Just when you think USAA can't piss someone off enough...

 they go ahead and do!

Last time I dealt with them was a credit card charge made in Poland. I was never in Poland but they refused to accept it as fraud. Needless to say, I did not pay and I canceled the card.

Eventually they did write it off after I kept up with weekly Hootsuite scheduled posts damming them for the not taking care of their clients and treating them like they are all low rent and can't pay their bills.

USAA is not the same when it as only for military. Ever since they opened it up, they must have placated to the low rent society and now they feel they can be an ass to even long standing members.

This is in response to the passive aggressive dickwad who set up the way they handle missed insurance payments.

Just say "Hey you are locked out of your online account until we settle your past due bill and you have to call." Or better yet, give people the benefit of the doubt and not treat them like children that needed to be guided into paying their bill when that was what they were trying to do in the first place. 

I cancelled my bank card and forgot to update with USAA. I have been a member for years and the email I originally used to sign up is not on my phone so I didn't get the hundred emails saying I as past due.

Fine, I fucked up but don't keep sending me back to the same automated operator until I say pay my bill when I am trying to ask for tech support to reset my password to log on.

Next time, I will just sign up with another insurance company and mail you check for the past due.

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