flowers on Valentine's Day just consider yourself dismissed from this whole affair.

and for the one thoughtful enough to send me flowers.....

You are worth every penny you spend on me!!!

Blondes like boys who buy flowers!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

A bouquet from me to you...edible panties not included

The content on this site, including the roses is provided by Dirty Blonde for your personal pleasure, and is not intended for any other purposes. Content on this site is not appropriate for the purposes of making a decision to carry out in a relationship. Nor does it provide any form of advice about life, love or the pursuit of happiness, or make any recommendations regarding any particular issues.

The Blonde loves all her Fans!!

Special Valentine's Blog

I bought edible panties for my date tonight but I wore them to work expecting to have a nooner but they melted and now I am stuck to my seat

and by the way....where are my flowers?!!!

Don't give the Blonde sugar!!!


Valentine's Counter

I think Valentine's reminds me more of my age than my birthday.

In my early twenties I usually received 5 to 6 sets of roses from my beaus

In my late twenties it seems the number dwindled to about 3 or 4 sets

In my early thirties it became sporadic..sometimes two sets, sometimes none

and Now that I am mid somewhere of I am not telling you..

I get one set but somewhat consistent...

I think I am growing up and settling into the fact that one set of roses from the same guy for a long time is better than my ego being stroked by 6 sets of flowers that end up dying anyway and your left alone to drink margaritas out of the cheap vases that are left behind!!

Blondes know its not the flowers that count but who gives them to you!!!


God will Forgive Me

Don't laugh at the Pastor even if he is on drugs and comes into the wrong office.

You shouldn't have laughed in his face

I didn't mean to....It was divine intervention that made me do it

Your going straight to hell.

By way of leer jet my friend!!

That's not funny!

Yes it is.

No its not!

Its funny to me.

The Blonde only cares about herself!!!

My Father's Laundry List

2 cell phone

1 Digital camera (latest casualty)

1 expensive silk dress

3 very expensive sweaters

Be wary of leaving your clothes in the reach of Laundry Man.
You think you have a towel when you get out of the shower..NOPE...he took it because he couldn't find anything to put in the laundry.

God forbid you leave anything in your pockets because he doesn't check before throwing the laundry in the wash and then he will blame you for not taking things out of your pocket.

and God forbid you leave your delicates or hand washables in the wash machine..He will put it in the dryer without a second thought.

Umm..Dad..Where is my silk dress I was washing on delicate.

Its in the dryer, why?

Oh Dad, that was really expensive and now its ruined.

Get mad at me for trying to help you!!

No Dad...you did help me..I needed a sun frock to wear over my bikini..its perfect now!!

The Blonde needs her own laundry room!!!


What did I do?!!

I am thinking if I did something wrong..

Life for me wouldn't be so great!!

I think everything has a reason and if you look hard enough you will find it always has a good reason for happening.

To understand people and their hearts you have to stand still and listen to what ISN"T being said

I realize its not me...its unresolved issues

and I got in the way

but in a good way

OH Well!!

I am sad about the whole affair!!

and more importantly....

Its putting a rain cloud over my pretty new convertible!!

so stop being stupid and say your sorry!!

Blondes refuse to put the top up because of rain!!


I have to pay sales tax on my car?!!

but Uncle Sam...it's a necessity!!

You can't tax thing I need!! I am still upset I have to pay sales tax on my handbags!!!

Its not Fair!!!

(insert pout here)

OK..minor set back.......then....... more stupid questions from family and friends...

Did you have it checked out?

Yes...I looked at all the pretty photos

What about the engine?

Oh..there was a photo of that too!

Do you know how much insurance is?

No...I don't have insurance on it yet...

How long is the loan for?

Long enough to pay it off...duh!

How much is TT & L?

What is TT & L?

Stop peeing on my parade people...

Blondes don't read fine print!!


Car Crisis Ova!!

Look what the Blonde Got on Ebay!!!

Another One bites the Dust

My car is in dire need of a green pasture and headstone. With over $2000 worth of engine repair and more for body work..it is time to let her die peacefully in someone's junk yard.

The problem is now I have to go buy a new car and that my friends..is like pulling my teeth out of my head and banging them back in with a hammer.

I have found an ugly new car I like...all new cars are short, stubby, non-sleak and ugly but I think I can tolerate the CLK convertible..we will see

I am waiting to hear...stay posted...

and for those keeping track of the last blog..use your imagination for God sake...

I'm in turmoil over my car...sex is the last thing on my mind

This blonde needs that Mercedes!!


Lesbian Liplock

I have stories from the bottom of the Petrone bottle but I am a little too hungover to write...
so stay tuned.

The blonde needs her beauty rest!!

World Order

My faith in humanity has been restored.

The stars are in alignment.

The world is in balance.

Karma does thrive.



Warm Fuzzies just wash all over me when I think about...


Blondes like it when honest men win!