Happy to Not have Ancestors who Fucked the Native American Day

 I fucking hate this holiday. Is it always on the same day or the 3rd Thursday of the month? 

I  can never remember, because it is stupid! AND, why the fuck does my family celebrate it?

We didn't show up until the 1920s, signatures on the Ellis Island book proves it. 

We didn't fuck the Native Americans, and if we did - not sure we would be celebrating that shit.

I think we should roast up some old legacy shit:

How about the cancel culture stop fucking with comedians and go after the real pricks like:

Daughters of the Mayflower

How about the National Society Children of the American Colonists?

I am cool with cancel culture going after these bitches: BTW way, inculcate means beat the shit out of your children until they accept the doctrine. I am paraphrasing, but still pretty damn close!

Their motto and creed...

The objects of this Society shall be patriotic and educational: to commemorate deeds of historic interest; to inculcate and foster the love of America and of its institutions by all its residents; to base eligibility to membership upon lineal descent from those men and women who were residents of America when it was under foreign government as colonies and who rendered civil or military service in any American colony prior to 4 July 1776 and to preserve our Colonial heritage.

Basically, you need to be white, British descent.

There are so many societies to go after you pathetic attention seeking 'cancel culture cunts'...just do your homework.

And leave Dave Chappelle the fuck alone!

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