Burning at Both Ends

Its such a struggle to keep on top of the bills these days.

I am not alone many small shops are closing their doors. Austin's 'Books Without Borders' is one of those online stores that is shutting down. Books somehow don't have much value these days. Even giant super book stores like Borders is closing shop.

Its a shame...I love books...the paper kind...its just so nice to read a real book instead of on an Ipad, Iphone, or laptop. I read enough online...I like to detox from the internet with a good paperback.

But with the cost of gas all those nice little things we like to buy are on hold.

I haven't sold anything since gas jumped to $3.50.

I don't get it. Gas costs more but you get 10% less of it since they put ethanol in it.

Corn sucks for my little engine that runs.

Corn lobbyists have taken over top spot for douche awards knocking cotton lobbyists down a nocth.

Remember Woody Harrelson being arrested for growing hemp because it was tainted by the cotton lobbyists as a Mary Jane plant?

Columbia sells cocaine to the US because the cotton lobbyists locked the import of cotton from them. I guess Karma is a biatch.

And what about catnip? which is a form of the pot plant...I don't see cotton lobbyists coming down hard on cats that get high off the stuff.

And when it comes to ethanol, it sucks for most cars. My furry little jag is drinking oil a lot more heavily but than again so am I.

At least I am not guzzling down a bottle of corn syrup that was advertised as a healthy ingredient to children's cereals and juices.

Kidd-O-besity starts with corn syrup.

Who are they kidding?


If I don't get something to improve on my money end, I will be making a corn stalk house and stalk piled bed somewhere.

Its a bitch to be broke but its even more of salt in the wound when companies are just raping the villagers.

Where is our Robin Hood?

Can he jump out of the pages of an old paperback, put on a batman suit and beat the crap out of politicians who allow raping and pillaging of the consumer in the name of friendly political donations?

The Blonde needs to put out some fires!!!

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