Crashed And Burned

I wrote one absolute brilliant essay for my applications to school, clicked on the save button, said good night to my lap top and closed the lid.

In the morning, when I got up and was refreshed, I was going to proof my essay and send it out to my chosen schools.

I opened the laptop lid.

Turned it on.

The dark blue abyss screen with white cold fonts taunting me.

"Fatal error Blondie, corrupt driver, kiss your essay goodbye."

I wish I had more to say but I don't.

The Blonde is burnt out!!!


Pump Up the Volume

because the noise doesn't bother my focus any mo'.

French is kicking my little hiney and I had to go to extreme measures to battle Napolean.

I had to resort to evil pharmaceuticals!

Everyone knows how I feel about these degenerate behemoth drug pushers. But I was about to fail out of class because the pace, the way its taught----it was leading to utter disaster. I had to do the unthinkable. I had to start pill popping my way through one of Boo's old concerta bottles that has been sitting collecting dust for a few years.

I can understand why.

Holy Speed Freak, Batman.

Get me off this speed train.

I didn't sleep for two days.

I couldn't talk for two days.

I was just this mute worker bee.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to a 5 year old kid.

I had to cut the pill down 4 times before it worked without speed freak side effects.

I was tinkering all night long with little things.

I now know why speed freaks have aluminum foil made into little figures in their homeless shant.

Now that I am back to normal taking baby pieces of the concerta, I finally aced a quiz in french. I was finally able to muffle out the other conversations and concentrate on the one with my partner.

Just as soon as this semester is over; I am off this cerebellum pump juice.

This Blonde is on brain steriods!!


I Have Been my Biggest Failure

I wish it was an epiphany but its not.

I have lived in fear for all my life and its time to shed the burden.

Drop the load.

Leave it all behind and go.

Don't ask where.

Don't plan.

Just get in that packed car and go.

I would like to blame all this on me being an idiot but unfortunately, I am not privy to that title.

But what I am privy to is a verbal certificate that came stamped and on my birth certificate and played like a broken record.


















Its taken me half a life time to break that record.

The Blonde doesn't see that stamp anymore.!!!


Working It!

I am working, working, working....

and studying, studying, studying...

French is kicking my arse but I will get it. I am putting several hours a day trying to learn this language. Heck, I barely slide with an English tongue.

But Napolean the french teacher will keep me on my toes. Its amazing how much you want to prove yourself to someone who just rolls his eyes at your effort.

Anyhoo, on a happier note....

My online selling is doing awww---ight!! I don't know why I find that a shocker, but I do, sometimes. Maybe, cuz being successful at something has not always been my stronger suit, but I guess a Blonde just has to find her nitch.

Mine happens to be fashion. Designing, creating, shopping and reselling...LOVE IT ALL!!

I am also about to get kicking in high gear on my creativity. I have tons of fabric sitting around going vintage on me. Crazy the cost of notions at Joann Fabrics but so much fun to shop and the killer bags I am about to launch on my Etsy store will be fab.

Interested in an array of goods from me...Check out my ad to the left.


On the love side of my life.

Its actually just as shocking and fabulous. I have found my nitch in the love department as well.

A little older but not too much. Handsome and sweet as a button and from out of Texas.

No more Texas men for me. They just don't fit in my style but a cute Doctor from the North fits tighter than a boy scout slip knot.

The Blonde is working her mojo!!


Blonde I hear You Calling

but I just can't love right now.

Maybe in a few more hours...

Maybe in a few more years...

Oh Blonde I hear you calling but I can't come dry your tears...

I am always somewhere else...

and your always there alone...

Oh Blonde, I hear you calling...





This song might have planted the wrong message in my love life and I guess I am done listening ot it.

Hear is to new lyrics, new melodies, and a new love.

The Blonde will sing her own tune now!

KISS Unplugged - Beth (HD)

Its the first song I ever committed to memory. It was on the B side of my sisters 45 and I never forgot it.

Only one can be the Blonde's first!!

Pay it Forward

Every once in a blue moon, I get a little voice that says do something kind even if it hurts your pocket book.

We rarely come across super nice people, on the internet or any where else, and so not to listen to my little voice would be like saying, I don't believe in humanity and its ultimate kindness.

An opportunity arose to build a random act of niceness and I grabbed ahold of it like it was my last blonde hair before the grey ghosts creep in to steal it and force me to recognize my aging.

I wanted to do something small that would mean something nice in someone else's world.

So I gave away a pair of Prada loafers just because a person I never met, nor will ever meet, was just too damn nice not to appreciate them.

Life is full of people who pass us by and not give a second thought as to whether they should even offer a smile.

My Prada loafers were not a big deal. It wont feed the hungry. They won't clothes a family.

But they will, in this one small instance, give faith to an anonymous entity that shopped on my Ebay store , that sometimes, for no reason at all, we should believe that good karna is an attribute and it will be returned in kind to those who believe in being nice.

And Karna comes with no strings attached.

I am sure she will find it crazy and wonder what was behind it. But, honestly, I have nothing I want other than to say thank you for being such a kind person.

The Blonde is happily drunk on kindness!!

Kill them with Kindness

I have been selling on Ebay for awhile and I really do love selling something, wrapping it up in pretty paper and sending a little part of me to someone in another neck of the country.

I tried to go international and sold a Dolce and Gabbana skirt to a femme in the Czech Republic. She sent a return notice saying there were holes in the skirt.

I know for a fact there were no holes. It could have happened in transit but now I am stuck giving back a refund including shipping, both ways, just to keep my ranking at 100%.

What I am afraid of is the cultural differences that are applied to selling my ebay wears to someone in the slavic communities as opposed to selling to someone in my home world down south.

The austere email from Oksanana seems to me she isn't going to appreciate my killing her with kindness just to keep my 100% satisfied status no matter how far out of the way I go.

Hopefully she will just not comment.

Cross your fingers.

Or maybe, I am too western world in my thinking and not everyone on the other side of the atlantic or pacific is a douche.

The Blonde is in a Nordstrom state of play!!


Its a Soon Forgotten Holiday

I know exactly when it happened.

I knew the minute I asked.

"May I call him and make him my friend?"

Sure is all he said.

His face said more.

It was our end.


I wanted that end.

Now its here.

I feel it.

It's odd.

I didn't think I would feel anything.

But I do.

I feel a loss.

But its only a feeling... And it will soon die...

Goodbye Stupid Cupid...

Its our last year with bad targets.

I will shoot myself next time.

Happy Valentine's to all those forgotten loves!!


Hidden Deductions and Credits

I have to say for me filing taxes is an easy affair. I go to TurboTax and they walk me through the process like I was playing Candy lane with old friends.

And the fact I am a student making no reportable income, I win the Candy game.

Its really more like winning things back. Like the extra cost my school pads in the bill.

School books, lab, parking, extra large creamy latte foamies!!

And do not tell me coffee is not a huge requirement to get through classes.

Plus, I should get a senior citizen discount in higher education for being the most ancient chick in the class.

On a positive note...I am of consenting age to work with my better looking Professors in private tutoring on Fridays for a better grade.


Grand Uncle Sam has been a pretty good refund Daddy although, he could be a little better but no complaints.

I don't like to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when its a regift from my own pocket!!

The Blonde feels your filing pain!!!


Valentino Day is Coming

and I had know idea, how expensive card giving has become. I don't mind paying $3 for a card but at least put some thought into what is on the card. One card I picked up had a crudely drawn supposedly sexy femme on the front; quite frankly the arms and legs looked like she was whipping about in a palsey moment.

Anyhoo, and moving on...

the inside of the card simply said, "You know you love me". Stalkers will be shocked to know that this piece of card stock will set them back minus $3.99 for their medication.

And were moving along the isle

To the Whole Food granola crowd; already aware of the high price to keep the world a better and cleaner environment, it will not be a super shocker to learn that their little bamboo blended card will set them back $4.59

You need a little more green for your chubby cherub heart cards to stay in the green zone.

and even further down the half an isle section of happy heart day cards, we finally get to the piece de resistance...


The singing cards. Actually, the one I picked up shouted. The song "You make me Wanna Shout" will make you want to scream for some debt relief at a whopping $6.99.

What did the Blonde pick?

The obnoxious cat cards.


The cards written by cats for their owners. Funny, clever, and a lot of smart ass. For $2.59, how can you pass up a kitchy little kitty saying how idiotic can a human be for buying a card to give themselves but actually its from the cat.

See how how its clever for the cat?

He doesn't have to shop for the card.

I bought four of those.

All in all, I walked out of Target with $30 worth of sweet nothings. Believe me, at 30 smack-a-roos...it was something.

A dent in my change purse but come Valentine's Day, it will be well worth it.

Especially knowing I am the blonde and no matter where I look in the world on Valentine's Day; I know its the men that really get zapped on this holiday.

Don;t get me started on the price of roses!!!

Happy Heart hunting at Halmark!!!