Almighty God

Thank you for my music!

Fuck religion that tells women they need to cover up because men can't control themselves.

Fuck you little cockroaches of Shariah law!


What Up with the Fucking White?

Sorry y'all, something is amiss with my template..will correct this weekend. The #white is pissing me off!

Sorry You Thought We Could Be Friends Again

Because when I look back...because we never were.

I am not that person from back then. I have struggled and worked hard to move on and build a new life. It has taken me years longer than I thought, but I am finally doing it.

I do not want to go back in time. You have not moved on in your life in any way and I do not want to revisit that world.

You wear your poverty like a badge of honor. I think it is Patty's fault for her music making it seem so honorable. But in reality, it is just a stagnant life that does not show much purpose other than to show how sad life can be.

I truly am sorry for interrupting your life, but I am not going down in this life without fighting. And your complacency with being where you are is sad to me.

I really was hoping that I would find you happy and that you built a beautiful world for yourself with that house.

I truly hope and wish you find a way to be happy, but it can not be with me in your world.

Do not try to contact me, I am already gone. And I will not apologize for that.