I Don't Play Puppet

...to someone who wants a relationship with no strings attached.

And anyone looking for a long distance relationship, is in fact, only looking for a no strings attached relationship.

I have had my fill of these go no where, try to tug at your heart, bologne affairs.

I have no time.

I have no patience.

I have reached my entertainment value zenith.

I am happy, man-out of the game.

Maybe, I should apply to BYU just to get my 'no man' game on in full gear.

Yeah, right!!

Let's be serious...

I think BYU found an unsuspecting victim to pull their own agenda and they are targeting a key player to pull in media.

Where is Jesse Jackson when you need him?

Everyone gets played; let's hope the key players tugging at the strings of the innocent get to pay their karmic dues soon.

The Blonde will yank hard on her own!!

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